Feminisim is a global shit test and western society is failing it (self.TheRedPill)

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You can characterize the entire phenomenon that is feminism by the following saying:

"trying to have your cake and eat it too"

All the benefits, none of the downsides. It's not shocking that they want this. What's shocking is that men, as a collective, agreed on that deal. It's pathetic. And the most ironic part: at the end of the day it doesn't serve women either. Like a 10 year old kid wanting to drive a car. The moment you let it, it doesn't know what the fuck to do and becomes a danger to itself. These women must be protected against their own foolish short-sighted self interests... for their sake as wel as our own.

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Testosterone in the male population going down down down down down. Could be the increase in xenoestrogens over the past several decades, along with the sexual revolution and the population becoming complacent.

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Soy products in our food and estrogen in the water supply from all the birth control women take doesn't help.

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Estrogen in the water supply... I assume this is figuratively speaking?

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What a disquieting read. Well I think ive browsed reddit enough for tonight. Good night.

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There is an evolutionary reason for this, which became the social narrative. And that is the genders (from an evolutionary viewpoint) ARE NOT EQUAL. The female is the more prized gender because she is the key to reproduction. Everything is centered and anchored on reproductive success. From ancient, basic biology stems the evolutionary psychology which guides the social narrative. There is nothing you can do about it except write eloquently every day on TRP.

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The ovum/sperm ratio has historically been the limiting factor in human reproduction. Less common equals more valuable. Pretty simple, and it explains a lot.

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I disagree, it averages out. But the 'value distribution' -so to speak- is much wider for men than it is for women. Men are either utterly usesless or highly important. And yes because the important men are a minority, most women are more valuable than most men, but the successful men at the top are many times more valuable than a single woman ever could be.

Take it from me, if there would really have been a net value difference, biology would have taken care of it long ago.

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problem is this kid wont harm only himself alone.

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Understanding feminism as a shit test helps when dealing with feminist women. But feminism isn't just a shit test, it's a nuclear weapon designed to atomize Western society to make it much more profitable for the ultrawealthy. Feminism put women in charge of household spending, feminism doubled the workforce, feminism enables consumerism, feminism supports the expansion of the welfare state and on and on.

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Exactly, feminism wouldn't have a foot to hold if wasn't heavily sponsored by people who profit from it.

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Which are ultimately mostly men.

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The thing I find funny about feminism is that the actual Patriarchy is the main beneficiary of it.

The richest men profit financially the most.

The best looking men profit sexually the most.

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Civilization is a subversion of the natural order which has men fighting each other for the prize of reproduction. Women hate it because their role is subsumed by male dominance heirarchies. Even though this benefits then the most individually. Evolution is a cold bitch.

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This is eloquent af. I'm going to save this.

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Can't blame them for making a shitload of cash while having the power to manipulate most of the society to their benefit. The sucker is on the other end.

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Cash is worthless when your conquerors do not value your currency.

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Go to their mansion or their yacht and see if they care a bit about that. I agree that having a future is more important, but i can't blame someone who exploits human stupidity for a life of abundance.

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I don't either, but if I was on the shit end of a deal I'd be pretty pissed off.

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People don't realize the reason wages went down is because the workforce nearly, or perhaps did, double when women entered the workforce en masse.

It's the simplest example of supply and demand. The workforce supply doubled while demand remained about the same.

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So much this. I've had this argument about economics and immigration hundreds, if not thousands of times. It's about keeping wages down and the false need to have an every expanding economy. The swedes and finns managed to have successful economies without constant immigration. Now look what they're facing? The welfare state - designed to support their own - is merely supporting leeches from foreign lands that want to destroy them.

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Eli5 the swedosh welfare state? I keep hearing pros and cons about it and to my understanding, it's a good short term plan but will crumble at some point in the future, but never fully understood why.

