The difference between being selfless and being a cuckold: How to succeed in business, dating, and life. (self.TheRedPill)

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Lots of Australians are praising Elon Musk for his selflessness right now. He's promising an insane deal to deliver 100MWh electrical storage in 100 days or it's free.

Oh my god, what a deal!

Except Elon knows this is an advertising stunt and doesn't actually care if it works because he stands to make billions from other governments worldwide.

Elon and your dad are playing the long game.

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Kind of unrelated, but Tasmania has been 100% renewable since May of last year, and has been almost completely renewable since the 50's due to Hydro and wind power.

Sure the population isn't as high as other states, but its still impressive considering the lack of effort we make towards obtaining renewable energy.

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If you you could hook up generators to all those devils, you would be exporting power!

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Mate, tassie sells its hydro power to the mainland and buys power back that is made using coal. Wouldn't call that 100% renewable.

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I'm not sure if you live in aus or not. but once of the politicians from current government took a lump of coal to parliament not to long ago to spruik some" clean coal"

so he KNEW 100% this wouldn't work. it was a RP stunt more than anything. but it looks like things are changing in SA so.

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This. Nothing but a power grab but on the long term of things. Betas and idiots want to receive gratitude or an immediate reward for their deeds.

Your dad and others who play the game longer know that a lot of rewards are going to fail, because humans are humans, and a real reward is a moral obligation people feel. This will manifest only in distant future keeping you from over-spending favors but still shows selflessness.

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The thing is. He knows he can deliver as this is not the first installation of this size he did.

We all know how much the media loves him. He would be stupid not to jump at the opportunity as the companies have cash flow problems and require support from investors while getting basically nothing at the moment.

Same as Amazon has done for 15years now.

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My dad calls cutting important costs, firing people, and making long term sacrifices for short term gains "trying to shrink your way to success." My parents bought a business and have increased the profit significantly by spending money to improve the customer experience. They also gave the employees raises and christmas bonuses, which indirectly improves the customer experience, too. Its reputation also skyrocketed in only the first year.

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Could you give an example of the improvements your parents invested in within the business, and why would you say the customer experience improves with increased pay/bonuses?

Not for me asking for a friend.

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Some people are just good people, and not dickheads .

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Elon has yet to establish a profitable business model.

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Hard to say. Zip2 became a business that ultimately sold for over 300 million. Did it generate 300 million in revenue? Probably not, but it was clearly profiting someone.

Then of course PayPal sold for a fortune, and is currently doing billions of dollars of revenue. Musk's original idea was different, but it's hard to deny his involvement.

SpaceX has required a huge initial investment, but if you consider the very lucrative government contracts that Lockheed Boeing was getting and the expanding private interest in space, there's definitely revenue potential with enough volume.

Tesla is a car business. Only what, two models have been released so far? I'd argue that it has as much profit potential as any car business, likely more.

Solar City is in a growing field, and there's definitely money in power.

Has he matured a business past the start-up phase and generated stable yearly income? No. But I'd argue that that's more due to the high initial investment required in his businesses and his aggressive re-investing than a lack of profitable business models.

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I'd argue it's more because he's a bullshitter, albeit a trendy one. ;)

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You're clearly a government shill invested in the oil and gas industry..... Elon Musk has and will revolutionize the major industries of the world, automobiles and power generation, and will lead the forefront in the space industry. Yes I'm an Elon Musk fan boy and leg humper, deal with it.

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Google: 'Tim Ferriss Lessons from Warren Buffett, Bobby Fischer, and Other Outliers' - this interview with Adam Robinson is more practical application of what OP's father does. Worth a listen.

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Your father is generous from a position of strength. He doesn't HAVE to be, but he is anyway. That's what Aristotle called Magnanimity.

He's not supplicating people or engaging in transactional relationships out of desperation. He's not bribing people to be his friends. He's being authentic, people respect that.

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Solid post, except the stuff about women. Women operate differently to men and do not respect male generosity.

What she really wants is a selfless man, someone who Dale Carnegie would say shows genuine interest in her.

You're describing a beta male.

What she REALLY wants is a high SMV man - a man who doesn't have to give anything to get what she wants.

Don't do things for women, they do not appreciate it. Men do, women do not.

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She may not respond to the male generosity aspect of selflessness, but she may respond to how OTHER men respond to you. Her seeing you gain the respect and loyalty of other men could be seen as a power move in her part. A leader of sorts who can sway other men.

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Yes.... so long as you're not seen as a supplicator (to men) by her.

