Enderman's Guide to Having Conversations (self.TheRedPill)

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Title says it all, what you're about to read is a guide to initial conversations with girls (in real life). Before that however, I'm gonna put a little background and maybe an anecdote or two to give you an idea of where I'm coming from and why I'm saying what I'm saying.

Hey guys, I'm Enderman. You might remember me from my 11 Lessons post way way back. I'm 6'3, 185 lbs, I workout no less than 6 days a week, regularly get 8 hours of sleep, eat as healthy as I can, and I don't ever drink unless I'm with a pretty girl to augment our night. My partner count is in the double digits, though I prefer to fuck the same girl for several months at a time, provided she's good to me. And let's be honest, they always are. I have a 6 pack, I aspire to be an Olympic Rower, and when I gain an extra 10 lbs of muscle, I plan to be a male model. I'm a 20 year old computer science major, but what I really wanna do is start a personal training company for skinnyfag ectomorphs who are all sick and tired of measuring in at 6'1 and 135. Been there, done that, never again fam.

There, now that you suffered through reading all that, I'd venture to guess you really don't give a fuck who I am or what I'm about. And why not? Obsensibly, I'm attractive, athletic, intelligent, I have goals, blahblahblahblahblah. But there's something I'm missing, and it's the most important thing of all: I'm not you. Furthermore, not only am I not you, but I'm also complete stranger with whom you have no emotional attachment whatsoever to. Why? Because, again, we're total fucking strangers, so how could you possibly care? You fucking narcissist. But it's fine, I am too. We all are.

The lesson here is that typically, out of everyone in the room, people tend to care about themselves the most. I consider myself the furthest thing from a pickup artist. I don't have a silver tongue. In fact I'm so bad with words, it's probably a rusty copper tongue, not that that's actually possible. See, I'm a shitty smoothtalker, and I consistently say the thing at the wrong time. But that's fine, never stopped me, you don't need to be clever to make chicks like you, it's not about what you say anyway.

Rules for conversation

1.) It's her show, not yours. You know who you are, you know you're a baller, and sure, you want her to know that too, I get it. But do you really think telling her how much you benchpress or how you've got a real fancy job is gonna make her dig you more? Sure, maybe, you've got something really impressive going on, and maybe, simultaneous to that, even though she has no relation to it, maybe her life's boring enough to take an interest in yours. Or, much more likely she's all tied with with important shit of her own and she could care less about the life of a complete stranger. Again, she's not emotionally invested in you (yet). I've had infinitely more success with "hey, you look down, what's wrong?" and making them feel better about their shitty day, giving them someone to talk to for 5 minutes, and actually caring about whats up in their world than trying to 'demonstrate value' or some other egocentric bullshit...say, "hey, look at me I'm tall and white and athletic".

The truth is, like you, like me, she too is mostly absorbed in her own little world and the only real value you have to offer is how you can make her feel.

2A.) When you wanna describe yourself, tell stories. It's like english class. "I'm a fun guy," Says no fun guy in the history of ever. Instead, you talk about how this one time you drove down to Mexico with all your little friends on Spring Break and spent the week windsurfing in paradise - that's fun. I constantly lead with stories, and then I tie it back to the original topic. And they don't have to be long stories either, just a sentence or two of something cool you did or some problem you overcame.

2B.) When you tell stories, make them relevant to the topic at hand. Unsolicited stories are annoying when they don't relate or add value to the conversation. Just yesterday, I met this chick, and we talked for a bit, I ended with her number and a date. At one point early on, I told her her accent's sexy, where's she from? And she said to me, "the Caribbean, do you know what that is?" And my response was to talk about how about once a year, my dad and I used to go scubadiving in the Grand Cayman there, fuckin' gorgeous. What island are you from? Stories should also be casual, and they should end with something for the person to go on, ideally in a position to talk about themselves.

3.) If there's something to be said, say it. Especially if it's a compliment and it's genuine. And honestly, I'm still working on this, but I'm almost there. I met the most beautiful girl in the world (walking right out of the 711 I was in) I'd ever seen yesterday, waiting for the bus. And I was walking over, and then the bus came, and I said to her, "hey 711 girl wait up, I just gotta tell you that you're gorgeous as fuck." And she smiled a lot and said aww thank you, and I probably made her day, but the bus came too soon and I didn't get her number. And that's fine, cause that's actually the first time I've ever opened to a girl telling them something bold like that (normally I have a 10 minute conversation about a whole range of topics then end with, "you seem interesting and I'd love to get to know you. what's your number" or on those lines). This week though, I'm experimenting with being more bold and kicking it up a notch, see how that goes.

