You Have More In Common With Feminism Than You Think (self.TheRedPill)

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This is going to be an unpopular post but every word of it is true. If you were winning at the game of life you wouldn't have found TRP.

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I mostly agree and upvoted you, but by most conventional metrics I am "winning" at the game of life (except for child / mother support payments, which kill). When I waste time on the Internet, however, I will still look around here because it's one of the first places I found that has a fairly comprehensive and fairly accurate description of how intersex relations actually work.

A lot of the guys here are overly binary thinkers and see too much black and white and too little grey. Many of them are still in the bitter or anger phase. That's okay. The overall themes about complementarity, game, and getting ahead are good.

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A lot of the guys here are overly binary thinkers


The amount of unhealthy fantasizing on here borders on fetishism sometimes.

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Well I didn't find TRP because I needed it, it was linked from another sub and I agreed with it completely. I had gotten a better perspective from it.

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When I first saw this sub two or three years ago, I swore it off like most people do, then I dove into it over the last couple months. I am a "traditional" kind of person, so I'm not really here for the sexual strategy, but the relationship truths and strategies have been very helpful.

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TRP is just about showing you have the skills and tools to get the desired sex life

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Yup, and different people can desire different things. It doesn't make any one of us here less RP'd because they hold different values (different, not better or worse) in that aspect of their life.

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Yeah I see a lot of people that needed not to be here, in my case I have to admit, it was because I was a complete loser at the sexuality game and it was something that I definitely needed to improve. I think it's important to put it out because a lot of men will feel like they need to justify themselves on why they are here to show that they aren't/weren't losers in the first place but honesty is something I value and can show to people that YES, a lot of men here come seeking help.

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True, most TRP subscribers are here to improve their lives. If we are all James Bond in real life, TRP wouldn't be as popular.

Men like to solve problems, women like to avoid them, which fit in with TRP and feminism very well.

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If you were winning at the game of life you wouldn't have found TRP.

This is incorrect.

How many posts have we seen of wealthy, powerful men - business owners, professional athletes, actors - making stupid decisions like getting married, only to see their women turn walk off with a big helping of that wealth a few years later in a divorce settlement?

The Red Pill isn't just for "losers". Men at ALL social and economic echelons are susceptible to society's brainwashing, and The Red Pill is an actionable solution for all of them.

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I agree. Besides, it really depends on what you define as a loser, the metric here is often whether or not you can have sex at will. The idea of economic stability (wealth or fame) are actually blue pill tools to attract mates and are also the result of red pill tools (power and information). If you can manipulate the red pill tools, the blue pill tools aren't necessary unless you want to secure a long-term and romantic commitment, which is what most of the users here actually want deep down.

The illusion of loserdom is something propagated by people here who wish to utilize both or either toolsets and have difficulty doing so, although this phantasm is primarily perpetuated by a failure to utilize blue pill tools because we live in a very blue pill society. Ideally, of course, one should be a master of both.

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Indeed, and well-said.

Mods, please award a point to /u/insoucianc .

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TRP would certainly benefit every male to varying extents, including 'natural alphas' and successful celebrities. However, the naturals and celebrities you talk of are generally not members of our community. Of course there are exceptions, but by large we are the demographic described in the OP.

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but by large we are the demographic described in the OP.

Then overcoming this "loser" self-perception of yours is going to comprise the majority of your battle.

Start by asking yourself this: "Loser by whose definition, and by what metric?"

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I agree. Perhaps the mirror opposite idea still applies though - TRP and Feminism are just sexual strategies deployed by either sex. Feminism facilitates AF/BB through making women less dependent on men. TRP is a countermeasure men can deploy to avoid being ignored or utterly squashed by an increasingly gynocentric society.

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That is dead on. Trp is a boot camp of sorts. You aren't reading it if you're too busy crushing pussy.

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Having seriously dipped in feminism before, I can only confirm

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I learnt about TRP when older Feminist friends started to cringe about it. Although I was never a Feminist, I regret being their friend, since it grouped me with the beta.

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I posted something very similar the other day, and I think your angle on it is 100% true as well. We spend our time here fighting our BP selves so that we can be RP everywhere else. Essentially, RP is "meninism." A big difference here is that a lot of us are more open to debating, considering other viewpoints, and critiquing our own viewpoints than many current feminists.

