Building PowerThe Anger Phase Should Be a Short Pit Stop, Not a Two Year Vacation (self.TheRedPill)

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Most men get angry when first internalizing TRP because they see this huge mountain of pain before them. They see this mountain and they now realize they have to climb it if they wish to become who they want to be. They get scared, as they should, it's a big fucking mountain. Then they start to see this other group of people, the attractive women and chads, that seemingly never had to climb this mountain to get benefits. Women and chads got a helicopter ride to the top while they were denied that pass. Not only that, but most of society is telling them you don't really need to climb that mountain, you can just go wait line for a helicopter (do nothing be yourself) and eventually you will be at the top with all the 8- 10's and chads.

So now, not only have you wasted your most valuable resources, time and youth, you clearly see waiting in this line is bullshit. The helicopter rarely comes and it only picks up 2 people at at time. Men get pissed about that, and rightfully so, they were fucked over. Fuck those people at the top who lied to them and who didn't have climb this harsh mountain. But spending your time being angry at the people at the top, doesn't get you closer to the top, if anything it just keeps you down in the line.

You need to start climbing that harsh mountain. Because what you will quickly find is this, everyone falls. The difference is when you climb the mountain you build support structures as you go. So when you do fall, it's not as hard and not as far. You learn and improve as you go, so your 100th time falling is akin to a footslip, not losing your grip and almost dying. You start to expect a certain degree of problems when you plan your path. You realize what structures work for you and which don't. You learn to create these things from seemingly nothing. That is a very powerful skill, few people airlifted to the top ever have a chance to develop. They may be given access to the benefits of this skill for a short while. But eventually that will be taken away. Whether it be the wall, or daddy's money drying up eventually they will fall. Even if they don't, they are rarely happy at the top.

Humans have a desire to create value for the ones around them. Being good looking, or tall, or a certain race doesn't create value. It maybe valuable, but it does not help others around us. When you begin to learn to create value for others around you, people will want to be around you. That's attraction, being someone people want to be around. Climbing the mountain gives you something that can never be taken away. Not by a woman, time, haters, or even "the man", it will stay with you always. It gives you the ability to generate value, no matter where you are. But before you can generate value for others you need to generate value for yourself.

You need to improve yourself to a point that you are valuable to yourself. If you start trying to provide value to others without first being valuable to yourself, you will be taken advantage of. You won't know your worth, because you have none in your own mind. You need to be fit, physically and mentally to challenge the mountain. You will need passion, skill, and determination to make it to the top. These will be forged within you as you ascend, but you need discipline to start that climb. People with discipline have value, because they have worked hard and sacrificed to enforce that discipline. People without discipline may have valuable things, looks, money, status, but they are not valuable.

People who are valuable to themselves do not hate others that were given these gifts. Because they know gifts can be taken away, it is the ability to generate value that is key. Valuable people do not hate those that got a helicopter ride, they feel remorse for them. Those that got to the top without developing this skill, fall the hardest and longest when their gifts fade away.

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Can't agree more.

I've recently seeing a lot, and by that I mean more than usual guys here really, really hating women. This is some incel, MGTOW and even to a certain point MRA type of thinking and it shouldn't be so common here.

If you have been long enough to contribute (including having the sidebar read and at least some of the top posts, maybe the recommended reading too) you should already be past the anger by miles.

Posts like these don't get attention because they mean that something is wrong with me and I need to work with effort to fix myself. However, posts that teach me how to use some weird ass machiavelian mental tricks to force some poor girl into my bed is much easier than slowly progressing until reaching the top. This attitude souldn't exist in a place like this considering the piece of advice is "lift".

Never wondered why outsiders think that we are a bunch of edgy fat virgin ugly neckbeard teenagers when they see the material, cause that profile fits a really big amount lf the community.

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Perhaps it's because what brings most of us here is often very personal; something like a breakup or a wake up call of some type. For me it was the former, an eight year relationship that ended in the most confusing of ways possible - until I read the sidebar.

However I would not say that I was not still angry because again these situations are very personal and while some might mention frame there are some things you simply do not forget.

Further, as another mentioned somewhere else anger can often be a very good source of temporary motivation.

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Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.

-Albus Dumbledore

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Nope, you're wrong - on every level. Belief in an alternative structure can feel like hope when in fact you're dreaming.

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Like the title.