4.) Be silly. I'm 6'3, so I frequently ask girls how tall they are. They always give a straight answer, "I'm 5'3, how tall are you?" Oh yeah, me too. Then I squat down a foot to be 5'3. Then they giggle a tiny bit cause it's funny but not too funny and i tell them, "I'm actually 8 feet tall". No you arent! "Oh yeah, I'll prove it." Take out my drivers license, gloss my eyes over the part where it clearly says HEIGHT: 6'3" and i pretend to read it aloud "8 FEET TALL". And 9 times outta 10, as lame as this sounds writing it, I get giggles and amusement off something as mundane as ones height.

5.) An extension of rule number 4, have fun and do whatever the fuck you want. Yesterday I was at the dining hall, and I got bored so, for some strange reason, I decided it'd be a fun idea to steal all the bananas in the banana basket (there were no less than 30, it's more of a crate actually). So I go over there, scout the place out, and this pretty girl comes over to grab an orange and I say to her, "hey what's your name?" Carly. "Hey Carly, I'm Enderman, I need your help fam." Alright..with what? "You see these bananas? Well I'm gonna steal all of them." And she starts laughing her ass off and we spend the next 5 minutes taking 3 bananas at a time, putting them in my bag until they're all gone. And I get to know her, and I get her number, and I saved myself in her contacts as "The Banana Dude" cause why the fuck not. People's lives are so boring, working or studying with the occasional hedonic escape into drugs and alcohol - if you can break the monotony, sure some people might think you're a weirdo, but there's gonna be a lotta people who think you're the shit for it. And those are the people you wanna know anyway. Do whatever you want and have fun doing it. Honestly, just stop giving a fuck.

Conclusion: be silly, be fun, be confident, say what's on your mind, don't be a narcissist. Tell stories, pay attention to what girls say, when you approach a girl, you're often entering their world, make them feel important.

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"Demonstrate value"

Am I in the presence of the golden god?

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If the golden god wants to be known, he will declare himself

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The D.E.N.N.I.S. System is so fucking Red Pill it's scary

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Golden god and Dennis system? Care to enlighten?

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It is a reference to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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I wish people would have told me this shit when I was younger instead of walking away and telling me I'm annoying. Love it how people are quick to point out problems, yet never suggest solutions.

I took me awhile to understand that conversations shouldn't be an interrogation nor for logistics. This post helps me out even better as I continue to start small talk with strangers every where I go.

[–]20VTurbo points points [recovered]

I wish people would have told me this shit when I was younger instead of walking away and telling me I'm annoying. Love it how people are quick to point out problems, yet never suggest solutions.

You should love your self more for recognizing these behaviors and examples to conjure fuel for the fire of progress.

If you can focus on tailoring your actions toward providing solutions exclusively (ONLY when you have a great one) instead of problems, you will see results in social/professional settings.

If you can develop (as in planning-not coding) an idea and articulate your vision for that idea clearly as the benefit it provides to the folks who need to make it, it's most always a win.

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What kind of audi do you drive?

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I find that we are at our best when we are not nervous or anxious. Before relying on these rules and tactics, find out first if you are strong inside. On trp, there is a focus towards the external tools. They are useful, but are merely crutches for those who do not have strong inner game. Inner game is being comfortable in your own skin. You'll find that when you find peace in yourself, you will not need to remember any tactics.

If your inner is solid, then the next step is utilizing these external tools.

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Duder! First, glad to see you around still, I remember you. Go forth and just talk, talk about talking, talk about the fucking kitchen table, all we're really doing in most conversations is trading emotional currency so make people walk off happy and you'll get the snowball to the steep part of the hill you're pushing it down.

Adios broski.

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I'm "younger". Got any advice for me?

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Or the shortcut:

Ask questions.

Chain the conversation. Repeat what she or he just said in your response.

That's it. Guaranteed to work. 100%. :-)

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TIL Stealing bananas totally gets her panties wet haha

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This is great and well-needed advice. A lot of guys around here struggle with social skills.

Going to the gym is easy. If you do the work, you can't help not looking like shit. (If you don't do the work, fuck you.)

Reading shit on The Red Pill is even easier. Lots of guys read shit all damn day.