I think neither group should be trying to "win" the life game, but rather get back to playing the positions we're best at on the field and be happier/more successful as a result.

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Instagram girls with 100k followers don't march for "equality." They're winners in the game of life - and they're satisfied with the results.

You must not be following very many, because they do it all the time. Successful, beautiful women, social winners by any measure, fly the flag of feminism every day, speaking of their "struggles", sharing the feminist hashtags du jour, becoming "ambassadors" for feminist causes or programs and so on.

You think that feminism is a bunch of tumblrites and pussyhat landwhales marching against Trump. That's the folklore, which is about as influential as anything else that happens on tumblr or during protests. Feminism as a political movement is very much one of elites, of winners, of people who have privilege and reinforce it through championing feminism. In fact it's a completely accepted part of the establishment, which should show you the glaring dissimilarity between it and TRP.

Even if we restrict the comparison to the tumblrites and the pussyhat landwhales, the difference between them and TRP remains enormous. Those chicks aren't trying to advance their sexual interests through feminism, they're trying to fill the void left in their life by a lack of male attention with social and political validation. Hence the rush to appear the most oppressed.

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Sure you see the occasional attractive successful woman flying the feminist flag (Emma Watson) but these are the exception, not the rule. Their heart is not in it, it is like a club someone else convince them to join. Their approach is contrived and shallow. Esther Vilar was correct when she said it is a luxury of unattractive, university educated women. Attractive women and working class women are never true feminists. Vilar made this clear when she first dismantled feminism long before anyone else even gave it a thought.

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Most people don't stand behind it. It's just one of many public narratives throughout the course of history that defines the social "game" we play.

Everybody decides "Okay, so we're all going to believe this now, anybody who doesn't publicly believe this is clearly stupid and we should smother him into the ground for not understanding the game"

People so publicly believe this horseshit but they're all full of it, because even if they themselves start to believe it, their actions say otherwise. You can even see this in college or high school in the half wit groups of popular kids who unknowingly just use public narratives as a means to determine who is socially calibrated or not.

The only people who can rebel against that without any major backlash are those who possess the social skill or calibration to spin it a good enough way.

Even if we say those are only some people who act like that, I'd say most of feminism's "supporters' are merely people who believe it sounds good on paper or want the social cred for being "progressive". People still think it's progressive to say they they are for feminism or believe women should be respected, meanwhile it is beyond trite at this point. It's more or less in the same vein of people who were overly, overtly (and publicly) against communism during the McCarthy era. Better be vocal about your distaste otherwise you'll be socially slandered.

Then again, it's the fuckin' internet. Who can say how much people actually give a fuck about this in the world, probably not many. It's like radio top 100, everybody just assumes everybody else likes it. Meanwhile it's shit.

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Maybe today, because it's fashionable to be a feminist. And because "OMG we so went marching yesterday, it was unbelievable!" is a better way to spend your Sunday than being bored at home.

But at it's origin, say 50yrs ago, the only feminists were undersexed and non attractive women.

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Most successful, well-off women who still fly the feminism flag usually do so to further cement their status/draw more influence. If they can keep the revenue train going by playing on the plebs, they can, will, and do so. It should prove how BS feminism is when the wealthy females are still bitching (but in a more capitalistic manner).

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The fundamental difference in these two groups is that where TRP attempts to teach men a strategy of how to win at the game of life, feminism wants to ban the game altogether.

Someone here, some time ago, said that "feminism is a form of female sexual strategy". In that context - the banning of game by females - is a form of maximizing their power in sexual market place.

They're winners in the game of life - and they're satisfied with the results.

Can confirm from experience, both genders.

The hotter the girl, the less interested she is in this stuff, b/c she has it handled automatically. Haven't met a really hot girl who supported feminism or even started talking about it. The usual reaction is a token support followed by subject change.

Same goes for men - if a dude is pulling naturally, any attempt to pull his tongue, pun intended, on how he does that ended up with the usual "be confident and yourself, go talk to girls and what do you mean by IOI?"

The fundamental flaw with the Feminist approach is that the game is mostly biological.

