Red Pill TheorySociety doesn't give a shit about you. When you realize this, women are drawn to you like insects are drawn to light (self.TheRedPill)

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So stop giving a shit about society. Go against the grain. Be an anti-feminist. Be an unabashed cocky motherfucker.

Society couldn't give two shits if you died tomorrow. You don't matter that much in the grand scheme of things. The universe is an infinite loop of existence. We are just ants. We are just a speck. Thats how you must think, and since this is a sexual strategy forum, of course I will throw some of that in here as well.

The key to getting laid and getting better with women is not giving a fuck what people think of you. Not giving a fuck is the epitome of confidence. Being outcome independent is what matters most. Stop overthinking every single move. Women fucking hate that. They like unpredictable men.

And when I say society doesn't give a shit about you, I mean that. I'm sure I can find outliers, the top like, 5 percent of men society actually cares about (the incredibly wealthy, famous types, etc.) But the average man working 9-5, or going to community college classes, or what have you, society wouldn't miss you if you died. You'd be forgotten about in a week by non-loved ones. I've realized this and my perspective has changed.

You can use this knowledge to try and make a difference in the world, somehow. Follow your dreams. Do what you want to do and fuck the naysayers. Since we are all red pilled over here, I will go ahead and call the naysayers "the blue pill". Fuck the blue pill. They don't give a fuck about you. Let them enjoy their little high horses. Forget the blue pill and start living life how you want regardless of what they say.

Getting laid will be easier, because since you understand that you are just an ant, and not really that important in the grand scheme of things, you will develop a don't give a fuck attitude, which moistens panties. Women are drawn to these types of men like insects are drawn to light.

Be that light in their world. For many women, they live a dull existence, in the darkness filled with beta orbiters, red wine, thrift stores, and lots of female privileges they don't even realize they have. Most women, even plain, average women, have a shit load of options that they aren't interested in. Because most men are boring and lead dull lives as well. Sure, you can say women have standards impossible to live up to, but thats not all true. They just want to have fun.

So, treat women like children because thats what fun is to women. They don't need you to put them on some pedestal. Tease them, fuck them, and realize theres nothing to be guilty of for any of these mindsets. Society gives 0 shits about you. Don't be guilty for what you want, whether its a relationship or to fuck multiple women. The blue pill can go fuck itself.

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Forget the blue pill and start living life how you want regardless of what they say. Be an unabashed cocky motherfucker.

Unapologetic arrogance isn't the only way to live life. You can still be humble and considerate - even reasonably altruistic if you wish to do so.

A man defines himself, and going against conformity for the sake of going against conformity is ultimately against self-definition. Do what you want to do. If that's chasing 24/7, then there's no issue with that.

Some people will lose themselves and not find that fulfulling, though. There are some people that enjoy seeing happiness around them more than you are enjoying yourself in a threesome.

Life is subjective, so live accordingly.

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The mindset you describe may look blue pill on the surface, but it is not.

Just as our genes have programmed us to crave tits and ass, they have also programmed us to feel better when we're in a group with reciprocal love, acceptance and compassion.

We're all slightly different and have different histories, but know that there is happiness beyond fucking a parade of HB9s. Sometimes you need to have a parade of HB9s before you start to even consider that, however.

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Ya, telling an incel or teenager that there's more to life than fucking 9s isnt going to resonate. You need to fuck a bunch of women yourself before knowing what you value most.

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I would say that that's contradictory. If you need to fuck a parade of 9s, then that is what you value most.

I've seen it before, but I don't think it's mused on enough other than hollow reiteration: The Red Pill is a toolbox. The methodologies of Red Pill virtually arbitrary. There is no set-in-stone rule telling you that (insert found-on-front-page-post-here) is the only approach to the problem.

Some tools do not work. Some tools do. But not everyone is out of the same blueprint.

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You are looking at for a map

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Exactly. Why does OP say you have to be anti-feminist? Heck, if you really want to be a feminist, fucking do it. No one gives a shit.

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I didn't say you have to. Be a feminist is thats what floats your boat. Point is to live how you want to live.

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So stop giving a shit about society. Go against the grain.

Society really doesn't give a fuck about men as long as they provide value or are not an obstacle for people providing value.

Go against the grain and you risk society paying attention to you and not in a good way.

