Red Pill Theory50 Shades of Red (Part 4) (self.TheRedPill)

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Maxim posts are always really popular, so I did an additional 50. 20 can be found below, the additional 30 are on the blog. Enjoy the latest series.

Being that this is part 4, you can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here

IM MAXIM #151 – If she suddenly stops wanting your attention, she’s getting attention of equal or greater value elsewhere.

IM MAXIM #152 – The older the woman, the greater her sense of urgency, the older the man, the more reluctant his urge to commit.

IM MAXIM #153 – All sensations of dread inflicted onto you by her should be responded to with equal or greater dread.

IM MAXIM #154 – To conquer a woman’s ego, frame everything she does as suspicious, call her out, neg her, dismiss her, and you will win. The beauty of this strategy is not even her awareness can diminish its efficacy, for aware or not, dominance is dominance.

IM MAXIM #155 – Preface everything she says with “right now I feel like” and you will understand her better, for she is capriciously fickle.

IM MAXIM #156 – Her intentions are byproducts of her mood, not binding statements derived from a code of honour; a change in mood will as such void all and any prior declarations of intent made by her.

IM MAXIM #157 – Women have to work hard to be likeable, men have to work hard to be fuckable.

IM MAXIM #158 – If she says she needs space, neither argue nor plead. Withdraw all attention. Disappear. The ease with which you depart will make her second guess her decision.

IM MAXIM #159 – Her need to feel safe should outweigh her infantishly narcissistic need to be in charge of things she doesn’t want to be held responsible for.

IM MAXIM #160 – It’s hard for a child to understand the existential pressures of being an adult. To a lesser degree albeit significant degree, the same is true of women with men.

IM MAXIM #161 – A woman with confidence issues can get a quality man because it’s a passive, feminine trait. Boldness is man’s burden.

IM MAXIM #162 – Behind every messed up young woman who had potential is a man who broke her heart, or a misandrist harpy whispering venom into her ears.

IM MAXIM #163 – For all her wiles and prowess in charming and deceiving others, womankind isn’t so good at decision-making. The reason she’s great at the former is the same reason she’s poor at the latter, she’s evolved to “fit in”, not to evaluate with, nor value reason.

IM MAXIM #164 – When you’re in a relationship with a woman, you must drag her up or she’ll drag you down.

IM MAXIM #165 – When women win, everyone loses, women included. They are masochists with a penchant for self-destruction and will destroy themselves as well as any who would help them – if you let them. Refer to Maxim #164

IM MAXIM #166 – Egotistical women think they’re above submissiveness because they’ve forgotten their place, but alphas seek submission, not conflict.

IM MAXIM #167 – Most young women are overly cautious with men because they are mindful of his sexual intent, yet when it comes to insidious older women who would corrupt them, they are gullible. Refer to Maxim #162

IM MAXIM #168 – Men thrive when they’re in touch with reality, women thrive when they’re detached from it, for the very loss of innocence which strengthens man damages woman.

IM MAXIM #169 – Despite the cultural narrative that it is men who are the cheats, women are responsible for the majority of adulterous divorce. Women have more opportunities to cheat and are less innately virtuous, thus only by mechanism of constant and ruthless discipline do they properly behave.

IM MAXIM #170 – A woman’s virtue is directly proportional to the level of ruthlessness her man subjects her to. Refer to Maxim #169

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Every one of these is pure gold.


IM MAXIM #166 – Egotistical women think they’re above submissiveness because they’ve forgotten their place, but alphas seek submission, not conflict.


IM MAXIM #159 – Her need to feel safe should outweigh her infantishly narcissistic need to be in charge of things she doesn’t want to be held responsible for.


Those work in unison.

Highlight to a woman that she really fears being held responsible for anything and she will willingly submit to you and experience a sense of comfort in your leadership.

An Alpha is never a "provider" but rather an "owner" of a woman who through free will chooses to be feminine and submit... she wants to be owned.

The Alpha can only give her the choice... she must choose submission in order to obtain comfort.

There is no conflict because the woman submits before any battle occurs.


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This post just won the Internet

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Never seen this best thoughts in TRP. You said my mind

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What do I do to recover from maxim 151? If she is getting the attention elsewhere do I move on? Giving her more attention will lessen my value right?

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IM MAXIM #151 – If she suddenly stops wanting your attention, she’s getting attention of equal or greater value elsewhere.


If you have a Dread Game you could play that would be your only angle.

But if she sees no negative consequences to following her "feelz" she will follow them.

AWALT means women like to shop.

...and yeah, if you chase after her it only makes it worse. (makes you look desperate)


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Nobody answered you so I'm going to take a crack at it. If she's getting attention. Neg her about it. If she doesn't course correct, next her and remember she's an abundant resource, don't think in terms of scarcity dude.

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Appreciate it. Going to neg her if I see her in person. Otherwise I'm going to next. Not worth it.

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This is a very insightful comment, at least to me. Thank you for your contribution!

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My nigga. These are like the Proverbs version of TRP. Must read.

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Women have to work hard to be likeable, men have to work hard to be fuckable.

Intersexual dynamics in a nutshell.