If we really stretch the definition of feminism to encompass the divorce-rape laws the feminist "game" has a practical extension into biology too - the BB.

I don't completely agree with the idea of feminism being a "reaction from ugly women or women in general" but can't deny there is something there, perhaps even worth exploring further, even if to know if it's true or not.

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Yep. I think feminism is great for the fact that it allowed women to express a whole new side of themselves, which then also allowed men to do the same. We all have evolved in a way. But it has become blind to basic evolutionary psychology and how we all are hard-coded to operate. Masculine men and feminine women are demonized and shamed, then no one understands why they're so fucking unhappy.

Oh well, more for me.

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I have counseled wealthy, influential men over PM and email. They were not losers by any definition you outline above, and yet they needed the Red Pill just as desperately as any brow-beaten man of high school or college age.

Think of how many articles we've seen posted to the front page - articles about businessmen, professional athletes, and actors losing huge chunks of their wealth because they made the mistake of getting married.

The Red Pill is not a clubhouse for losers. It is a remedy for the brainwashed, the manipulated, the misinformed and the misled. That includes men at all echelons of society.

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Agreed. How you handle women has potentially little to do with how you handle other aspects of your life, can't tell you how many barista Chad's I've seen slay more tail than ultra successful people. Hell, there's a point of success where women will be more encouraged to pretend to be snowflakes and be difficult with you to project "worth".

Women are kryptonite to many men in some way or another. That's the balance, they hold some power over us that we cannot rely on our feelings alone to guide us. You need to understand and understand well outside your own desire or want lest you fall into the unicorn trap. It has nothing to do with success in life and everything to do with being ill prepared or in the wrong mindset. Nobody was around to teach many men that, meanwhile many women know exactly the score of what to expect from men.

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TRP is like a haven for those who have been ravaged by their past ignorance/brainwashing in battle.

Temper the steel, sharpen the blade, and retake the fields, gentlemen!

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Wow, no. Really, no. The Red Pill philosophy does not demand you use the knowledge to fuck as many women as possible. That is a choice you may make, its the PUA end of the spectrum. If you see TRP only as more fucks for me, less for blue pillers, then you might also misunderstand femininsm.

TRP tells you the truth. Women have privilege over man, they use it to suck you dry of money before marriage, during marriage and after marriage. They put your life in danger and will never protect you, yet demand you protect them. The state enforces all this which is handy because the wimens have no power themselves. I cannot think of a more hateful disingenuous movement than Feminism - every wave of it. It is not about empowering or being equal.

TRP is not centered on harming or disempowering women. It says that once you know the real score, you choose how you wish to act. You may wish to use this knowledge to better interact with women on everything - including sex. You might want to avoid the power games of women. It's all a choice. But TRP does NOT advocate any harm to women, any dominance, any removal of simple human rights or invention of crimes for which women are not innocent until proven guity.

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I disagree. The end of TRP path is acceptance. You accept women and their behavior and have no more hatred for them because just accept them for what we know they all are.

Feminism ends with all hatred.

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Good post but not completely correct, still you are lifting the veil on some uncomfortable truths. No hottie I have ever known gives a shit about feminism, quite the opposite, they laugh about it or are hostile to it. However I think feminism is not attempt to ban or leave the game. It is an attempt (which has been quite successful) to change the game. They do not like the game, it is unfair. A bit like short people rallying to change the rules of basketball and have the height of the hoop lowered. All you get is a shit game which no longer works.

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Feminism wants to make the playing feild even for all women. So that fat and ugly or ones have a STDs aren't shamed and ignored completely.

Additionally feminism also want to force society to take care of unsuccessful women, even more then it does.

TRP is about financial independence from society. And reaching the best level you can so you when you play the dating "game" you have the best chances of success.

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What brought me to red pill awareness was my sudden success. I still thought these girls were innocent, and just 'sluts' for me. I still had a very blue pill view of women and their behavior. That is still loserish but I wasn't really 'losing', just very naive. I would say this is true of a lot of red pillers. Experience with women will lead you here just as much as constant frustration.

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I don't think feminism wants to ban the game, so much as completely handicap their adversary in the game. They certainly don't want to quit playing. They're winning. We change ourselves, they change everyone else.