Paragraphs tho

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Copy and pasting from word killed the formatting, fixed it up!

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This. So much this.

Being angry is understandable. You have been lied to, by the media, by the government, by men, by women in general, and by specific women. You have been lied to by your church if you have one, by society at large, by your friends and your own parents. You have suffered as you struggled to succeed under a set of implicit rules which are explicitly, and deliberately, wrong. You have watched others with less to offer enjoy more success with less effort, and you haven't understood why, because the mechanisms by which that happened were both invisible and inaccessible to you.

Fucking right you get angry when the curtain tears and you see the machine for what it is.

And being angry is useful. Anger is energy. Anger will get you through fear, through pain, and you will have enough of these to face. Channel anger, use it, let it drive you. It will get you up that mountain, step by agonizing step. Lift, run, work. Get ruthless with those aspects of your life that hold you back, drag you down. Cut those things loose, and never look back.

But anger is dangerous. It can cloud your judgement, drive decisions which are not in your best interest. All anger is righteous anger, and righteousness can become addictive. All anger demands redress, but there will never be any redress for the lies you were told. You must accept that your suffering will never be acknowledged. You must accept that the past is gone, but the future remains yours. Fail in this acceptance, and your anger will harden into bitterness. Bitterness is paralyzing. It doesn't drive you, it saps your strength, makes it impossible to climb. Bitterness will leave you at the bottom of the mountain looking up, bewailing those on top but never doing anything to get there yourself.

Be angry. Don't stay angry.

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I'd give you gold if I believed in that sort of stuff. Thanks for helping me out man, I'm in the midst of the anger phase and it is fucking killing me wth agony. Posts like these make the pill easier to digest.

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No gold necessary. If I've made a difference, that's all that counts.

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  • What is anger? A response to fear.
  • Fear of what? Loss of power.
  • Power over what? Nothing, you never had it. That was the lie. The things you thought made you good, which you worked so hard to achieve, were designed to sort you into a bucket of plan-b's and suckers.
  • What kills fear? Knowledge.
  • What kills anger? Understanding.
  • Where do knowledge and understanding come from? Work.
  • Work on what? It starts with your body (lift), then your mind (read), and then your soul (mastery over something).
  • Then what? No more fear.

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It depends.

The only way to kill the anger phase is with success. For someone who only needs to make a few tweaks it should be a short pit stop. For those raised in childhood-obesity-supporting households with little to no social skills, it will be much longer.

I think your post should moreso be titled "don't make the anger phase any longer than it has to be." And the way to guarantee that is to work as hard as possible on success, quickly.

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The oppositte.

Fat fuck eddie has so much low hanging fruit, he should he succeeding constantly

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Success with women not personal successes

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Yeah, problem is guys have shitty Metrics.

Start with openers, see how manybstsrt an open conversation.

Old man conversation. How long can you go?

Ioi. How many per interaction?

Kino, positive /negative? How quuckly. Can younget positive kino?

Tons of improvements, and unless youre an idiot, youll think piv is the only one, get frustrated, and go back to bring a fat fuck

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I had an Old man conversation last night as Panda Express. Old me would have shut door and not said a word. Improved me held a conversation like a champ. Did I get laid because of it? nope. But I did meet an awesome vet who has a bitchin show focused bike, got invited a local invite only car show, and had a good conversation with another human who risked his life in the Vietnam war for me. I only hope I brought as much light to his life with that conversation as he did mine.

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Its a skill that pays off in life generally

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Fantastic post, OP. I love the helicopter/line analogy. Spot on.

I find that for myself personally, learning how to TRANSMUTE my anger/frustration was paramount. Know thyself. As a very energetic person, I've never done well with "just stop being aggravated". A lot of stuff pisses me off - not due to my own personal emotional immaturity, but due to knowing I shouldn't have to tolerate bullshit just to get through my day (and not offend anybody in the process).

Another side to fear is being timid. Being afraid to let your true power and self shine full fucking force. Well, boys, for me the flood gates are now wide open, and my only regret is waiting as long as I did to become my true self.

Turning my frustration with the Matrix into productive habits changed my life. Health/fitness, career, women, etc. I no longer feel like I'm being sucked dry of all my energy by useless people and activities. Take control, and don't apologize for doing so.

Being lied to about the helicopter, and being told to wait in line is hilariously and tragically accurate. Those mired in the anger phase would be wise to heed OP's advice.

