Red Pill TheoryMost of the problems you are facing can be solved by doing one thing: Talk to other women (self.TheRedPill)

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I have noticed how pretty much most answers to the questions posed on the TRP subs can be solved by simply talking to more women.

It's really not that difficult.

I just moved to a new city and started a new job. My past job I was constantly promised a promotion, which my employer was dragging their feet on. Months passed and I kept being told that its just a couple weeks away. However because I do what I do very well and have a position that is in demand, I eventually used that to my advantage. I sent out my resume and within 48 hours had 5 interviews lined up and I basically got to pick the job I wanted out of those. Got a new job, 80% salary increase, and in a much better city than I was living before. Because I had abundance in terms of job prospects, I wasn't being held hostage to the whims of my previous employer.

Talk to other women. It doesn't matter if you are single, in an LTR, an incel. It will likely fix whatever problem you are having. And when I say talk to other women. I mean go outside, approach and talk to women face to face. Not go onto Facebook or Instagram or whatever and talk to random women over the internet like dozens of other dudes do to her each day. No, I mean actually talk to her in person.

  • Do you have oneitis? Ghost that bitch and go talk to other women. You will realize there are cooler, hotter, better women out there.

  • LTR not respecting you? Go talk to other women. Preferably infront of your LTR. Will convey you can and will leave her if she doesn't behave.

  • Wondering if you should rekindle things with your ex? Go talk to other women. You'll realize that new prospects with new women are preferable.

  • LTR gaining weight and becoming a fatty? Go talk to other women. Preferably skinnier, thinner women infront of her. She will realize that you leave and will go for thinner women if she doesn't become thin herself.

  • Have a date tonight and you are nervous about it? Go talk to other women. You are nervous because this date represents your only chance at getting some pussy any time soon.

  • Wondering what you should reply to a text message a girl sent you? Go talk to other women. That way you won't have time to text outside of logistics and realize that face to face contact is superior.

  • Wondering when you should call/text a girl you just went out with or met at the bar? Go talk to other women. You will then realize that with enough options women fit into your schedule when you are available, not the other way around.

  • LTR going out with her guy friends without you or texting some random dude? Demote to plate and talk to other women because this LTR is over.

  • Worried about how you are going to perform in bed with a girl? Go talk to other women. That way if things don't go well and you embarrass yourself, you at least have more potential sex prospects in the wings to where you can redeem yourself.

  • Trying to get the attention of a hot girl at the bar? Go talk to other women, preferably ones who are uglier. If you are high value enough, her hamster will start spinning and she will wonder why you are talking to uglier women than her, and she will either talk to you herself, or roll out the red carpet for you to talk to her.

  • Trying to win the attention of a woman who has multiple men vying for it? Go talk to other women. Let the other men invest all their attention on her. Go talk to the other women there. Ideally the girl you wanted to win the attention of will be put off by the thirst and tunnel vision of the other dudes and be intrigued by you.

Basically what it all comes down to is how much potential pussy prospects you have stored up in the grain silo. If 100% of your pussy supply is tied up into one woman, you are going to have problems because you have no leverage. You pretty much live and die on the whims of this one girl. Is she is going out to meet up with a former lover and she says "Don't worry, its just a coffee date!"? Well, if she represents 100% of your access to vagina or prospects to pussy, you are going to either have to live with it and let her get railed, or be a bitch about it and just drive her further away. But if you talk to other women, you cultivate new prospects so the demotion to plate is something you don't even have to think twice about.

If you are having a problem and want Red Pill advice about it - ask yourself:

"Could this problem be solved/Could this situation improve if I went out there and talked to other women?"

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To summarize, "spin plates".

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I think it's useful though that the post reiterates WHY we do this

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+have abundance mentality

+use dread if need be

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I like the the paragraph about your job search. I learned the hard way about seeing the writing on the wall about being hired/promoted. I worked at a job that was supposed to hired me 3 months after working there. I busted my ass for 8 months ,never late and only called in once sick. They hired people that came in after me that were slacking. When the job started slowing down is when I should have left it hell even before then. I forgot that it wasn't the last job on earth .

I start a new gig soon After a few months of working at a place I didn't enjoy working . And even then I'm going to put a resume together and find something better than this.

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Another post for another time.

Corporate America owes you nothing. If you feel you deserve more its up to you to take matters into your own hands.

I patiently waited around from October to February because they kept saying I was going to be promoted to be put on this new team and it never happened. The team was created and it got staffed with people, but I kept being told that they "wanted to find the right spot for me" on said team, even though I was far more capable than the people they were putting on said team.

It's funny. Of the dozen or so people put on that team, not one was a white male. I honestly believed that is what it was that was holding me back, as they were putting idiot minorities/women who I could perform circles around in the positions, and I started sending out resumes. I had other broadcast stations(thats the industry I work in) offering to fly me out within 48 hours for interviews.

I thought if I got promoted at my old company I would have gone from $55k to about $65k or so. My new job pays $90k(which is really good for broadcast), far more than I was ever expecting to get even with that promotion. Plus its in a much cheaper cost of living city so that only helped matters.

Do something thats in demand. Be good at it. Learn how to sell yourself in interviews and resumes.

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They are doing the same thing where I'm working. Don't understand why a hardworking guy like me is stuck in the same position while idiots are constantly being promoted. I feel like the manager's bitch.

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It's common in corporate America.

I have been passed up on promotions in two jobs before in order to promote diversity instead. Both companies were large corporations.