But the biggest questions people ask tend to revolve around "What should I say/have said to this woman?" As though there is some kind of magic bullet. As though the entire point of The Red Pill is figuring out the right witty comeback to every line a woman delivers. Which just isn't the case. Guys don't need a list of witty responses. Guys need to develop general conversation skills.

What I'd add to this list is to not get too personal too quickly. Girls like to small talk about nothing. It's how they bond and feel connected to people. So if the situation allows for it, don't open with personal questions, and don't try to ham-fist things about yourself into the conversation. Only ask about her, personally, after maybe 2 minutes of stupid small talk, and preferably only if she drops something interesting to ask about into the conversation. And only talk about yourself if she asks you questions (and when she does, only give simple answers or short but interesting stories that will cause her to invest in the conversation by asking more questions), but it's okay to drop little bits of question-bait into your conversation, if it's actually on-topic.

Also, keep your conversations manageable and short. Maybe 10 minutes, unless you're somewhere you can sit and talk for awhile, in which case you might go up to 30. You're not going to fuck the girl you met at the coffee shop during that first encounter. You're going to fuck her after getting her number, meeting somewhere within the next few days, and impressing the hell out of her with your awesomeness. So after 10 minutes or so, you probably need to get on with your busy day and awesome life anyway, at which point you ask for her number and move on.

Now, a lot of Red Pill guys who suck at talking to girls are probably thinking, "But this post doesn't tell me what to say or give me any examples!" The only way to get better at conversation is to actually have them. Actually practice talking to people. Guys and girls. Old and young people. Get over your sense of shame and just talk to people, pay attention, and learn from it. And it helps a lot to actually be an interesting person. As you get older and do more shit with your life, you have more to talk about because you know things about things and are more likely to have done things that are relevant to a conversation. When you're 21 and the only things you've done so far are live with your parents, then make it through 3 years of college, it's harder to find things to talk about.

[–]CQC3 11 points12 points  (2 children)

Agreed, I can't tell you how many guys I've seen who have good gym gains and outwardly look good, but are still the socially awkward kid they were 2 years ago before all that, it's pretty weird to see a dude who is FAR more jacked than you who still makes awkward eye contact and behaves a bit shaky. Looks like a goddamned man, acts like a goddamned girl.

Learning how to converse is important, not in the Dale Carnegie sense of that hollow business style horseshit of being familiar with everyone with the aim of making contacts, but learning how to be a fucking person who has some real substance and vigor to them is another thing, nobody can tell you how, only you can.

Adding to that, I really believe that many TRP lurkers and posters alike have this imaginary conception of a 2 dimensional chad figure who fucks girls and disappears in the night, sure guys like that do exist to women...but don't discount the impact that being a real person has on intimacy--shocking I know. Being someone who girls enjoy talking to--even if you're not on the surface all that nice to them, is worthwhile especially when you can learn to do it from a place of authenticity, makes the process a whole lot less draining.

It is incredibly important to learn how to talk to people from a grounded place. For ME, that was learning how to accept that I'm not a cheery outgoing fuck even though at times I can put a show on. My whole vibe is pretty negative, even when I try to fake being outgoing, people know. That dissonance made them uncomfortable, and so when I just embraced it sure I turned some people off, but I conversely made many people more accepting of me. The key to being negatively social is to not allow yourself to be depressed looking all the time, but rather be unassuming. People ask me all the time why I'm sad, and I just give them a casual low effort response and maybe throw in a quip and leave it at that, eventually they learn that's just you and it has no bearing on whether you like/dislike them.

When I talk to girls, this doesn't seem to set me back at all. I will be fairly somber in approaching girls, and if things go well I will start to show some of my more outlandish quirks. The real question is, do women actually care about your superficial mood? Everything is vibe to them, what's your vibe? Mine is negative and a bit gloomy or thoughtful, I hate to put a label on it, but it's the truth. And so one might thing that a person who seems detached like that is not showing much interest, but women know that's not the full story. YOU approached them, there is some interest there.

Those two opposing things can make you interesting if it's natural to you. By not being in her face but rather holding frame and being your own entity she can peer into you of her own accord. Of her own accord, that's the most important thing, people don't want to feel coerced. You can't negotiate attraction as they say here, and it's solid advice. You can't negotiate interest either. Have you ever tried to show a friend a video saying it was DAMN funny and you couldn't stop laughing, then they watch it and completely unaffected and it's sort of awkward because it's like...totally not funny to them? Well that's because they feel pressured to find it funny, and it kills the spontaneity of it, it is no longer organic.