Climb that fucking mountain, gentlemen!

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God this is me. Got redpilled a bit, started fucking a fair amount, got a girlfriend from that, got complacent, she left/cheated (not that I didn't do the same), and got stuck back "in the line" for nearly a year up until like two months ago. I burned damn near all my bridges during that journey and it's like I never got near the top at all, except now I've got the added shame of knowing I could do that shit, I have in the past, but I can't anymore. Rebuilding sucks, don't be like me, stay RP till you die boys. The fall is either a small stumble or a huge crash and burn, but it'll come. Make sure it's just a stumble.

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If that was possible this whole community would not be on here "raging against the machine" 24/7. For me anger is in sporadic relapses-that subside and I get back to work. So overcoming it permanently over a brief period of time is unrealistic.

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It is folly to despise roaches, rats, and other pests, as if they CHOSE to be vermin.

But a healthy degree of scorn and disgust is natural.

Be like the ancient greeks, samurai, or arabs. Of course women are lesser beings and generally ruin everything they touch: but if you use them like nature intended, you'll walk away having benefited.

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I think this is a situation split between two things, actual anger and the perception of anger. While many men do go through an anger phase when they first find and start internalizing the red pill, this should be a fairly short lived experience. What I do suspect happens though, is that as these men internalize red pill thinking, they grow boundaries for the first time in their life. This causes two things to happen:

A) People who have known the man for a long time are unaccustomed to him having boundaries and thus perceive him as angry for merely enforcing his boundaries in a normal, yet decisive manner.

B) The man, being new to enforcing his boundaries is not properly calibrated and thus may enforce his new-found boundaries a bit too harshly.

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Best line was climbing that mountain creating support structures for yourself. That reminds me of my weight loss journey I'm on right now. Helicopter ride is the person who has surgery I know some probably have to have it, but shortcuts are only good if you know where you might fall when it backfires.

Although I agree about the pitstop I think it varies person to person especially how long they've been blue. I'm only 27, and I've been blue possibly day 1, around college I saw scenarios play out that made me aware something wasn't right, but it's only recently I found this place, and even more recently I've begun to internalize what it means. So yeah I'm still in my anger phase, but it's helping me by getting my butt out here, and hitting the gym.

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Best post I have seen on this sub.

You rock, OP.

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I knew something was wrong with me when I was expressing anger at the guys who were getting more girls than me despite being "assholes" and "treating women like shit". That anger was pointless, aside from inspiring me to understand why women are attracted to guys like that, and are repulsed by the opposite of that, or guys who whine about that shit. Don't get mad, get better.

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I disagree.


Because the anger phase, and all the stages of grief, should take as long as individually required. Some people arrive here, put things into motion within a month or two, and can call themselves stage 2-4 after a year. Others arrive and lurk for a long time while dealing with their issues, maybe they don't cold approach a girl for 2 years (you can make a post browbeating him to approach her sooner, won't make a diff unless he's actually ready to game some girls or fail until he's got it).

The post feels nice. It commiserates with the mutual feelings of betrayal. It points out how easily anger can be detrimental if not used responsibly by getting nowhere. It outlines the trials ahead and tells that success comes through trials while the free lunch should be shunned.

That's all well and good.

Anger is still quite useful.

The stages still take their own time.

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Yep. We've all suffered various levels of distress that brought us to the red pill. So while the content of OP's post has merit, the title suggests he's never been the victim of extreme circumstance like divorce rape or false-rape/harassment accusations.

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Fuck off. Vengefully yours had the divorce, back problems from work etc...

Looking for an excuse is womans work. He got over it, as should you.

Terrence popp even had his ex kill his dog... A 21 year old in here has no excuae

[–]jahozafet points points [recovered]

Anger is still quite useful.

Agreed. I think this is the only way to look at it. I understand other posts saying "get over it", meaning "don't give yourself an excuse or be a victim", but when anger happens and is something you deal with, not necessarily 'control'. Perhaps 'channel' is a better word . . . use the anger to create positive change. Women provide plenty of annoyances, and you can't flip a switch from angry to not angry just like that. It takes concentrated effort, meditation, self improvement, etc. to develop the tools to channel the anger, which doesn't happen overnight. Simply saying "get over it" feels like continuing to shame men that have been shamed their whole lives already.

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You're right about the "get over it".

Despite the positive masculinity embedded, that's still all this is.

