Red Pill TheoryRobert Greene in a Nutshell - Reduced my 5h Summary of the 48 Laws of Power to a 30 min Animation (self.TheRedPill)

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Once every year I dare to talk about my book summaries on this subreddit, since this is where the support for my work began. Like a maniac I set out to animate in-depth summaries of each and every single chapter of the 48 Laws of Power, a book you should know from the sidebar.

Not everybody has the time or is willing to read the book, nor watch 5 hours of cartoon animation ranging from poor to good enough quality. It took me a while to practice writing a meaningful script, recording a quality voiceover, animating and editing a video. I reached a respectable level -- some say professional, but what do they know.

This half an hour summary is the end result of two years of me wasting my free time and energy. It's a good introduction to the book. It's a good way to remind oneself of its contents. Hope it proves valuable to you in that it offers a new perspective and keeps you from being manipulated and taken advantage of in the bloody business of today.

Seduction (sexual strategy) and Machiavellianism (cunning) go hand in hand, before anybody asks why they should care.

I'm here for questions.

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Wait you are Illacertus?

I don't have a question, but I do want to say that I've been a fan of your work for a time now.

Thanks and keep the great work.

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Law #4: always say less than necessary.


Hah. Bravo.

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This is how one gains a reputation as always saying something of significance, mind-fuck worthy, and general all around wittiness. I don't say much, but when I do, people listen.

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He explains it later after #12. Still, effective.

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Wow! I would love to see Cialdini's Influence: Psychology of Persuasion summarized like this!

Excellent work dude

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Also, there is this Science Of Persuasion.

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Stumbled upon your channel a long time ago and been a fan ever since. And now just discovered you're RP. This is great.

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Love your work! I often listen to the videos to internalize the lessons from greene's 48 laws while in transit or at the gym. You've helped me tremendously and for that I thank you.

One question: do you plan on doing a similar series on Sun Tzu's art of war, perhaps with longer episodes for each chapter?

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You're very welcome.

Sun Tzu is on a list of projects I probably won't get to in the near future. Even then it'd be a short piece.

Edit - Also, there is this The Art of War - Sun Tzu

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If people knew how to use youtube they won't be complaining about their miserable lives.

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PM inbound -- do you do contract work? All that "wasted time" seems to have given you some respectable (and valuable) animation skills.

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You're right, a net waste of time.

I have a very decent salary. Money (especially the kind "online entrepreneurs" would pay) is not nearly a strong enough motivator, would barely get me out of bed.

If there were decent and affordable animators don't you think I would've hired them?

Edit - PS: Outsourcing isn't as cheap, nor as qualitative as the 4 Hour Work Week led everybody to believe.

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Sidebar material, sticky material - this should be watched every day for the rest of your life.

Absolutely brilliant video and post.

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Illacertus your channel is pure gold. Thanks for all the amazing videos on Robert Greene's books. Your art style is pretty cool too.

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I appreciate this, I have a learning disability so it takes me double the time to read and understand writing. I usually download the e book version to listen to while i follow along on paper which helps but watching a video with animation is way more efficient for me. Thank you.

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You're doing god's work. I love your videos. Keep on trucking, mate - you're helping a lot of people out.
Also, what accent is that?

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Cheers, Pharaoh.

It's a hybrid, mostly Arnold Schwarzeneggish.

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shit dude I've been subscribed to you for like a month and just watched this about a week ago. Small world

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I am a big fan of your channel since it got a boost from redpill when you had like 20 subscribers. Keep up the awesome work!

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Off-topic here,but guys you need to check his 50th Law video,for the ones unfamilliar with his work!

The value of your videos is immensely high and deeply appreciated.I hope you keep making these.

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Dude this is great work, appreciated!

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great stuff man I subscribed today!

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This got me interested in reading history and important lessons that can be derived from it.

Last time I was interested in history was in, well, high school lol.

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If you really are illacertus than good shit brother. I stumbled upon the 48 laws and redpill a couple of months ago and watched all your videos. The redpill, reading the 48 laws and your channel especially really changed my life for the better. Not only can I protect myself from and recognize the ones who are playing manipulative power games, I can utilize them myself. After deeply studying redpill psychology, Greene's books, and your channel, I've developed a new confidence. It's been a real long time since i've felt this protected, confident, and in the right direction, I feel like a god damn leader or general. I'm halfway through 33 strategies rn, if you could let me know of anything else you may have stumbled upon that have helped you move forward i'd appreciate it. No worries if not, I get it though.

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ayyyy can you do encyclopedia britannica lmao

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This ... is sidebar worthy!

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I've always been interested in animation as hobby, what is a good program or resource for a beginner?

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Illacertus! Great to see you on here.

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Good stuff. Can be used for reminding oneself. But for the lazy, it's never substitute for the full book. Read the goddamn book, it's soo good.

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48 laws of power is essential reading

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Thank you, I enjoyed the summary. Please can you make the text script for the video available too?

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Well, none of that made any damn sense to me except Rule 24 which was completely spelled out. Fuck learning disabilities.

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this was very good even if you don't finish listening to it.

rule number 3, conceal your intentions, seems to deal specifically with getting a girl.

Number 6 is something i struggled with. In another words, it would just mean to be more open and less self absorbed.