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Agree 100%. Useful post. Further reading is Grit, by Angela Duckworth. Science proves it: people who don't give up get further in life, always.

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Tautology: people who got the furthest were the ones who didn't give up.

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Done didn't give up but died.

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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” —Henry Ford.

Believing in yourself is the major Red Pill.

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He probably should have listened to the voice that said "Don't cut off your ear and commit suicide by shooting yourself in the stomach with a shotgun."

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He couldn't wait to conquer an aspect of the after life as well.

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Current research says kids were playing with a gun on the property he was living on and shot him by accident, and that he said he did it so they wouldn't be blamed.

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Probably his frienemy Gauguin did it, and then immediately fled to the south seas to give children siphillis.

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Yeah I feel like that's the wrong person to open up this post with.

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He didn't cut off his ear. Lost it in a swordfight with a buddy of his.

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His buddy's name was Mike Tyson.

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Actually it was Albert Einstein

Edit: mandatory /s for all you idiots out there.

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You really made me search Albert vs Van Gogh swordfight...

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That is actually crazy awesome. What a great motivator. "Do it to shut the voice up that tells you not to do something."

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You know, after I read the post I was disappointed because a lot of people post things like this and don't explain much, but your video made up for that. Very interesting insight and I have never thought about it like that before. Although I do have a problem with it that I would really appreciate if you, or somebody else, could answer. In your video you mention changing your mindset to that of which you want to be and it will happen, which I agree with, but my problem is how? I consider myself a loser, always have. I have subconsciously pushed myself down a hole and left the ladder at the top. So how am I, or others, supposed to just "change" our mindset? Thank you for the excellent advice and I hope to hear a response!

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Well if you think you're a loser because you do loser stuff. Do non-loser stuff (lift, cool hobbies, eating well) and then tell yourself how awesome you are.

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I see, well I do work out every morning (I swim competitively) and I eat pretty well and am fit. While yes I do have some "loser hobbies" (video games, anime, browsing this website) but I enjoy them full heartedly and have accepted them as a part of me. What I'm trying to say is that some people have problems changing their mindset because they've been thinking that way for such a long time. Do you think adding on additional hobbies or just in general trying to force yourself into that mindset would be good? Thank you for your response

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The core tenet of the red pill is self improvement and being true to yourself. You have a problem changing your mindset because you think you have a problem changing your mindset. Tell yourself no I don't agree when that voice pops up in your head.

Video games, anime and Reddit is cool in moderation. Don't let it run your life. YOU run your life. You're the captain of your ship. What have you wanted to do? Don't tell me, go do it. I don't care what it is, I want you to do and be.

There was a passage in sex god method that struck me about cereal. Gonna butcher it but I'll get close. You don't wake up in the morning and go "I'm gonna go eat some cereal. I'm such a badass". You just go eat your cereal.

Every day is a gift and the greatest day of your life. Take control of yourself. Be awesome.

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Wow, amazing advice. I appreciate your response more than I've ever heard from anybody here. I know it sounds generic of me to say this but you have really opened my eyes. I've never really thought about it in that way and have sort of seen myself in a fixed scenario. Thank you and I hope you have a successful career helping others as you have me!

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Nah I don't think you need to add more and lol if you're a swimmer you're probably ripped. I guess your issue is just mental cause you got a solid resume just do you

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I just finished reading Mike Cernovich Gorilla mindset and it's very similar. All of your solutions, all of your problems, they all come from one place : your mind.

The fun part, is deciding what it is that you want. The easy part is putting in the work. The hard part is keeping your mind focused and eye on the prize.

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wait why the the main post removed? im trying to read it

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-Van Goph


too soon fam, too much ironing

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I totally agree. People have no idea what they are capable of until they just try. I once decided to build something to atleast prove myself that I can't build it, but it would only be valid if I truly did my best.

I was astonished what I was capable of.

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I agree with this post but I would have to take some type of ACTION, that corresponds with what I'm thinking.

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This quote is speaking directly to the rejection of learned cultural conditioning. This is the soul stone of the beta mindset. Learn to reject the sub conscious cues which keep you from being your own man and you will be in your alpha frame.

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What are your thoughts on influence of hormons on thoughts and beliefs, as well as emotions?

Imho, unshakeable belief, specially consistent, is question of Testosterone and it's fluctuations. I think that as long as chemistry of your body is fucked up (hormonal balance, serotonin and cortisol levels, dopamine receptors ..), no videos or books will help.

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Theres a great quote from arnold and im paraphrasing here, "going through the pai barrier, the last 2 or 3 or 4 repetitions, thats what makes the muscle grow, if you go through the pain barrier you may get to be a champion, if you cant, then forget it"

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I can't take life advice from Van Gogh. Dude was legitimitely a crazy person.

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A crazy person with a pretty big legacy tho.

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Why did this get deleted and reposted on get motivated.

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The law of attraction has no basis in scientific fact. Seriously, if you believe you can "re-engineering your thoughts to magnetically attract success", you might want to invest in a pointed hat and a wand.

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There's been studies since the 80s that have shown evidence of our consciousness affecting our reality. Just do a simple google search.

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Your consciousness affects your perception of reality. Your thoughts do not impact on the real world.

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Your perception of reality affects the real world. Its what directly affects your confidence/self esteem and many other things. There's scientific studies that back this and countless anecdotal evidence. Maybe you're taking it too literally and think that we're saying you can fly if you just believe in yourself haha

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I wasn't disputing that your perceptions impact on your self esteem. That seems self evident. I'm talking about the law of attraction that claims that you can make things happen by thinking about them. That being said, while confidence is important, the idea that your frame or your self belief is the key determinant in achieving goals is not exactly true.

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It's not magic dude. Your identity is like a meta frame, an operating system. If you have a positive identity with self belief, you will be much more capable and resilient and charismatic than of you have a negative identity. This is both common sense and backed by studies. Google explanatory styles.

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If you are confident and positive you will be more resilient and easy to get along with. This is all well established. The notion that you can attract things by thinking about them is magic.

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Attraction has been studied a lot by scientists, hasn't it? You should check Google maybe.

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I actually did google it. There are no scientific studies that support the existence of the law of attraction. There is a ton of pseudo-science arguing for it though.

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What do you mean exactly by, law of attraction? I thought you were talking about sexual attraction or something but I must be wrong.

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The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive thoughts you can attract positive events to your life. Often it is described as asking the universe to give you things, and through positive visualization the things requesting will come. Hence my comment about a pointy hat and a wand.....

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Oh I misunderstood then lol

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But the words of successful people holds some weight you have to admit, especially if the topic is becoming successful. But of course your actions have to move in sync with your mind.

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If their success comes from selling people books, I would be skeptical. Ali said lots of things. He also had a body built for fighting and had an incredibly tough training regime. I am sure the attitude helped, but the attitude might well have been a byproduct of his success.

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"That is not is not a pessimistic...

You repeated "is not".

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Semantics of semantics. Some people should waste their time painting. Be honest with yourself and criticism is easy to apply towards improving your life. Sound life advice doesn't sound good an shitty inspirational poster for the office.