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While I do agree with your premise, I disagree with your disagreement.

Here's why:
TRP is about accepting reality, not coddling whichever emotions are stirred up today. Yes, PTSD and other extreme feelings are the outliers, but for a vast majority of readers, they need a swift kick in the ass to get on the train of self-commitment and improvement.

Those born from weak leadership or feminine "feelz before realz" need a solid dose of masculinity, never-say-die, and "it's time to kick ass" motivation. Guys that come here from heartbreak or broken oneitis need to learn a little evo psychology to put it in perspective. Even guys that are divorced raped and lost their families to the female imperitive can find themselves in a far better place. Yes, it takes time, but not longer than it should. We promote self improvement, not "hang out and wallow in misery and being less than a man because some chick castrated you."

Building Power is all about overcoming adversity, helping a brother out, and looking another man in the eye and saying, "You. Got. This."

If actually suffering from PTSD, then I do recommend professional help.

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TRP is about accepting reality, not coddling whichever emotions are stirred up today.


but for a vast majority of readers, they need a swift kick in the ass to get on the train of self-commitment and improvement.

This applies to the average person, I think, more than a subscriber to TRP who is inundated (one could even say inculcated) to lift. Anyone here is closer to boarding the train of self-improvement than your average normie who may get a red Goodlife Fitness bag to fit in, but won't really go the gym at all.

Those born from weak leadership or feminine "feelz before realz" need a solid dose of masculinity, never-say-die, and "it's time to kick ass" motivation.

Again, this is the BP world at large.

Guys that come here from heartbreak or broken oneitis need to learn a little evo psychology to put it in perspective. Even guys that are divorced raped and lost their families to the female imperitive can find themselves in a far better place.

Yes, TRP saves lives.

Yes, it takes time, but not longer than it should.

You don't get to determine that for anyone else but yourself. Nor does OP. I don't think anyone is encouraging the wallowing of unfruitful emotions, and even if someone takes extended time sorting out their issues, as long as they still browse TRP they are much closer to hopping on the train of self-improvement than normal people.

Even your statement was vague, "not longer than it should" because the timeline is not only intangible but incredibly subjective. If there was actually a rough guestimate of time for it, say two months, I believe you'd have said, "not longer than two months." but you couldn't, because there isn't.

We promote self improvement, not "hang out and wallow in misery and being less than a man because some chick castrated you."

Yes, and we provide more than enough tools, rehashed in more than enough ways, for men of all walks of life, to get there in their own time.

If actually suffering from PTSD, then I do recommend professional help.

Well, of course.

So, it doesn't seem like we disagree on much. I understand the sense of urgency, which is to say, carpe diem. However, in the depths of emotional despair, all of this encouragement is utterly irrelevant.

When a man is ready to take the steps, he will, for his own reasons, not because someone on the internet told him to get over it.

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Bottom line, its your aversion to the "get over it" feeling that bothers you the most.

Telling someone to just "get over it" won't work. I know this, you know this.

WHY can they not "get over it"? (Specifically when the source of pain falls within the realm of relationships and/or sexual strategy.)

Because they don't know HOW.

Enter TRP, the Rational Male, NMMNG, sidebar, asktrp, MRP, CBT, meditation, lifting....

The AFC now has knowledge they never had before. They open their eyes and have a vision and begin to understand. They start lifting and change their lives. They "get over it" stronger than before.

So yes, a guy will get over it in their own time. But that timeframe can be shortened if they're given the right tools to figure out HOW.

Case in point: guy I know has been off the market for 8 years due to a bad breakup. I started talking with him, slowly shared knowledge, guided him down a path. Things made sense, he began to understand, he's motivated to get back in the game. 8 years off, a few weeks of providing guidance has him back. So yea, guys will get there in their own time. Sure. Guys will get back faster, stronger, and with confidence once leaders lead and guys are given the knowledge and tools to resolve the conflict holding them back.

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Could be that I haven't taken the entire pack of RP, but I'm not angry and have never been on women or other alfas. Actually, I've felt anger, but on me, when looking back in all the oportunities that I've lost professional and personal wise. But it's this anger that fuels me the most to climb the moutain.

[–]Cunt_Robber 0 points1 point  (0 children)

See, theoretically yes, the anger phase toward realizing the realistic perspective of how the world works should be overcome as quickly as possible. But I say let guys take their time during this phase. Let them work through the massive amount of BP conditioning and their identities at their own pace.