The best way I can describe it is being at peace with yourself, you want to be near not far, yet not too close. Show interest, but also control. Extend a hand, but only enough so that she must also reach for yours. That is what having good conversation skills with women means to me. It's game, but it's also just learning how to be comfortable and be yourself after calibrating properly. You'll have to adapt this type of game if you want it to work on dumb sluts though. Generally, the dumber the girl the more blunt you want to be, but never be transparent. It's important to understand that being yourself doesn't mean being transparent, it just means being self contained. Neither extending out or retreating inward. Having your default mode of being also be the bulk of your game is pretty energy efficient and less stressful. I don't really believe there's much difference between gaming women and gaming other people, only the end goal is different. Be a real person in a sea of fucking caricatures. The reason this works post TRP and not pre is because you have a completely different shift in your frame of understanding, and so you behave accordingly.

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I can't tell you how many guys I've seen who have good gym gains and outwardly look good, but are still the socially awkward kid they were 2 years ago before all that, it's pretty weird to see a dude who is FAR more jacked than you who still makes awkward eye contact and behaves a bit shaky. Looks like a goddamned man, acts like a goddamned girl.

Lmao perfect description of me. Been lifting, reading, honing piano skills, and meditating for 5 months now. Made some phenomenal progress physically and intellectually, but still start sweating at eye contact.

[–]CQC3 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Not sure how old you are, but I wouldn't sweat it too much, honestly it's easy to assume everyone else is doing kinda okay but it's usually not the case.

Developing social skills with a lot of kids to adults up to 30 (even a lot of adults are socially retarded or a bit awkward) or so is sometimes difficult because you can't get feedback because they're about as retarded as you are. Sometimes the socially retarded kids actually just got lucky or just ended up in a decent social group to be with, but outside of that they have no fucking idea how to deal with strangers.

Being socially good within your group hardly counts, the real test is how you deal with people you don't know. I sort of always resented the popular kids in High School and College for snubbing their nose at me when I tried to improve myself in that way, and now I realize the long hard road taught me some things I never would've learned otherwise.

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This is great and well-needed advice. A lot of guys around here struggle with social skills.

This is where I get confused - I would say I still fall into the category of guys who somewhat struggle socially, and I honestly can't imagine some of this inane shit coming out of my mouth. 8 feet tall? Stealing bananas? Who giggles at any of this but preteen girls?

I don't mean to shit on the post, but its pretty evident what it is: a 20 year old dude giving mediocre advice while simultaneously announcing how attractive he is within 2 paragraphs. Nothing about this is imitable for a guy over 30, unless your conversation skills are at a kindergarten level.

[–]TRP VanguardArchwinger 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Obviously, you can't mimic this guy's examples. He's not telling you what to say or do. You have to develop conversational skills on your own, then figure out your own ways, that contextually fit for you, to talk to girls.

A fit guy wearing a dry-fit T-shirt and wind pants looks like he just came from a workout. A fat guy wearing the same outfit looks like a lazy-ass slob who couldn't bother putting on real clothes. You have to pick the conversational style that fits you.

[–]thatguy1321 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Agreed. It has nothing to do with his conversational insight but rather the fact that he's attractive. Know this guy who says the most retarded comments when talking to girls, but he's a 6 foot chad that they all swoon over so they giggle no matter what he says. Then there's josh, who is a gross fatass that makes much wittier comments but they all cringe and say he's a "creepy dick". If you improve your smv to the point the OP did then literally all you need to do is talk and make eye contact.

[–]RedAsBlood 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Girls just want to have fun.

Even the most sophisticated girl doesn't want to have deep conversations all the time.

You just have to find what works for you and how you bring your own fun / unique style into the conversation.

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This should be its own post, great writeup

[–]dapowa 9 points10 points  (1 child)

This is quality. Good fucking job /u/iEnderMan.

[–]thatguy1321 12 points13 points  (2 children)

No valuable info here. Just some douche bragging about his smv while claiming to have the key to success. It isn't what you say, it's the fact that you're high value that brings you success. I know this guy that makes the most autistic contributions to convos with girls, and they giggle and swoon as if he were some smooth talker. The reason? He's 6 feet tall and chiseled. Then there's my other friend who's got bad breath and a spare tire around his waist and neck. Much funnier and talkative, but girls think he's gross and "creepy".

