Building Power[Method] I have trying out this NLP method called the 'greatest hits' to raise self-esteem and confidence for the past 23 days , and it fucking works. This is how you do it. (self.TheRedPill)

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Ok if you are suffering from low self-esteem there is an NLP technique that can help you. The technique is called the ‘Greatest hits collection', it’s basically a collection of your best moments. In order to use this method, you are going to need something to write on or a word document. In the document write down moments in your life in which you felt good about yourself. Write down moments in which you had a healthy self-esteem. The context of the moments does not matter, what matters is how you felt during those moments.

Here are some examples:

• Mowing your neighbour’s lawn

• Coming first in your Biology class

• Helping a relative with money issues

• Being complimented on your dancing

• Getting your first kiss from the guy/girl you really liked

• Getting praise from your boss

Make sure you add to the list whenever something of value happens in your life that makes you feel good. For the method to work, you must review this list periodically (perhaps once a day, or once a week, or once a month). Each time you review the items on the list, go back to the memory in the FIRST PERSON and relive the experience remembering what it felt like. It is important that you review it in the first person because you will associate with the memory easier, it will become more real to you. Make sure you try to remember as much detail as possible as well. Go over the list until you are feeling happy about yourself.


The reason we have the list is so that we can train our mind to remember that we are valuable, eventually, you will not even need a list as your mind will go over the events automatically. If you work on this method, you will never have moments of low self-esteem for too long. Your mind will be saturated with many reference examples to remind you about your self-worth. People who have high self-esteem and high confidence often have these references at the back of their minds supporting their view of the world, and their view of themselves.

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Guys the problem with this list is that all of these things rely on the validation of others. I agree that you must have self esteem and recognize your value. But it should come from accomplishments that you have achieved. A list like this would be better:

  • confronted coworker who was taking advantage of you
  • bulked up at the gym after being consistent
  • got a bonus for performance at work
  • fucked a hot babe on your terms
  • bought your first car

Etc etc

NOT: made someone like me.

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Exactly. I got a lot of self esteem boost lately from personal achievements. But a single interaction with a girl, which admittedly was pretty brutal, has hit me pretty hard. If all my recent boost in self esteem was based on the validation of others, I'd be shattered right now.

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Agreed. I didn't pay attention to his list of examples, just the concept itself. The examples need to be internally sourced - things you conquered, high standards you lived up to, challenges you didn't think you were ready for but aced, etc.

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Good post, OP.

"We get two things in this life, blessings and curses.

Which ones you going to focus on?"

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I like it. Too many people think of the brain/emotions as something you can just 'control' through sheer force of will. But really it's more like a garden - you gotta treat it right or it's gonna fuck you up.

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oh yeah? if I neglect my garden whats it going to do? sneak into my room naked at night and beat me up?

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Distort your perception of reality, downplay your success, exaggerate your failure, distract you from the work at hand, delay problem resolution, prevent genuine enjoyment of hobbies and socialization..

Anxiety + Depression. Narcissism. Inappropriate attachment behaviors.

I'm not talking little kid gloves and TLC and Disney movies here to keep your garden fresh. Time under tension is what makes boys into men. But you gotta have form. If you are out there putting shit tons of pressure on yourself and don't have your head screwed on, are fucking around with drugs and self-destructive habits, time wasting behaviors, etc., you are going to put your brain into a bad state.

The brain is just like any muscle. Lift heavy, use correct form, sleep food and water. Profit.

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Do you have a penchant for raw brainz? If so, they just might.

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Yeah. I am slowly waking up to this reality. Saddens me that I have lost many years due to negative thoughts, but all I can change is here and now.

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Fake it till you INTAKE IT then you make it.

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What is the difference between using NLP and CBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy, not the other one.

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One is scientifically proven and the other is Pseudo-science psychobabble

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They're actually very similar. Thinking of writing a post on it.

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Sounds intresting, where's the scientific research on this?

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There probably isn't one, NLP is widely discredited by scientists

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What you're talking about is known in NLP as references. If your goal is to feel ____, you can feel back to a time you felt absolutely ____, and put yourself back into the situation as intensely as possible.

You can actually do this for something more specific. If about making about a sales/test/pickup basketball game, you think back to all the times you've really performed well in that situation via same technique as above.

Like a lot of NLP - sounds kind of stupid but actually works

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So many people punish themselves when failing or making a mistake while doing nothing when succeeding or doing something good. Start doing the opposite, analyze your failure and learn from it but don't punish yourself, instead praise yourself for every success. This way you teach your brain what to focus on and how to act

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This is me in a nutshell. My negative experiences, I magnify tenfold, while my achievements I tend to almost overlook.

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I believe most of us do this naturally. However practicing the opposite I feel have helped my attitude and mentality a lot. Another good mentality I like to keep is that 'success is not something you have, is something you had and can have again'

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Seriously. Something that has been missing is actually go out with a couple of Bros and try some approaches to women. It's a bit sad going alone and it's something weird to do that with your normal every day Bros. It would be awesome to have an thread where Bros would post country and city so we can go night out trying out our new skills

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This is great -- happy to see some more positivity occurring on this sub.

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Where I come from, if I mowed my neighbors lawn, I'd be called a pussy

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where is this shitty place?

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I am very impressed by this and feel this is what TRP should strive for! Love the positive vibe!

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im gonna try this OP, and write back to you if i get good results from it

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I think it's also worth noting that having an understanding of yourself when you react (as opposed to respond) is a powerful thing. Why did I just snap at this person... Why did I say that to her... Why, why, why ...if you don't finish this line of thought then it can have a bad impact on your self confidence. Rationalize yourself with yourself, or you might end up kicking yourself in the head.

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Mowing your neighbour’s lawn

Hank Hill must've a healthy self esteemcouln'thelpit