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Let me give my own opinion and it's not just a random line but a result of a lot of time of reading both philosphers, historians and researchers.

Voting patterns show that women tend to differ from men on issues about 7%-15% and it tends to vary from population to population. However, women that are most masculine by how they handle the world, in terms of having a job, owning property, driving a vehicle, having a partner etc... vote quite like men. It is not surprising that around 10% of women hold jobs and 10% of women support leftist stuff... see a correlation? Women who you might argue are the most feminine and cannot really hold a modern job, figure out how to invest, cannot be an equal partner and need to be led which is unacceptable today they tend to be very leftist and feminist.

My conclusion is that this world is made based on imperial legacy of abrahamic patriarchal empires like Roman empire, followed by abrahamic patriarchal empires like UK and Deutschland. This all means that world is fine tuned to work with worker drone males and offspring producing females. 78% of female and 71% of male scientists do not reproduce. Why? Because the whole academia is made to suit 19th century male scientists with stay at home wives. However people will not put up with that shit any more. Men will no longer work 12-16h a day and women will no longer stay put at home and take care of 5-7 kids! This needs to change, I don't mean the opinion of men and women about obsolete gender roles but what society expects from us.

Until it's perfectly fine to be a parent of 7 and have a functioning career like in 1830 we will not see a normal society, we will see shit birth rates, gender and sex wars and migrations and crime and instability.

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I disagree that redpill is for beta losers. Brad Pitt is getting a divorce and being charged with child abuse ffs... Redpill is for any man who wants to face the truth... Even high status alpha men can benefit from trp.

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You took the word loser in a vacuum... that's not at all what I said. Losing a pick up basketball game doesn't make you a beta loser - it simply means you aren't playing basketball as well as your opponents. That's what I'm talking about here with the "game" of sexual success.

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You are not a player in the game of sex, you are a piece on the board.

Genes are the players.

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In that feminism is the female sexual strategy and TRP is the male, then yes.

But apart from that no. We don't lie and mislead how the world works, we don't try to convince women that the lies we tell are the truth, we do not advocate lying to the opposite sex, we are not following a dualistic mating strategy while pretending we're not.

And we are not raising our daughters to be the exact opposite of what's in their best interests.

Feminism is lies. TRP is truth. That's a pretty big difference.

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Good post, but I would like to point out that there are in fact many "Instagram models" who support feminism, or who at least claim to do so for PR purposes. Virtually no alphas give a fuck about TRP or "men's rights" or whatever.

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Modern feminism (including 2nd and 3rd wave) overlooks biological reality. The progressive feminism of the early 1900s ("1st wave") and radical feminism(to an extent) accepts it.

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There are a lot of generalizations about what feminism is in here. Though I do agree there's some truth to this, I don't think it's entirely true that treating women the way we do is a biological result. I would say that the way we treat women is more based on our social upbringing and perspective than anything else. Each cultures relation to feminism is way different for example. To be honest this is my first time on this subreddit and I'm trying to understand your guys' logic...

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I found out about TRP while studying a group of Feminazis in their natural habitat (I'm a wildlife research geek). They began to cringe and criticize TRP and tell me negative stuff about this.... Little did they know that what's negative for them, was a positive for me.

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I definitely agree that feminism and BP mindset represent two failing extremes in society.

I definitely agree that TRP is geared towards proactive assistance, and feminism is a (poorly) attempted sexual "ban hammer".

However - if OP is claiming that we're mad at rapists and thieves because they represent a "shadow" portion of our psyche that we've yet to accept, I disagree vehemently.

If OP is claiming that we're resisting understanding the base urges that lead someone to behave as a rapist or thief (the underlying root causes of anger, frustration, apathy, etc) - then I completely agree.

This is the type of stuff that's ripe for overly-binary thinking IMHO. Otherwise great post, OP!

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How - if at all - does Any of this- even if true help guys become more sexually successful - or successful in any other way?

IMO this trying to " humanize the enemy " approach is what led most guys here in the first place

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Nope. MRA is feminism counterpart. TRP doesn't promote vocal dissent as far as as i know or public embracement of the values at its core. Therefore i find this quite incorrect. This sort of "mirrorism" was pretty discussed when i joined the board, and the discussion was exactly how to avoid end up a sort of reversed feminism, like MRA is. We (ideally) are the guys that understand the game and that letting out all the negativity crossing our mind indiscriminately is probably not a wise thing. The reality of those vocal groups is that its the negativity they perceive that hold the ultimate strings on them. We don't want to let that happen to us.