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But does this really mean that you can't allow yourself to be genuinely interested in a woman? Doesn't mean you have to invest in or become dependent on her. Just means you're truly interested in understanding her priorities - which will help you sell yourself to her and navigate her bullshit. And hey, you might learn something from her in the process, or find that she's actually a worthwhile, decent person. Isn't that what genuine interest is? Searching for value that someone might have for you?

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which will help you sell yourself to her

Ultimately it's the girl who should be selling herself.

And hey, you might learn something from her in the process, or find that she's actually a worthwhile, decent person. Isn't that what genuine interest is? Searching for value that someone might have for you?

Sure, but this certainly not doing things for her, giving her stuff, etc. You're talking about genuine interest rather than doing favours.

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Touchee, I meant sell yourself in such a way that she wants to sell herself to you. It's still consciously using social dynamics to achieve a desired result. Sales.

Right, that's why I said genuine interest. It was in response to the bit you quoted that you claimed is "describing a beta male". I don't think selflessness inherently means begging for approval, but of course it can. Very subjective and situational.

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I'm starting to think RP is just about becoming a complete amoral prick. As a man you must stand proud and take no shit, granted. But when has living in short term reality ever advanced man kind? Sacrifice is necessary for those that want more out of life...

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I'm still very new here, but I've noticed a rift in philosophy between the members. It seems that maybe a certain apathy that the experienced men have is misinterpreted as intentional disregard by hurt newbies, and the hyperfocus on not being submissive bleeds into the culture so much due to fear of succumbing to it that it starts to cover up aspects of being an authentic man. It's like everyone's so afraid of having a potentially beta trait that they forgo the opportunity to explore whether it's honest and legitimate. Is it really so masculine to be afraid of a hypothetical weak point? Sounds like some beta shit to me, and it roots from being afraid of a woman's power.

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You've definitely made the right observation. On the one hand, we have this group engaged in the worship of "Chad" and how he will best us all regardless of SMV and fuck our women. On the other hand we have a inquiry into who Chad really is and how he uses more than his brute sexuality to seduce women. The former will not except a critique of Chad and only use PUA tactics perpetually. I love RP but let's do more critical thinking about these women and not let the legend of Chad cloud our judgment.

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"Chad" and how he will best us all regardless of SMV

What did you mean by this? I think I might have a half-formed concept of what Chad means.

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It's a guy with washboard abs, 6'1+ and killer at game I take it but some guys phrase him as being godlike and unstoppable.

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Wait, then wouldn't that go against the "she was never yours" concept? And why would we care about Chad, why would we be afraid of his power over these girls? Chad might slay a higher average rating than us, but whatever, we do our best and fuck the rest. What do you mean with "who Chad really is" and these non-sexuality tactics? Are you saying that many on RP are envious of Chad, see him as an enemy, and therefore refuse to humanize him? If true, that's ironically, hypocritically, disappointingly beta.

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What I'm saying is that within the spectrum of sexuality, everyone has a nemesis to fear. there's little to distinguish two guys of the similar physical likeness and level of game besides reputation, net worth, accolades, exploits, etc... I'm sure women go MORE for the guy with the best game but one of these guys is definitely besting the other because of a combination of those factors I just mentioned. They just very well may be sharing the same women as a consequence of this. Who's to say? Women are exceptionally deceptive and unless she's a LTR you can't keep real tabs on her. Otherwise that will be negated all rules of RP engagement with plates and FWBs.

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Okay, but isn't RP against allowing that fear to control you? Shouldn't you just not give a shit? And who cares if your chick is also banging Chad? As long as you're getting it, no biggie. If she stops paying attention to you, find a new one or make the decision to improve yourself. I mean, shouldn't Chad be a competitor and ambition motivator instead of something you're afraid of?

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Posts like this are great. I appreciate how forthcoming you are about the lamest thing imaginable. I agree that these vidya pseudo-economies are a microcosm of life

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Why does it have to be some machiavellian ploy? If you don't feel selfless deep in your heart, people will eventually find out and rightfully despise you for it. Selflessness is about helping people who don't always have something to give you in return.

The only real key to being a selfless and great man without getting taken advantage of is to avoid showing this side of yourself to self-absorbed men (who see your selflessness as something to exploit) and the vast majority of sexually relevant women (18-40).

The first one will just rob you, the second already gets enough attention they don't deserve.

Most men appreciate honorable and kind men, however. Old ladies too. It makes the world a better place, and is satisfying in and of itself even if you never get anything out of it.

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"Why does it have to be some machiavellian ploy? If you don't feel selfless deep in your heart, people will eventually find out and rightfully despise you for it. Selflessness is about helping people who don't always have something to give you in return."