What's interesting is the inverse is also very true. Most guys - including our Blue Pill brethren - are generally very likable. We're born that way. Its why you hear so many girls lament "girls are too much drama, most of my friends are guys." It's the reason for Beta Orbiters. Guys - innately - are much better friends. We're so damn NICE, you see, which is very easy to (yawn) "like."

What this doesn't do, for women, is illicit emotion or a sense of sexual urgency. She needs to feel that rush - that flood of uncertainty and doubt - struck by a confident, dominate man. One that's labored in the gym, at the office, in his social circle; one who's traveled the world, curated a sense of style, refined his tastes, and - most importantly - earned the attraction of other women.

Too much to ask for, no?

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Dayumm, you succeed every time, OP - eloquently simplifying elaborate concepts AND giving suggestions for them. Great work, thank you!

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Thanks for posting. Maxim #161 is particularly insightful especially when you mention, "Boldness is a man's burden."

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IM MAXIM #198 – Women are naturally more cunning than men, the most effective men and leaders are as such highly cunning.

These two seem pretty much the same to me.

IM MAXIM #175 – Men are meant to lead women, but women are naturally more cunning than men, consequently the most effective men are highly cunning leaders.

Great list though. I refer to these maxims quite often.

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Now this is the shit I love to read! Thank you very much for this, going to fucking read this every night.

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I'll be adding this to the other 3 parts in the AskTRP sidebar.

This is the Everclear of distilled Red Pill.

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No lie, this reads like Sun Tsu's Art Of War...a book near and dear to my heart. Thanks for this and the previous 3 entries.

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All 4 parts are amazing. It's starting to come together. Whole life's been a lie.

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Most young women are overly cautious with men because they are mindful of his sexual intent.

With young (18-21), highly attractive females, don't initiate anything sexual until the 2nd date/hangout. Act exactly like you JUST got laid hours before (ideally, you did) and aren't particularly in need of a bang. The abundance mentality this communicates to her will reward you greater in generating genuine attraction from her than getting in her pants immediately.

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I love this series of yours and the Machiavelli maxims series too. Quality work!

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Stunning post! I liked #168 the most since it's applicable to pretty much every topic

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Solid stuff. It is like a distillation of all of the venom in The Manipulated Man, into point form.

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Excellent! You continue to be my favorite contributor here. I'm always pleased when I see you post! Keep it coming.

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So many pills here you can open a pharmaceutical company! Brilliant

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I.M., you are the best. Anytime I see a post from you I always expect it to be high quality and am never disappointed.

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Thanks man, appreciate the love. Plenty of more to come!

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IM MAXIM #195 – Womanly submissiveness is crack to the male soul

100x yes.

...I'm glad it's not just me

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OP - if i write a book on this topic I might have to adopt some of your "Catechism"

Thanks for putting all this work into these.

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Guys, could someone give me a detailed explanation of the maxim #154? I don't really understand what does it mean.

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My very simple explanation to it along with some context would be that women usually have pretty high egos from all the orbiters and beta providers showering them with compliments and attention and they are told they are correct most of the time even when they are not; so to conquer her ego you must do the exact opposite of that, not just tell her she is wrong for the sake of it or creating stupid arguments about something but you must question her about the reasons she may have to hold certain point of view or about certain behaviour, call her out on her bullshit if you detect it, etc.

And in the case that she becomes aware that you are actively calling her out on her dumb shit it wont diminish the effectiveness of calling her out since you will still come out as dominant and acertive as long as you back your own shit up.

If anybody feels like correcting me or adding something go ahead.

EDIT: also english is not my main language so sorry if anything reads weird.

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I'm curious, where do you get this from? Write them down as they come to you?

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Yes. I have a lot of conversations about women with numerous men. I will make observations and/or come to conclusions as we converse. If it sounds good, I note it down. When I do this 50 times, you get what you see here.

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These two seem reasonably much every topic.

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155 and 156 are blindingly accurate. Well done, this is pretty good stuff.

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Excuse my ignorance IM but I didn't get #157. I don't think it takes much effort for women to be likeable... Or maybe I'm reading this wrong.

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If a person is so encumbered in their existence why would I want to bother interacting with them at all? If women are such an insanely awkward bunch that you need every machiavellian power rule to keep them from fucking you up, why not boycott women in the first place? You're responsible for making sure she's responsible. You're responsible for keeping her submissive. You're responsible for knowing all the rules and ruthlessly enforcing the rules whether she agrees or understands, like a pet. You're responsible for basically emotionally manipulating her back if she does it first. This shit seems all very short sighted.

Some of them are true, like postwall gender specificity, and her intentions are byproducts of her mood, IN GENERAL. Tentatively I'll agree with anything on that list backed up by research like the adultery claim.

I don't agree outright that women are damaged by a loss of innocence anymore than men are. Men can be quite damaged by a loss of innocence. It isn't called "enlightened" it's called cynical. There is a distinction. Women tend to operate more logically when they aren't blind to reality.

What's funny is this list seems to, as a whole, simply reinforce the hypoagent/hyperagent narrative feminists like to exploit. Women aren't responsible even when they ought to be and men are responsible even when they shouldn't be. It's entirely too simplistic and can therefore be improved upon.

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