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That's a new one... since when are Red Pill readers losers?

That sounds more like the MainStream Media spin on what we are.

You think maybe the Blue Pill Mind Control tactics made this suggestion and it somehow filtered into this post?


[–][deleted] 9 points10 points  (5 children)

I am not calling the readers of TRP losers - I'm pointing out that their dissatisfaction with their own results likely drove them here in the first place and to subscribe and learn. So while they're (we're) not "losers" in the literal sense, our lack of initial results comparatively is what drove us to seek a better strategy.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 3 points4 points  (3 children)

You might say those who got into the Red Pill did so because they started to see the glitches in the Matrix while others did not.

To be Red Pill is to be of higher understanding of reality than average.

If one is of a higher level of understanding how can that be seen as being a loser?

In my case I've never had a problem attracting and getting women, but I have studied the differences all along (I'm 56 years old) and the ability to clearly understand these concept and talk with others is an enjoyable thing to do.

This also branches out into the big picture which is also being emotionally programmed in a Blue Pill way so the male-female aspect is really just the foothold, the starting point.

The Red Pill is the beginning of a major waking up about everything.

I'm a big fan of guys like David Icke and Mark Passio who push the Red Pill waking up into the bigger picture.


[–]3nebder 8 points9 points  (0 children)

I agree with OP that I would not have sought understanding if I had not lost the round of the game I had been playing.

I agree with you that the pill led me onto better overall life. It's bigger than pulling chicks (which is fun no doubt). It's the awakening to learn how to win at life.

You are both correct.

[–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Noone should read Icke or Passio (or NRS, unless he is strictly sticking to sexual strategy advice). Passio is a neckbeard, Icke is a lunatic. Do not read this stuff, it will make you like them.

[–]NeoreactionSafe -1 points0 points  (0 children)


The Trivium Method requires an open mind as it's first step followed by a closed minded understanding process.

So you are incorrect based on logic alone... you will never get to Truth by exclusion... never.

Let's recall that David Icke actually predicted the 911 false flag in advance and was very vocal about it being faked right after.

It took me ten years and seeing the Building 7 videos before I began to wake up on that issue.

So these guys are ahead of the Game (pun intended) and see the Red Pill Truth better than most of us.

Not everything they say is perfect, but they don't have to be to add value.


[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (7 children)

"Blue pill mind control, white luceferians, 666 kills 777 with a sword"...... since when are Red Pill readers loosers? When they read utter nonsense and lose their minds. That's when they are losers. Or maybe our reptilian, illuminati overlords made me say that (or maybe I am an illuminati overlord?) I am no longer sure.

[–]NeoreactionSafe -1 points0 points  (6 children)


Oh come on don't get silly on me.

The Blue Pill mythology was carefully designed by those rulers (the Globalist Tyranny) who wish to create a world of beta male slaves and slutty women.

This is by design without a doubt and not some accident.

By now this is a given... or so I thought... but I guess we have to go back over it every once and a while.

Life isn't the "Wheel of Fortune" or as Forrest Gump would say a "Box of Chocolates". (but references to "randomness theory")


[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (5 children)

BTW I did not downvote you. I have tried my best before to snap you out of this. I have pointed out that even if you were correct you are powerless to affect the outcome so it is best to move on. The sooner you quit this shit the happier you will be. Do me one favour. Go 1 month without reading or watching any conspiracy stuff. Avoid all media. Stay off Reddit. Do anything else, exercise, join a club, read philosophy or decent fiction, take cooking or music lessons. Practice meditation. Do Jordan Peterson's self authoring program. Just do something other than think about that stuff. Yes I know you already do some of these things and that you take breaks, but have a 100% attitude. NO CONSPIRACY THINKING, every time you see confirmation or a "proof" of the patterns you seek, back off. Put on some classical music, read philosphy, go for a run, do some work. Anything but that. Then after a month all you have to do is ask yourself one question - Am I happier than I was when that stuff was on my mind? I already know the answer, so do you. Conspiracies have become a dopamine hit for you. You know it, so give that shit up.