Because every man has an ego. Modern liberal and feminist shaming tactics dont allow for a man to have an ego. If you have a healthy ego you still have an ego hence why you come off as not selfless. Again its not about having a large ego, or a small ego, or none at all, its the mere fact that a man has an ego thats a problem. Doubly so if your ego and mind are aligned.

Sorry, but OPs dad just got extremely lucky that no one took him for a fool. They think because you are helping them that you are selfless, but when they cross your boundary and you snap back (or tell it like it is) you suddenly are selfish and their memories forget what you did and you become beta. Bad feelz means false. Relationships involve two people and multiple parties. No one is ever truly a winner or loser. However, since the majority of the population thinks egolessness is synomyness with weakness they will attempt to walk all over you because they lack healthy egos themselves. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

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I consider myself to be selfless and civically oriented. I've suffered a lot in my life, no doubt, but ultimately it's the right way to be. If you want to change this ugly world for the better, you got to lead by example and take the arrows.

With that said, if you disrespect me as a man or try to get one over me, I won't hesitate to break your fucking face.

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Good post. The idea that women hate nice guys and only want assholes needs to DIAF.

For one, those nice guys aren't really nice because they're only being nice to get what they want and lash out hatefully when it doesn't work. And for another, most of the time you hear a story about a woman with an asshole it's after he dumped her and she's trying to make the failed relationship all his fault. Because heaven forbid she admit that her pussy wasn't worth putting up with her bullshit anymore.

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Bro, what you call selflessness is actually true selfishness.

Your dad has a much longer planning horizon than most, and his actions bought lots of goodwill and profit in monetary and non-monetary measures, vis-a-vis your internship, etc.

You make the typical mistake with the idea of selflessness. What you describe with women is having ZFG, being outcome independent, etc.

It's not selflessness.

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FOR THE MOMENT, one lets go of personal interests to "enter their [the target's] spirit" and create an air of common interest. Eventually, as both parties share pleasure in shared activities (besides sex and the like) trust develops.

So in that line of logic, a women will feel obligated to take off her panties when you set the mood (appropriately). how could she deny the requests of someone so in tune with her needs?

You guys tend to forget being a natural conversationalist converts a great deal of super hot intelligistas into FWBs who would otherwise be ONSs after seeing through your boring and modular facade. I bang and break on a lot of hoes but I like a little romance and intrigue here and now.

Her interest in your brand will distract her feminist ideology and null it very quickly. Generally, people love personalized attention that is non-stalkerish. Vetting of said persons should be along the lines of perceived status, assets, connections... It's reciprocal no ones getting hurt.

Of course people lookout for themselves in the foremost sense and vetting is appropriate. But actually taking the time to invite a person into your highly curated world is showing them you have their interests in mind.

My father like OP's is very astute and rich because his sensibilities were as high as his physical inclinations. OP's father is definitely a man of learning and tact. Probably a man that collects novelty items and does exploits of sorts. Much respect.

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Probably a man that collects novelty items and does exploits of sorts.

What do you mean by that? Couple different potential interpretations.

[–]nascentmaterial 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Novelty items such as a piece of the "Berlin Wall" or "F. Scott Fitzgeralds favorite tie clip"; conversation pieces. And what I mean by "exploits of sorts" is extreme kite surfing or being a stunt airplane pilot; not saying he's that specialized but has some pretty cool hobbies.

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Ah, okay. So essentially just having things to show for your genuine interest in the world and personal love for life, as opposed to exclusively having/doing things to try to impress people and compensate for your own bullshit?

[–]nascentmaterial 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It works both ways , depends on who your dealing with and what you need to advance your agenda. Of course be realistic. No one's stupid ... they know you're up to something. You just have to make the deal fun . That's it.

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generous =/= selfless

selfless is slave morality bullshit

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great post nailed it right on the head. betas are selfish people, whether you are chad douchecock or nice guy bob, and both take away from the planets resources. the story of the con man was kinda unnecessary though it will make people paranoid of being swindled. there's already enough reforming nice guys scared of showing a shred of kindness for others. on the other hand 5k is peanuts for a mob boss so it's not like he ends up losing anything.

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The best Game is when no one knows you have done anything.

Power is gained through the darkness of others.

When you are deceived you are in darkness.

The "unselfish man" is the magician's trick... and you don't yet see that.


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I feel like I'm in such a good position too start practicing this since i work at a gas station. You can meet the majority of the locals that come in there everyday.

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I worked in com. RE for a while and I met a lot of landlords that sound like they probably have some things in common with your father. I wouldn't describe it the way you did, but the fact that they all have something in common, should suggest that we pay attention to it, and try to replicate it.