It is a very sensitive time, where certain aspects of swallowng and understanding the real world and how it operates can be incorrectly processed. That certainly was the case with me, where I spent a good 6 months trying to be the biggest douche possible because I thought it was all about being badass and having the biggest ego. I didnt realize I was still in this anger/vengeful phase of rebelling against reality. It took some time for this trial/error and then hindsight analysis to conclude becoming a douche was not a step forward, but being engaging, positive, intelligent, and uplifting toward those around me was. It simply took time and introspection/mindfulness.

For every guy's benefit, he should take his time sorting through his indoctrinated beliefs and the harsh reality TRP forces down their throat so he digests the pill effectively. it is only with the proper, effective digestion/understanding, that he can actually commit to the journey of self-improvement and success. Expect many failures along the way, and expect to learn a new lesson from each one. Rushing the process ensures you miss valuable insights.

[–]Stythe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Putting a timeline on this isn't a great idea. Ideally people woukd get angry and start working, lowering the time of actual anger whike they overcome the past, but you have to get it out. I'd say it's better to manage the anger, use it efetively and be angry at the right things.

[–]francisco_DANKonia 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The only way to stop hating is to actually succeed. Unfortunately, many will not succeed, so they will be angry.

[–]VickVaseline 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I had little to no anger phase. Finding an answer that made sense after 54 years of searching filled me with too much elation to feel anger.

What little anger I did feel was only toward myself, for allowing myself to be so blind for so long.

[–]mill58 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It will take at least 2 years to look like a normal man if you are fat... that is true for sure (I know).

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Most men get angry when first internalizing TRP because they see this huge mountain of pain before them.

We're angry at all the lies and the abuse and exploitation of men.

[–]GOATmar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Or be smart, and just as your body uses calories for energy, let the anger phase fuel your engine to success.

[–]NofapandalsoNosurf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

God damn

How can we be mentally fit?

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“Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.” – Yoda

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Some people start out life with more than others can build in their entire lifetime. The real reason to let go of the anger, is that you are the only one suffering from it. Life is not fair, and you shouldn't depend on some future reckoning that will punish the privileged. All we can do is accept the things we cannot change, and learn to play the game in a way that we enjoy.

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were fucked over. Fuck those people at the top who lied to them and who didn't have climb this harsh mountain.

I don't think chad got a helicopter ride or 8's or 10's, they are just good sexuality , people have different skills

People without discipline may have valuable things, looks, money, status, but they are not valuable.

This is being a hater, value is a man made abstraction, survival on the other hand isn't and nature most certainly has never chosen the strongest or the smartest.

I know people smarter than me and who work 10 times as harder, but I try to coast though life as easy as possible, and I end up making more than them.

Point is, you are valuable (to yourself), you improve yourself because it is what you want to do, not so you will become worthy of anything.

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TRPers get a lot of bad press based on the ravings of guys in "anger phase".

We are here for you but you have to get the fuck over yourself and get back into the mix.

Maybe there should be another sub to deal with guys in the anger phase so that it can be isolated and dealt with as separate from what TRP is all about.

[–]Returnofthemack3 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The anger phase is just a waste of time and stupid. I think by calling it a 'phase' were just enabling people at this point. Hating society/women is a waste of your time and a sign of immaturity

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OP GTFO with this bullshit.

This is just one long post of "don't anger bro".

How long should the anger phase be? As long as it takes.

The is a shout out to all the recently woke... it could take you two years or longer to get out the of anger phase.

Fuck it. Embrace it. I'd rather you be angry than a totally lost, blue-pill cuck who refuses to wake.

You'll eventually get over it. When you find yourself laughing instead of getting angry over female misbehavior then you will know that you are finally phasing out of anger and into acceptance.

That could take time. I'd never tell you to get over it. Because getting over it is different for everyone and it could take you years. You'll phase out of it eventually. I'm not saying that you couldn't do something more productive than hating, but sometimes some hating needs to be done just to get it out of your system.

That is much more workable than "don't hate bro" stupidass advice.

Valuable people do not hate those that got a helicopter ride, they feel remorse for them.

Pure hamster. I would always want to make it easy for my bros. If I could help them to have what I have and suffer less for it than I would be happy for them. I wouldn't pity them. Ridiculous comment.