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It works with Lutherhan work ethic where there is shared cultural pressure for everyone to work hard and taking support is seen shameful and something you want to get out of asap. Then it is feasible to keep a good support network for those who are unlucky - so that their normal lives won't get disturbed much before they bounce back to work. And those are so unlucky that need long term support are so few in numbers that it is not a big bill to look after our own properly. Along these lines, we look after our state, it is shameful to consume too much of something that we have saved and made together to be shared. It is honorabe if you can save govermental spending and make our shared resources last longer and stretch wider.

This works when there are plenty of jobs for everyone and when large majority shares the same cultural values towards work and feel ownership of the state. Then makes sense to give everyone (of us in the society of us) a good push start in life by free education and have a support system to prevent no-one from falling too far behind, be it unemployment or illness. But it cant sustain ever increasing amounts of permanent freeloaders. Especially those that have view that it is a personal achievement and mark of craftiness to get others (our goverment) to pay for living without working.

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The swedish welfare state is a result of ever increasing taxation, it was never planned. The beta mentality of the swedes allows its governments to increase taxes in order to benefit women, the poor, immigrants, criminals, children, sports teams, ecological food, television... the list goes on and on.

It already crumbles as we have let in foreign invaders en masse, mostly young males in their twenties. Many cities, that are supposed to be the productive engines in society, requires massive subsidies in order to sustain the jobless immigrants.

Even if we had no immigration the welfare state is a shit idea since it tries to eliminate difference between groups, men and women are one example. The swedish welfare state is just like the American one, it's just twice as big and governed exclusively by women and betas.

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I don't really understand this. In the short term I think adding a lot of labor would reduce wages. But in the long run it shouldn't matter. Otherwise wages would go down as population increases which isn't something you general observe.

Also bringing in immigrants shouldn't necessarily be bad for the economy or wages. It all depends on who you bring in. If you bring in people who produce then it should be a good thing.

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I don't really understand this. In the short term I think adding a lot of labor would reduce wages. But in the long run it shouldn't matter. Otherwise wages would go down as population increases which isn't something you general observe.

Why would wages go down if the population increases? Production must increase as well to support the new people. However, wages will eventually drop in the near future because of automation.

Also bringing in immigrants shouldn't necessarily be bad for the economy or wages. It all depends on who you bring in. If you bring in people who produce then it should be a good thing.

Yes and no. Bringing in elites can indeed produce for the economy, but they will also send part of their wages back in their country. That is bad.

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The number of workers per capita doesn't increase when the population goes up. That's even true for immigration. Immigrants lower wages by under bidding the natives.

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I am from the U.S. and still live here. Do other americans benefit from me working? Or would they be better off if I left?

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We can benefit from you working AND be better off if you leave. If the cost of the crime you commit is more than the value of the work or you get too much welfare.

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That may be true but what does it have to do with whether immigrants drive down wages?

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Wages don't go down as a population increases because demand also goes up. Before women entered the workforce, their demand still existed and their husbands, and men in general, supported this demand.

When a massive injection of women entered the workforce, demand was about the same while supply for workers was doubled.

Immigrants are bad for the workforce because they often work for wages and salaries that are much lower than the local market value. Silicon Valley exploits H1B visas, ignoring local graduates in favor of foreign born, inferiors, but their inferiority is massively offset by how much cheaper they are.

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What if instead of doubling the work force by adding women we halved it by laying off half the men? Would that be good for wages in the long run?

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There is a basic limit of how low a workforce can go because we need people to do hard labor, mine coal, build infrastructure, etc. Men do these jobs overwhelmingly. It wouldn't be possible to lay off half the men. Society would literally collapse.

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I don't remember anything in economics class that says growing the labor force over time will lower wages. It is true that adding a lot of labor in the short run would have this effect, but not in the long run.

The idea that women in the workforce is the cause of stagnant wages isn't something any respected economist is saying. Also I believe there are other countries where women have entered the work force and wages have increased.

We have a big pie but the elites are eating most of it. Sending women back home isn't going to solve the problem. It's just going to reduce the size of the pie. We need to do something else so the pie continues growing and is shared more evenly.