So, sorry but you're not some spontaneous fun guy to talk to, but rather a chad who naively interprets girls' interest as indication of social wisdom through childish comments about bananas and being 8 feet tall.

[–]dapowa -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

your mom might have actually thrown you when you were little, fwiw.

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So many bananas, I wonder where all the nutrients go

[–]Snufek 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Loved the banana story. Shit like that makes our lives worth living.

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Don't just pay attention to what girls say, pay attention to what everybody says. Listening is an incredible skill that can get someone very far in life.

As always, the most important thing to do aside from these "guidelines" that is so often overlooked is to actually go out and have conversations with real people. Theorizing about social etiquette is useless without application.

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This is a great post, I've often spent to much time wondering what to say when all I've needed to do was get her to laugh about something silly and get her talking about herself

[–]1predator 1 point2 points  (1 child)

The problem is if you are not already having good conversations with people you do not have good stories to tell.

[–]epixs 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This can be summed up with, "show genuine interest in others and let them talk". Dale Carneigh was a a social conversation legend and that is the only thing you need. Good post tho man!

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Nowhere in your bio does it say you also play Minecraft.

I think these are good tips though, and I love number 4 because it's my go to--no not stealing bananas although that was a good one because I understand that there's something fundamentally hilarious about bananas, hence why people always buy that FUCKING BANANA COSTUME.

It always comes down to JBY (Just Be Yourself) which is simultaneously the fuckin' worst advice and also the best advice. Basically, learn good social skills and be well adjusted enough to notice emotional and social cues, and be relaxed. That's the discipline and skill part, then when you can manage those fundamentals, start to let your idiosyncrasies out, be weird in a self amusing way. Always make sure that your spectacles are clearly for your enjoyment, and that they are natural expressions of your own personal insanity instead of shows put on for others which is needy and lame.

[–]PatsFever 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I'm actually 6'2" 155 bench ~215 so am in decent shape, but for the life of me I can not get up to my goal weight of 175 lbs. Do you have a post or anything with how you jumped from 135 to 185?

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Im really not into giving fitness advice since im not at my goal weight yet and I absolutely despise people talking about shit they haven't lived...But I put on 45 lbs in about 20 months, doing all sorts of shit. I ate around 4200 calories of food a day, sometimes more. Milk for days, chicken, pasta, my diet's been a lotta suffering. The only cardio I ever do is sex. I lift weights 5-6 days a week, sleep 9 hours a day. Workout for about 75 minutes a day, all it is is consistency. Push yourself every day, only rest 1-2 minutes between sets, do 12-15 sets of 8-12 reps per muscle group, that kinda shit. Compound lifts. For chest/tricep day I do 4 sets of ohp, 4 sets close grip bench, 4 sets tricep pulldown, 4 sets bench, 4 sets incline bench, 4 sets flys, and 8 sets shoulder shrugs for traps. Most of that is compound lifts.

When're hungry, eat. When you're not hungry, eat. If it's been more than 2 hours since you've eaten, eat. And If you're gaining more than a lb a week, eat a little bit less. And make sure you're lifts go up. If you're doing the same weight for the same reps every single time, up the weight. Either the weight or reps you can do should increase every single lift.

Also, you're gonna suffer until you get the 20lbs you're looking for, you'll hit 175, then you'll realize it's not good enough. And you'll wanna be 185 or 195. Don't think you're gonna be complete once you hit a goal weight, instead learn to enjoy the process. This shit takes a fuckton of patience fam.

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How do people on TRP bench so much?

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The truth is, like you, like me, she too is mostly absorbed in her own little world and the only real value you have to offer is how you can make her feel.

On the most basic level, people associate with each other when there is incentive to do so. Provide the incentive (don't confuse with be the beta bux provider) to make association. Take away the incentive when you want them gone. That goes beyond male-female sexual interactions.

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Someone else said that this post isn't about your social skills but you SMV which you are misinterpreting as having a great game level. I agree.

Reading through it I found myself thinking a lot of your suggestions are wrong. Here are some of my notes:

1.) It's her show, not yours.

"hey, you look down, what's wrong?"

I would never ask this to a girl, unless I was already fucking her. Doing so in the beginning is a sure step to offer yourself as her friendzone buddy. No way. She wants to fill my head with her "sad, dramatic" stories? She needs to fuck my brains out first. Sex comes first, then she is rewarded with intimacy!