My observation was that they were all obsessed with making and saving money. To the point of exhibiting some anti social behavior in some cases, and it didn't matter. No one cared how weird they were, they were rich, and whether they deserved it or not, people respected them. (attended their bklava parties and offered their kid's jobs out of respect and mutual appreciation)

In our tiny little world, these people were responsible for the incomes of their employees, the real estate that their tenant's used for office space, or the warehouse they used to store their products. This is power, it might be in small doses, but these guys own shit. They make decisions that can change people's lives, even if its just an eviction notice or a lawsuit.

These men are dedicating their lives to being rich guys, and you can tell when you see how they don't spend money. Don't get me wrong, some of these guys had some fancy cars, but they didn't let a penny slip when it came to a business deal, or a commission. When I was in the RE business, the rich guy investors would be the first to chop the top off your commission if they thought they could save a buck on the overall price.

I'd bet good money your dad isn't out blowing his money on hookers and blow, and I bet he has one hell of a work ethic. You can't get rich without one.

Oh, and don't let family money, or your dad's success slow your own ambition. No success is sweeter than that which is earned by our own two hands, as an individual, not as "rich greek guy's son", or in both of our cases, "landlord's son".

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Red pill truth about why nice guys fail.

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If I receive a £5 tip at work then the feeling that it gives me is worth far more than £5. The universe is in the black economically.

So now I give a £5 tip to people who are doing their job well but aren't in a traditional tipped position. Cashiers, parking attendants, receptionists, etc.

That £5 investment returns £10 of feels. That's my reward.

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True selflessness doesn't exist. Everything you do, even if it's helping little children in Africa, is motivated to improve your life. Social Circle, Prestige, Reputation, etc.

You call your dad selfless. I call him cunning.

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Law #12: Use Selective Honesty And Generosity To Disarm Your Victim.

"One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones. Open hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious of people. Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armour you can decieve and manipulate them at will. A timely gift- a Trojan horse-will serve the purpose."

OP"s Dad isn't selfless. He just knows how to work the system.

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A lot of things wrong with the OP post.....

In regards to business, it completely ignores the importance of status levels between individuals. If some excel monkey does something selfless for the guy in the corner office, I can assure you, corner office guy doesnt care or even notice. In many ways, corner office guy is routinely given freebies, special access, etc that they come to expect it akin to tribute. When two people of equal status exchange something, especially something as valuable as time, it creates reciprocity.

Women, especially in regards to dating, are takers not givers. You being selfless doesnt impress her - in fact - its often the ones that are greedy (ie. the assholes) that strike her fancy because it demonstrates that drive and ambition. Women want to be close to that because its exclusive and rare - which wouldn't be the case when someone is very giving.

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A lot of posters are saying that your dad's playing the long game and I completely agree with them. My dad is a businessman too, and he knows its a trick, one he often uses himself and he's told me so multiple times. Business is essentially fooling and tricking others to extract maximum profit, again from my dad. He's built himself from ground zero into a multi million dollar enterprise too, he knows his shit.

When you're saying that we should establish a habit of selflessness, that is pure BP bullshit. Give a genuine compliment of course, but doing activities of selflessness? That is exactly what Robert Glover talks about - covert contracts 101.

Humans are inherently selfish. You're also playing a long game if you're doing selfless acts for others - the only difference between a BP and a master machiavellian is that the latter is patient, doesn't get angry/lose frame, and knows the percentage of returns on his investments. It is easier for the machiavellian because in all likelihood he's high value and comes from a place of abundance, so he can afford smaller returns. BPs have a scarcity mentality so they want maximum returns as quick as possible. I don't think either of our fathers were inclined to do things for others so easily when they were starting out. Business is full of wolves and there are no nice wolves in this world.

Deep down women know they're good for only one thing, they know they only have one trick up their sleeve. She will never be sick of being offered alpha dick. She does not want a selfless man(for sex at least) - that's the textbook definition of a beta provider.

Do NOT establish selflessness. Put yourself first because no one ever fucking will(except maybe your parents). Be selfish, vet your friends and your plates, and do whatever the fuck you have to do to reach wherever it is you want to reach. If it involves doing small favours for others, do them. But don't go along with this 'selflessness' script in your head. People will smile in front of your face and crush you behind your back, they will extract whatever they can from you because you're letting them. That's just the way it is. Please read No More Mr. Nice Guy if you liked the original post.

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Can sign under every single letter. TRP needs more posts like this.