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Wow. Do you have a link for this, or a book you can recommend about this?

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This X a million.

Think about the wage gap. It is true that women, overall, only get paid 70% of what men get paid. But that's not because women are discriminated against, but because they choose jobs that pay less and have less room for advancement. Women also drop out of the workforce earlier to raise children, take part-time status more, stop trying to advance, either.

From the perspective of the ultrawealthy, this is GREAT. A class of people who will work for you but will accept less money and don't want to advance in the company? What else could you ask for??

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It is almost over.

Whether it is feminism or Western society, one of them is going bye bye.

But only one can exist without the other.

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How is welfare good for the wealthy?

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Because if you are satisfied with welfare, you will never be a threat to the wealthy. And to ensure you keep getting your slave money, you will continue voting for these slave masters.

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It gives people for whom the system has completely failed a reason to want to perpetuate it. At a fairly low cost.

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feminism doubled the workforce,

That is to say, it halved the male wage.

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For the love of god spell being correct.

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That was painful...almost makes a person want to discredit the rest of it. Decent read though.

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As an English major, I approve of this message.

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Why would you choose English as your major?

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To use those big book learnin' words homie!

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Somebody has got to teach these kids how to speak properly.

No, actually, I contribute to the global language imperialism scheme by teaching English to kids in foreign countries so they can trade with us, and you can ask them for directions when you go on vacation. :P

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idk if he does it twice like that I think he was doing it on purpose

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English is not my first language. I guess I could edit the post, but I don't really care.

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These days, I find moralizing and dictating to others grossly distasteful (aside from being counter-productive).

To the men: go ahead and confess to a girl all your insecurities, put whatever your heart desires in your pipe and smoke it, jerk off all day and night, eat whatever you like, never do (another) sit-up for the rest of your life, wife-up a batship nutjob, take selfies with held-up "I need feminism because..." signs to show you're one of the "good guys" etc.

And to the women: go ahead and refrain from shaving your pits/legs/pussy (and be proud of it, nasty woman!), pillage the betas and get pile-driven by the Chads, relentlessly bitch about the patriarchy, mansplaining and lack of female representation in video games, dye your hair blue/green/pink/neon black etc.

I myself lend a hand only to those interested in lifting themselves up. The rest will surely pull you down and inevitably destroy you. Their numbers are too great. The allure is too strong. Weakness and revenge go hand-in-hand. These people want blood, so let them have it Socratically. You tease ought their lunacy when you ask them to articulate their positions. Give them more rope to hang themselves with. Assist them to their own self-destruction by standing back and giving them room to crush themselves. "Never interrupt your enemy when he/she/xir is making a mistake".

It's possible that a preponderance of evidence will still not suffice to persuade some to change their ways (i.e. "...yeah but that wasn't real feminism because Patriarchy blah blah autistic screeching blah blah"), but for now, they're doing too good of a job discrediting themselves for any of us to stand in the way (of their path over the edge).

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Did you just say "xir?" autistic screeching

No but seriously, sometimes I think TRP is kind of a paradox. Awakened guys trying to introduce their other male friends to the red pill... Why? They'd just be more competition. The men of MGTOW keep lamenting the fact that marriage 1.0 is dead and no one marries a virgin anymore... Why? Stop being perpetually angry at what you can't change and move on. The "crabs in a bucket" mentality is real, the biological factor in girls seeking alpha cock is real, and feminism as a whole being a huge societal shittest is also real. All you can do is think youre the prize and rise above...

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Cool comment, but can I just say I have zero problem with women not shaving their legs? It's a shame it's a political statement now, women haven't been shaving their legs for thousands of years and been still found then worth fucking

I'm just saying my gf spends a lot of time and pain on that shit and I'd rather she not have to, sorry if that makes me a cuck

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Does she shave when she has a meeting with her boss/investors? Then you are betabux.

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She shaves for me, no where in my comment did I imply she didn't

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if it is the social norm for the women to show effort by shaving for her man then accept no less from her. act indifferent about it and risk being seen as a beta.