2A.) When you wanna describe yourself, tell stories.

"I'm a fun guy," Says no fun guy in the history of ever.

I also don't agree with this. I'm a believer on the strategy of "fake it till you make it"! If you keep telling her you are a player, you have a great sense of humour, you are well in life, you are always in a good mood, etc etc etc, she will believe it and so will you.

My close friends know I'm a grumpy guy. My dates don't. I always fake it. I always tell them I'm good with life, I don't complain. I tell them I have a great sense of humour even before showing them. Then when I do indeed make a good joke or silly joke (just like yours with the height), they know I was telling them the truth and they start bit by bit assuming everything else I said it's true as well. My frame starts to change because I say I'm better, I become better.

3.) If there's something to be said, say it. Especially if it's a compliment and it's genuine.

"hey 711 girl wait up, I just gotta tell you that you're gorgeous as fuck."

This is the worst suggestion so far... If you have a high SMV saying this or "I would eat that ass like it was french vanilla ice cream", will have the same result -> her giggling.

If you don't have such a high SMV you are basically telling her that she would be the best (looking) girl you ever been with or in other words, she is above your level. This will not turn her on. Quite the opposite.

I never compliment a girl on her looks, on her giant breasts, on her great ass, on her beautiful eyes, and so on. She knows that already. She has a FB profile where in each photo there are hundreds of guys saying the same shit. What do all of these guys have in common? They are not and never will fuck her!

I ignore all these obvious things and that make them go crazy! Suddenly they realize you are indifferent to their most valued assets. They feel the need to prove themselves to you, to seek your validation.

Let's put things in a different perspective. You have a very high SMV, let's say a 9. You are used to date models, nothing below HB8.

One day you are at a store, doing some shopping. A pretty average girl HB6 comes to you all giggling and so on and drops something along the lines "I love your eyes! You are one of the most looking guys I ever saw!". What will your reaction be? Of course you will smile at her, say thank you, have your ego inflated a bit and continue with your life. One thing is for sure, you won't consider fucking her.

If on the other hand she was a HB9, you would immediately escalate and take her back to your place.

Now, let's say you are with a group of friends and you meet a common friend who is a HB6. She doesn't even flinch when meeting you. She doesn't give you the same looks you are used to, she seems to not even care for you. It would bother you. You would be like "This bitch would be lucky to have a guy like me shoving his dick inside of her, why the fuck is she ignoring me so much?". It would become a challenge to you to get her attention, even to fuck her and get the prize! It's very basic psychology.

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You guys ever think these posts would have a bit more impact coming from average guys and not 6 foot 4 Scandinavian chads?

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

you killed it , be my mentor.. seems like you fully enjoy life from the small things it provides, keep it up!

[–]EPArt 0 points1 point  (1 child)

hah the banana shits hilarious so wait you got her number and free banana's damn that sounds like a successful venture to me. Although she might be trying to use you for your banana's be carefull.

[–]rigbed 7 points8 points  (0 children)

"I've got another banana you might be interested in"

[–]Phoenixtorment -5 points-4 points  (5 children)

Great stuff, except:

trying to 'demonstrate value' or some other egocentric bullshit...say, "hey, look at me I'm tall and white and athletic".

Just seems like a snide remark towards PUA.

[–]Dirkz 4 points5 points  (4 children)

Good, PUA should be a derogatory term. It's fake, it comes from a salesman frame and one way or another a woman is going to figure out that you're nothing but a gimmick. Get good at something other than pretending.

[–]Phoenixtorment -1 points0 points  (3 children)

You sound like a woman responding to PUA.

The same way bluepillers would talk about the Redpill.

[–]Dirkz 6 points7 points  (2 children)

PUA is about trying to convince someone to sleep with you. Redpill is about becoming someone people want to sleep with. PUA is weaker, end of discussion.

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PUA and the Redpill overlap and combine very well together.

You say it's pretending and weak. If you go about that you can say many redpill teachings are 'pretending' as well. It has nothing to do with 'convincing' or 'fake'. That's all in your own hands.

The fact you call it 'weaker' as if it was the point of discussion shows you have an inbred hatred towards it, it clouds your judgement. There is a LOT of overlap and many useful interaction techniques that are advocated here in the redpill as well.

It is also where the exiting of the matrix started.

I don't get the hate.