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As a Greek myself who grew up in the states I'm convinced that Greek people are some of the most compassionate people in the world. My family has shown me nothing but unending love and I will continue to do so in return until the day I die.

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Being nice is the true redpill

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It's a bit ironic since you refer to woman a lot.

[–]scrotalimplosion 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Couldn't agree more. People know when you're using them for a certain purpose. It becomes different when they know you're interested because you're generally benevolent.

[–]LymanRP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gift giving, going out of your way, and helping others isn’t beta if you’re not sacrificing your own well-being and aren’t doing it with ulterior motives.

Coulnd't agree more. Being benevolent from a position of strength-- because you legitimately want to, not because you expect something in return--is not Beta.

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TRP is a hell of a lot more than worrying about the girls. They are only a minor part. Use TRP to make your life work, not just stuff about the girls.

[–]verdantsound 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I do alright in terms of being genuinely interested in someone and setting up fun dates that are tailored to our interests, but the issue then becomes I become more of a fun friend than a romantic interest. How do you balance the two?

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True, I'm learning a great deal I admit. And my MOS is Marine Corps comunnications as Cybernetwork Operator. Haven't left for boot camp yet still waiting on some stuff

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We are always nicer to people close to us or people above us. You'll be respective towards your professor, or your girlfriend's parents, or the popular kid in school, to the hottest girl in your batch(yah, leniency being directly proportional to how big her racks are). But being inherently selfish in nature, we wonder why we should be nice to the chai-wala, or the security guard standing by the gate. The guy filling refueling gasoline at the petrol pump doesn't deserve our niceness or our kindness. We tell ourselves the line between being generous and being a cuck is a thin one, yet we cross it all the time when with people who we consider and/or who are superior than us one or other way around. Everytime I go the nearest dhaba for a chai, I personally greet the folks there, the same for the guys at the Fuel pumps. I bring this up because I have been inquired by people a one too many times for this behavior. Why be nice to these guys? What do I possibly get out of it? Isn't it pointless? Well, I am the type of person who sees everything as pointless and yet we play along with all this pointlessness, more wouldn't bother me but it would make somebody's day and change their opinion of me. Obviously, I am not going to invite these guys over to fuck my girlfriend. To me, there’s a fine line between being generous and being a cuck. Only if everybody was taking lessons from behavioral economics, or from politicians, or were less paranoid, we would be a in a better place. I mean the world wouldn't be a good place in the true sense, but it will be more connected. After all, there's nothing good, nor bad. No angels, or demons...just gray areas. There are no good people, no bad people either. Just smart and dumb people, and on that scale somewhere, all of us fall.

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As shown in this post, the paradigm of selflessness can be applied in (...), dating, (...)

Field tested?

How this can be applied to you: when you go to the bar and talk to a woman, do it for the enjoyment of the situation. Don’t do it for a number and don’t do it because you see the potential for sex. People, especially women, can smell when you’re doing something for ulterior motives vs doing it for the love of doing it.

You're mistaking self-lessness with outcome independence.

You are talking with her b/c it's fun for you, not b/c you have no ulterior motive. You have a motive, she want's you to have it, otherwise if she detects no sexual-motive in you, she'll classify you as dickless beta, she'll reciprocate selflessness even, just won't fuck you - ever.

[–]gemmagems 5 points6 points  (3 children)

If you have to read this much into women, chances are you don't have much luck with them. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don't take yourself or life that seriously. No need for thisi constant anger, this constant analyzation, this constant blaming...you are young. Be happy. Women love happy, confident men--not those dripping with angst.

[–]Endorsed ContributorJamesSkepp 2 points3 points  (2 children)

If you read this much into one reply, chances are you have no idea about field testing stuff before posting it. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don't take generic self-help-advice that seriously. No need for this constant lax attitude, this constant lack of critical thinking, this constant eating up everything you read...you are young. Be happy. Women love happy, confident men - not those who mistake being outcome independent for having no outcome at all.

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I'm bi, haha. Want my IG? pm me if so :) Waiting for you, James.

[–]Endorsed ContributorJamesSkepp 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I'm bi, haha

I believe you. You do sound like a wishy-washy type of a man.

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WEW LAD there goes the women have psychic powers to smell fear, beta genes, and desire again...i had to double check and make sure this wasn't twoxchromosomes Jesus

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How can you enjoy talking to women and dealing with their drama? If it was my choice, I would stay at home and play video games. But I just want to get laid, so how can I "enjoy the process" when all I care about is the end result.

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Somehow magically meet game-friends I have no idea where though if you find out please tell me

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^ This guy is golden. Seriously I want to know as well..