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Doesn't make you a cuck obviously, but women shaved their legs at least as far back as the Roman Republic--just a way of being ultra-feminine by clearly differentiating themselves from men. Makes the male-female polarity stronger.

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It actually is pretty hilarious when you think of how they're upending thousands of years of human historical guidelines. However, I think they'd counter that those rules don't apply in modern society. And to an extent they're right. Women don't need to have a bunch of kids over two decades because they don't die as much now, thereby freeing up women to do other things.

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we've become the victims of our technological advancements. The changes have come too quick, with no time to properly adapt our social structures to it. We've hardly had time to remodel society to the birth controll pill (unsuccessfully yet, if you ask me), don't even start about the behemoth that is social media. Our artificial environment has always demanded of us that we suppress some of our biology, but at this rate the rate it's going people are just lost at sea. They have nothing left but to fall back on their biological instincts, which is exactly what is happening. Unrestricted hypergamy, gluttony, greed, lazyness, instant gratification... the list goes on and on.

[–]ThatWhiteBastard[S] 11 points12 points  (0 children)

Yes. It's just how women nowadays expect to change men's behaviour 180° but their pussies still get wet by alphas. Even if their conscious brain tries to think otherwise. Society may have changed, but our biology hasn't.

[–]Dragon_Garoo 6 points7 points  (2 children)

The more I read about the pill... the more I realize it's destroyed our society.

[–]FatStig points points [recovered]

Birth control pill. The red pill might save it.

[–]Dragon_Garoo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not without huge conflict or internal conquest. Rome still exists, it just doesn't rule a vast empire anymore.

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This is a very worthwhile comment. All TRP should basically read this.

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The only reason it's currently happening is because a certain type of "men" (feminist males) were indoctrinated into believing that they should act a certain way. SJW'ism will last until enough men wake up.

[–]prodigy2throw 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Based on the way the political climate has been going seems like we're failing at a smaller rate than previously. Still a long ways to go but you'll notice the forced narrative is starting to die.

Nobody really cared too much about the pussy grabbing shit, Montana looked past the bullshit body slam incident, ESPN subscriptions keep dropping the more they force the SJW propaganda and WNBA on people. Plus Jordan Peterson is getting legitimate attention.

[–]twenty7lies 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Jordan Peterson is going to start an art revolution

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You can never win with a feminist. For many issues they can find offense and oppression in any outcome and they will choose to do so to allow them to continue to be the victims and gain power over others in a society which acts as if offense is the highest virtue.

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Feminism is a mental illness. They simply want to reap the benefits of the work men have done since the beginning of time, without doing any of the actual effort. No woman in the history of the world has done as much as a man is capable of, and as a society, we need to start relegating females as the "supporting cast" of society. They were made as a partner, and men who facilitate their desire to be superior deserve to be ostracized and ridiculed for the walking vaginas they are.

The absolute worst thing about feminism are the men who support it. You are single handedly contributing to the downfall of society.

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I would like to recommend a lot of people here to Jordan B Peterson's video series on gender wars, post-modernism, etc.

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So what are we going to do about it. Or is this just clickbait?

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Definitely the latter. All I see are whiners, just like the feminists. Lol.

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Women are not to blame. Feminism is pushed ON them from another source, and is just a cog in a much bigger issue. If you do a little research you'll see who spearheaded feminism , civil rights, gay this, diversity that, etc. Its all part of a much bigger plan and something needs to be done about IT and THEM sooner than later. If youre fully woke you already know what im talking about. The current sexual market place and strategy are just small problems that are part of a much bigger one. Again, do your research to see who is commanding this assault on western societies.

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Jordan Peterson is going to start an art revolution

Edit: wrong post to reply to

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Can you save me a few minutes and provide some additional info or links?

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Truth hurts I guess. Go ahead guys, vote down

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Not that feminism doesn't have faults it definitely does, but this is just Kremlin propaganda.