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As someone from Scandinavia, what you have in store should people like Sanders and Warren get elected is not good. If you try to run a business here, the IRS here will haunt you. Know what it says when you log in to your IRS account to submit filings and taxes? "Time to pay up", no "Welcome dear tax payer" or "Thank you for working hard", just straight up Time To Pay. One of the largest sources of income for the swedish IRS is neighbors reporting eachother to the authorities, trying the get penal taxes levied on their neighbors. It is utterly sick. These are so called "upper middle class" people and are supposed to be educated, they are less civilized than dogs and they will get at you unless you pretend to be part of the herd.

The other night on Tucker Carlson with the Swedish journalist you guys can really see the cultural difference between a free society like the USA, and socialist slave/drone societies like Sweden. Tucker asked her if its not a problem that people can get detained and possibly jailed for just giving facts and a common sense opinion. The journalist which is representative of 60% of people here didn't even understand the question, why should you not be able to jail people for speaking their mind was her response. I myself have had some issues at university, for simply participating in class and asking critical questions. These are harmless things, but if you dare to question Karl Marx, you are in for some trouble.

Guys, obey by law 38 or 48, "Think as you like, do as the others"

or people will try to fuck you over like you would not believe. They try with Trump, but he is too successfull to be harmed. But they completely destroyed the Bush family, Sarah Palin, etc etc.

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That's incredibly interesting. Where I'm from in the states we're told that the Scandinavian countries are a kind of utopia. The people pay higher taxes and follow stricter equality rules, but the consensus is that they enjoy higher degrees of freedom and happiness then anywhere else.

It's almost touted as a model for what the US could be if we all bought in to liberal thinking. A good amount of people don't buy into it but the narrative is widely encouraged .

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Not having to care about things like healthcare gives you more freedom in life. The problems in socialist countries usually comes from extremism (silencing discussion in Sweden) or outside sources. At the same time I find it interesting that Sweden is an example of a 'bad socialist country' considering it's still miles better than the US.

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It is extremely ANTI-liberal if liberal is taken to mean what it originaly meant, i leave you the fuck alone and you leave me the fuck alone so we can get along and disagree how we like. This Scandinavian liberalism is basically, allow whatever the scummiest 51% of people will vote for and make sure to tax everything to death. This current government wanted to make charity contribution taxable via VAT. These people are insane.

Just the other day there was an article by a private investor about how broke Swedes actually are. If you have 10k USD saved in liquid assets like cash or stocks, you are in the 1%. Everybody has a mortgage and their entire life savings in their residence. Really that is the swedish model, accept a salaried position that is without exception a unionized position (even top level execs are unionized), get a mortgage which you will be paying off to the grave, in between pay 60% tax.

I mean, it works. For now. But up untill like 2006 freaking Jet-Skis were illegal, quads have been made to require a drivers license, to get a hunting rifle takes 1 year of extreme investigation and probing of your every detail in life, etc. There is nothing liberal about Sweden. Same is true for Denmark, they had legalized beastility and smoking weed, but you can't make too much money cause thats baaaad.

Sorry for the rant, I just really hate swedish left wing voters and what they are doing to my country.

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Could have just said

Law of Jante

Textbook examples.

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You have it right, it is all about value. But there is also value in going against the grain. Every once in a while, you will see a small company take a controversial stance and the small percentage of people who agree make that company skyrocket in sales. But obviously, if you do go against the grain, pick something at least some of the population agrees with.

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Yup make your own choices. But be quiet about them. Never want to get married stfu and pretend you haven't found the right one, yet. Plating? Exploring your sexuality. Planing to jump the corporate ship? Oh how happy you are.. until you leave.

People have fine antennas for trouble makers as they shift the power balance. In a constant battle of the 'alphas' betas and womeb lose constantly thus they hate change.

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Use your hamster on other people for fun and profit.

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I dont like saying women live in a "dull existance" .. they get to have sex literally hundreds of times per year from 16 years old (High school) - 30 when they hit the wall. Life is on easy mode for them, jobs, attention, etc. Yeah, they even fuck some alphas on the way, maybe more than we like to think (but they cant cuff him).

Their life becomes dull post-wall. In their prime, they are having a blast partying and twerking, with guaranteed cock and validation all over. Beta orbiters buy her prime meals, take her on vacations to exotic places, and will buy her a new iphone if she really wants to.