Ideally you want to work for as small of a company as possible.

My past employer was NBC/Comcast. Fuck them. I work for a smaller conglomerate media company now which is far less corporate.

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Corporate America owes you nothing.

I think he realizes that, that is why he busted his ass off, the world works on reciprocal relationships if you demand what you are worth.

Find a company that appreciates you if your current one sucks

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Find a company that appreciates you if your current one sucks

It's truth.

Don't feel like you need to be loyal either. At the same time you don't want to have your resume full of one year stops and job hopping because some employers will see that as a red flag. But most companies will never be loyal to you.

Work for a place for a couple years, then look for a better opportunity. Even if you like where you are now.

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I like your point about the job hopping on your resume. My past experience has been quite erratic and I feel doesn't look as good to an employer and while I don't plan on staying in the job I'm in forever, right now I want to build that long term experience so I have a better chance of being able to move on when the time comes. Edit: also when I'm writing my resume I tend to group my experience for example "2 years collectively in customer service" this way it doesn't look quite as all over the place as if you had a solid two years in the same role.

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Ask not what you can do for your company and country but what your company and country can do for you.

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"Idiot Minorities"

Careful, Son.

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Absolutely true.

Could this problem be solved/Could this situation improve if I went out there and talked to other women?"

Nah, don't even ask yourself this, just get out there and do it. You'll be amazed at how much difference it makes to your outlook. Don't ask yourself the question because you don't know much it helps. Just do it.

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I can't stress the last 2 enough. Don't get me wrong, it requires above average looks to an extent but girls will freak out wondering what makes you so good to not hit on her like everyone else. I have a body count of 30+ in my freshman yr of college and I use this strategy and have not once approached or started a conversation with a girl.

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Are you approaching other girls though? Or your strategy is to just ignore all girls, and they they start coming to you?

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Quality post re-iterating, very nicely, what people regard as a fundamental tenet of our thinking but a complicated action to carry out.

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I don't know why but this post made me happy. It's straightforward. There's no bullshit terminology to memorize and confuse people. The advice is very simple. We tend to make things more complicated than they really are.

I usually skim through a lot of post but this one captivated my attention and kept it all the way through the end. Great post!

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Yeah I appreciate the tips but I for one am finding it damn hard to communicate with many women as I've just moved to Germany, but was born and bred in the Southern US. I barely speak German although I'm learning it, and less Germans my age speak English than I'd presumed. I'm not sure what I should do to talk with more women considering there is a language barrier here. I just got laid last weekend by a girl off Bumble, so that was cool, but that plate was a one time spin. Already gave her the hard next, completely ignoring every modality of contact she has tried to initiate - she wasn't my type after all. But meeting women around town is tough as shit when you can't effectively communicate. P.S. I do sometimes fly solo to the bars around town, but generally my conversation is with the bartender until I've spotted an attractive girl because the bartenders will often speak some english - or at least basic english. Got any ideas?

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Doulingo.com is a great resource for establishing a foundation in learning a language. 100% Free

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less Germans my age speak English than I'd presumed

Why are you speaking to women your own age?

I've lived in Germany myself and did fine. I was a student there though. Still, try the bars around the university campuses. Lots of international girls there who have no choice but to speak English to begin with.

[–]SeriouslyHelpMePlz 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Because I'm a student. I don't wanna hit on girls that are in their teens or their 30s. And currently, I'm not able to pick up on any English in 95% of bars I've been to around my city.

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Are you an exchange student? And if so, aren't there other students in your situation?

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I'm studying for a master's degree, and yes but I live with 8 other people, 5 are women and mostly SJW. Two of my male roommates have girlfriends across the ocean and one is an incel. So I'm pretty much on my own here. It's a small masters program.

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If AWALT, why bother finding a bunch of plates to spin? Wouldn't serial monogamy be preferable to trying so hard to bang all these unworthy strangers?

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Talk to uglier women ? whaa

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No. Seeking validation from women to solve your problems is beta behavior. If you have a problem, you have all the tools you need to solve it within yourself and your frame.

[–]1scissor_me_timbers00 20 points21 points  (7 children)

Lol you really misunderstand his point. He's advocating abundance mentality, not validation seeking. When you talk to lots of women you're cultivating an abundance mentality regarding your options.

[–]naturalhattrick 4 points5 points  (3 children)

Abundance mentality is good, but true lasting abundance comes from high SMV and impeccable frame, not from chasing women around the mall like a puppy dog.

Every single problem listed in OP could be solved by not having low SMV.

[–]1scissor_me_timbers00 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Yeah but he's not saying anyone should chase women around the mall like a puppy dog. You're distorting his point.

Having a habit of regularly chatting up women fortifies your smv and frame by sharpening your social competence, cultivating options, etc.

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I get what you're saying, although I think talking to women doesn't increase your SMV one bit, and making a habit of talking to women is putting pussy on the pedestal.

Talking to other women because your LTR is not behaving? That's acting emotional and petty. She's not behaving because you're low value.

Hot girl not noticing you at the bar? Here's a hint, she still won't notice you if talk to other girls, because you're low value.

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Regularly talking to women= sharpening social skills= sharpening SMV

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He is right though. You shouldn't solve any problems by talking to women. You should solve your problems yourself and talk to women because you feel like it and that is how awesome you are.

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Right, but this is just a semantic confusion. OPs point is strong.

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introductory bullshit is just flat annoying. just delete that bag of lies.