[–]NeoreactionSafe -1 points0 points  (4 children)


No, no, no.

Instead I'd say to go full Red Pill and use the Trivium Method to be disciplined in your research.

Crimes happen... they always have and always will.

Betas live in a wortld where "life is like a box of chocolates" and it's purely random.

I'll stick to digging for Truth... it's what I do.

It is my own instincts that matter more that anything in deciding my understanding.


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Well that was pretty predictable.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm sticking to the Trivium Method.

Let the beta males believe in randomness.

Look here:



The beginning of the path starts at the "Wheel of Fortune".

To be beta is to embrace randomness and "luck".

"Luck" has nothing to do with the creation of the Blue Pill mythology... it's intentional.


[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Nonsense Neo, you are wasting your time and everybody else's jumping at shadows. Yes building 7 was proof that 911 was a scam. Why? Who fucking knows, certainly not Icke or neckbeard Passio. The real reasons may never be known. I am not saying that weird shit is not going on. Many things are simply rich men's tricks, but believing in Light luciferians, aliens and silly nonsense is not helpful or healthy. Your search for the truth can only lead to one destination, you with your head in the clouds, or your head up your own ass in the dark.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's so simple...

Follow the Trivium Method.

Embrace reason and logic as well as emotion and intuition.

The process of "Thinking for Yourself" defeats the Blue Pill.

Hold Frame when others try to steer you away from thinking for yourself.

What more can be said?

It's really impossible to say the Trivium Method is a bad idea.

(maybe attack the Trivium Method itself?)


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Feminists and subscribers of TRP are both groups of people who were fundamentally losers in the game being played by society.

I don't see it.

Granted, I don't know many feminists. But I think a lot of it is politics. There are plenty of women in the news and whatever that are far from being losers but they are all for feminism or girl power or whatever. That's just one side of the equation, but that's enough to say the two aren't equivalent.

The fundamental difference in these two groups is that where TRP attempts to teach men a strategy of how to win at the game of life, feminism wants to ban the game altogether.

They want to ban the game of life? Or the game between the sexes as part of life? I'm assuming the second one. Again, I don't agree that this is the case. I think their goal is to gain advantage in the game, and feminism or whatever is a means to that end. On the other side with TRP, and I'm no expert, I think the goal is to point out certain realities that have been glossed over (among other things) so as to mitigate the advantage gains from the other side.

The summary or takeaway is, no matter which side you're on, even if you're at or near the top of the heap, you're still looking to gain or at least maintain the advantage.

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If you were truly Chad, you wouldn't have had time to think long enough to post what you just did.

Chad never questions feminism, it actually benefits him. He's pretty much like "W/e brah, girls can do exactly what they want". Because hes what they want. The guys at the top have benefited from feminism.

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God damn, you guys are a bunch of nerds

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This is false. If a fugly chick were to join a feminism cult, she would stay fat and be low key sour that chad doesn't want her. Now if some Dr pepper Cheeto eatin' mother fucker joined TRP, it would be very likely that he could come out a top ten percenter.

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TRP attempts to teach men a strategy of how to win at the game of life

Maybe a year ago or when it first started but not anymore. Now TRP is all about MGTOW, complaining about women, bashing socially successful men like Dan Bilzerian, preventing men from becoming playboys by guilt tripping them ("OMG WHATS UR LIFE PURPOSE BRO!"), stopping almost all talks of sexual strategy, becoming a gathering place for neo-nazis, giving absolutely zero advice on how to actually live that awesome life past the age of 30, and just bitching all day rather than giving actionable advice.

Make no mistake, this place is a shell of its former self, the cucks of reddit infiltrated it and took it down hill. It's no longer a sexual strategy sub that teaches men how to be alpha, it's a cuck infested cesspool that teaches men to accept their fate in life and bitch about it by "MGTOW" or going monk mode.

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giving absolutely zero advice on how to actually live that awesome life past the age of 30, and just bitching all day rather than giving actionable advice.

Dumb motherfucker crying about the same shit for weeks wants to be spoonfed the best possible life. Yes, WE are the ones bitching all day.

I love to watch you fail.