Other then that theyre emotional and all about feels, which is a shitty way to live. Once she hits her mid 40's its really game over for her.

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This sounds a little bitter.

But it's good that you are expressing yourself.

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I wholly agree on your post. However I question myself the following: How does this merge or relate to:

Law 38 Think as you like but behave like others.

"If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness."


Law #5 So much depends on reputation - guard it with your life.

"Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once it slips, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attacked on all sides. Make your reputation unassailable. Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen. Meanwhile, learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations. Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them."

These are obviously in deep controversy with your post. It's good to be the outsider and think differently, but whats the benefit of really showing it except for displaying it to women as a getting laid strategy. In corporate work environments I would not recommend this attitude. Be a wolf when it comes to women, but a sheep when it comes to work...

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There are two ways to be successful as a man.

  1. Building society up.
  2. Tearing society down.

Although ops post is more in the vein of the second one, even anarchists have group think and reputations to defend.

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Law 38 and Law 5 still apply. That doesn't mean when you're off the clock you can't chase as much tail as you like. Of course, don't shit where you eat. Men's sexuality is considered oppressive so much nowadays that even displaying sexual interest in the wrong spot can be considered harassment. So at work, yeah, probably need to be more careful than at a bar or whatever.

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When I realized this I felt my mission was more important. Because of that I really only cared to stop to talk to people unless they talked to me which was rare. Nobody was drawn to my like insects to light.

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I agree, society does not give a shit about me or you

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This had been told many times in the forum, to give no fucks about society. But, re-learning is good. Good post

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what women love confidence. many "nice guys" view that as being rude or mean.

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treat women like children

where's the guide on how to do this tho

I bet almost no one on this sub is anywhere near any kids at all, so we don't understand how to do this

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You kidding? Former beta bros like myself dated and tried to play captain-save-a-ho for single mothers for YEARS.

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treat women like children

where's the guide on how to do this tho

I bet almost no one on this sub is anywhere near any kids at all, so we don't understand how to do this

What the hell are you talking about? Have you read the sidebar? This was the first thing I learned when I started reading TRP; I would say it is the most fundamental thing as well.

Check my submitted history; my first post was a description of how I do this, with great success.

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Don't take anything they say too seriously.

Do fun things with them.

Tease/play tricks on them.

Listen to what they say but don't rely on them for important decisions

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The quick and dirty:

Children love stream-of-conscious nonsense, as do women.

Children also love levity, being playful, laughter, as do women.

And finally, children desire someone they can retreat to for the sake of safety, as do women.

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Theres many posts on how to do it. Just search around

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Yeah personally I suck with children and I bet most men do to as well. I have nieces so that's how I know I suck with children.

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I give no fucks about society and never have. No women like me. Article is total bullshit.

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If no women like you it's probably because you aren't very attractive. Work on that.

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Are you equating railing against society to not giving a fuck about society?

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that is a fair question, no I do not think that is me. I am an American, and an atheist. So I am naturally set against my society just for that one reason, among a million others. But I don't spend a lot of time talking about it IRL. Society gives no fucks about you, and if you give no fucks about it, you just sit there alone. No one runs over to me and says OMG YOU DONT CARE I WANT YOU TO CARE COME TALK TO ME. This is a fantasy men seem to have on the internet.

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Do you care that no one doesn't want to come talk to you? Why do you need people to come talk to you? I think your subconscious might still have some neediness in it, and if you need something, then you give a fuck. When you don't need shit, that is when you truly don't give a fuck. Its full acceptance, not some trick your mind plays where it relegates you to an unsatisfactory circumstance that you have labeled as "bad". Read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle for a more in depth illustration of this and download from pirate bay a seminar titled "RSD The Blueprint" that incorporates the teaching in that book with seduction.

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That's the part of TRP i fail ; i plan EVERY move , mine or others. My reflexes and instincts make me do that. For example ; a group of 4 , 2 male and 2 female. As I'm talking , i watch my wingman , people near me , the entry and exit doors , people near the light switches or circuits etc. etc. I eat unattractively fast , walk fast. I plan my routes when entering a place i know so i can be quicker. This "list" will go way more but you got my point. I actually love my habits. I'm adapted to survive in a way. But I'm actually aware that society doesn't give a fuck about me , that's the "Truth" Red pill grants you.

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Listen to your balls, not your brain, and you'll go against the grain.

Spot that slag with the nice thigh gap in the produce section, still in her spin shorts?

Your mind decides a semi-awkward approach, maybe a hastily creepy segue towards "oh you got that; mine's bigger (mumble) and then retreat.

"Nice legs; what time do they open?" ask your balls. If you're doing all the redpill basics and she sees your swole frame and smirk, your balls have gotten you a laugh and smile and a plate.

Your balls know what they want; your brain understands this but also accounts for your wellbeing and opts for the less dangerous approach/line. Let your balls do the talking once in a while.

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Saved this shit, nigga. Thanks.

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A standing ovation from the red pill community. My hat off to you mate! I love your perspective.

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I try to contribute helpful things. Thanks

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You're a good man.

I just posted some crappy post about how everything was easy for me. Then I got fucked.

And it was never about her, i just truly thought everyone else would get fucked but it would never happen to me.


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Your post is rife with a nihilism that is entirely counterproductive to your actual message.

And when I say society doesn't give a shit about you, I mean that. I'm sure I can find outliers, the top like, 5 percent of men society actually cares about (the incredibly wealthy, famous types, etc.) But the average man working 9-5, or going to community college classes, or what have you, society wouldn't miss you if you died. You'd be forgotten about in a week by non-loved ones.

Really? On what level? Do you mean the totality of whatever populus you belong to? At the level of your state? Your town? Your community? Your social circle? Surely the efforts of a single individual might not make a dent as far as moving the zeitgeist of an entire nation, but that's just where you've arbitrarily decided to scale your assessment. The "average man" has as much ability to affect society as he allows himself; he accomplishes that through his thoughts, his words, his beliefs, and his actions. My hands-down favorite post from The Rational Male brilliantly illustrates what the "average man" does to derive meaning in a world that can seem meaningless on a surface level. If human existence at the level of the individual seems insignificant to you, then you really need to evaluate the perspective from which you make that judgment. If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do.

So stop giving a shit about society.

What I derive from your message is that the true man should not concern himself with the opinions of others. Or another way to phrase it, nobody's opinion of you should be worth more than, or take precedence over your opinion of yourself. But I don't see any good that can come from simply casting aside your responsibility to your society. And that's exactly what it is: your responsibility to your society. Even if it's true that society cares not for the individual, the answer isn't what you offer. I don't see how you can affect real change in your life if there isn't some cause, societal or otherwise, you deem worthy of your time and effort.

In terms of intersexual dynamics, women find duty and purpose in men attractive. Whether it's the Alpha who takes it upon himself to dedicate his efforts toward a cause he finds more important than the affections of any one woman, or the Beta who feels duty-bound to serve the needs of whoever he's pedestalized, women gravitate to that sense of duty in men (for better or worse). This is why your post confuses me. It doesn't seem to me that the right way is giving zero fucks, but instead being highly selective about the fucks that you give. Why not inspire others to take up a purpose that might make them, and by proxy, the society they live in, better? Better for the generation that follows so that the boys who grow into men won't fall prey to this sort of nihilism.

I think what you've tried to communicate is that we (as men) shouldn't base our self-worth on the dictates of a society that can be so impersonal (depending on perspective). We should live as free as possible, but take on the responsibility of forging our own path that brings us closer to greatness. When we develop our potential as individuals, sex, love, attention, and affection from women are a mere byproduct of success in that process. But to not give a shit is the easy answer, the coward's way of addressing the harshness of life. While it may be far more arduous to stand for something, the benefits you reap are vast and ever-satisfying.

That's what I think anyway.

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you are advocating for radical acceptance and having fun. Can't say I disagree :-)

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This is too anti-tribe for my tastes.

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I almost after with you, just that I dont think it's wise that you should harsh and mean for no real reason. That's just a choice. That's how I also see life, hence why I'm a shut in 24/7.

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Great post hit the nail on the head now if we can get all the betas and suckers to buy in we can get this shitty society back in order by leading normal healthy lives without the bluepill lies being feed to us since birth but lawyers and politicians want stay rich and cover up fuck ups for women let it be known that they love selfish bastards secretly it seems to keep them wet and interested naturually because she loves to please and serve her man.

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I don't give a fuk about you

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You gave already, just by reading his post and commentinh here.