You are a Cheap Slut^TM (self.TheRedPill)

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I'll take this a step further. Make her pay for your time and attention.

Going out on a date? - tell her what you'd like to see her in. A dress maybe. No dress? Too bad. Go borrow one from a friend. Can't be arsed? Ok no date.

Texting? - limit it to just a few hours per day. If she wants more send nudes. This is assuming LTR. If it's a FWB then only text to set up booty calls.

During sex - train her to come. Sex is mostly psychological. Most of those statistics saying women need 10minutes of pumping is bollocks. If a woman is turned on by you it takes only a few minutes and she'll even come several times in one go.

Most of us men already want to do all this stuff to a woman. It's just that we've been conditioned otherwise from a young age.

Holding frame is just a matter of doing what you genuinely want to do anyway regardless of pesky emotions such as guilt, fear, and shame

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Yes, at the very least, make her pay in kind.

She knows what you want. you know what you want. Play the game

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He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.

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Help me out here.

So I have this co-worker, who's a bit older than me I'm 21 and she's 30 something, Easter European and looks really young. We've been flirting ever since she started and she's soo clearly interested in me, pushing her boobs against me, touching my abs etc. But she has a boyfriend and he's a pretty cool guy. Really wanna fuck this chicks brains out.

How do I make her make the first move as I really don't wanna be the one that initiates (plausible deniability)

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So I have this co-worker,


no shitting where you eat. thats not even something Uncle Vas does.

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Uncle Vas said as long as it's not in a career. I'm gonna be leaving pretty soon anyways, am a waiter

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well then who cares about a 30 something year old womans boyfriend? just flirt.

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I have but it's like I've reached a plateau, how do I make this chick jump my bones when we're alone and make her initiate things. I need overload tactics to get over this plateau

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Well based on just what I've heard, which has been her touching you and book flirting fairly obviously, I'm going to say touch her (assuming you haven't, at least not in a leading way). I'm assuming you've gone to drink with coworkers after work, and if not try to set that situation and invite someone coworkers to go out, then invite her. Make a point to touch lower back and lead her at some point to where it's just you guys and be seated close enough that her hormones flood her clear thinking and she'll probably make the first move that way, or at least make 60% of it.

If you do anything, reply and let us know.

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how do I make this chick jump my bones when we're alone and make her initiate things.

There's your problem. You don't 'make' her do anything. You are the man. You make the first move. Get her alone and kiss her. Don't ask! Just kiss her. Jeez, do we really have to get this basic? The girl has a boyfriend so that means you have to give her plausible deniability.

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Fuck that shit I want the plausible deniability IT'S MINE

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If you need plausible deniability to thwart your anti-slut defense then you have bigger problems. Maybe you want to try out Grindr?

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How do I make her make the first move as I really don't wanna be the one that initiates (plausible deniability)

She won't. She's the one with a vagina, she's the one who needs plausible deniability. And a boyfriend on top of that. Unless you have a vagina and boyfriend to equal the odds, it's your move to make.

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"Texting?.....limit it to just a few hours per day"

Don't you mean hours per week? Don't you have anything else to be doing beside being entertainment for a bored girl?

WTF? Hours a day????

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Maybe... only send and receive texts to women during a window of time each day?

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THIS. Assuming you have several women. But yeah most prefer less texting. I don't mind texting a bit more so long as it's sexting

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Was about to double check on this too. Few hours a day is way too much. Even my last ltr, I felt like sending more than 5+ texts a day was too much.

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Yes. "Few hours a day" did not make sense to me.

Always text with purpose.

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Could be that she thought about it and wasn't yet comfortable with doing it, or chickened out, or worried someone else would see.

Could also be that she was seeing if she'd get away with disobeying.

Just a suggestion - tailor it to your game. Here's what I'd do: Next time you set up one of these requests, even if it's for something else, if she follows along, great! If not, give her a little swat on the ass and jokingly ask her if she "ever follows directions".

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Simple- Madonna / whore complex

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I love this forum thanks to great minds like you. Thanks

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I love this forum thanks to great minds like you. Thanks

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Another gold. Noted We need more content like these.

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The train her to come part is so true. A while ago I got this chick in bed, so we're doing our thing and I tell her I'm gonna make her come. She goes "no, you're not - good luck". I ignore and proceed. A few minutes later she's obviously almost there, when she looks at me and says "I don't come". Holy fuck I got angry, but I was afraid to get first hand experience in being called a rapist

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If you have enough time to text a girl for a few hours, you need more hobbies.

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I think the first date shouldn't be with any money ,then it's only you

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tell her what you'd like to see her in

What if you genuinely don't give a shit?

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Then you don't need to text her what you'd like to see her in. It's not one size fits all.

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Human beings do not value that which is given to them for free, as it is by definition worthless. Most men act like the crack dealer, seeking to give the woman a sample of their product (time, validation, attention, money, etc) but fail to see that they are not creating a customer, just giving away free samples that women take without ever purchasing the product.

If I could go to one of the local car dealerships around here and tell them "Let me test drive the Lexus for a week", then the next week "Let me test drive the Corvette for a week" and keep doing it forever, I have no reason to ever buy a car. In the same manner, if a woman can call out a new schlub from her bench every time she needs validation, attention or money, what incentive does she have to make it an equitable transaction?

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I thought Chrysler did a thing where you can drive a car for 24 hours to sample. Who the fuck buys a Chrysler?

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People who make poor choices or don't learn from their mistakes.

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I've become incredibly selfish with my time as of late. But when you said wear her like an accessory I kind of just imagined making her into a coat. I feel like with most of the women I encounter that'd be the most value they'd bring to the table.

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I was thinking of a watch.

Has to have SOME value.

Point being, guys spend themselves like water. Even if you consider how much they THINK about it , the mental energy spent for most guys is ridiculous.

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I usually stop thinking at I got her number. After that it's meet me at x place like a sports bar I'm already at. If she wants to talk before meeting fuck her I'm already there enjoying a game lol. So many dudes on here autisticly overanalyzing shit like say x and get y reaction. We need more shit like this post. If you need to create a strategy to just meet one bitch your a time hoe.

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It is the "shit test" layers that the mind has to work through for so many.

  1. No clue what shit test is.

2.Shit Test Woke (many stages of wrblgrbl brain)

3.Shit Test management

4.Realization of actual Value and self worth.

Guys, woman are used car salesman, they want you to "believe" your shit has low value and your value never goes up from "her" attention.

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So many people making it more complicated than it needs to be. 90% of what women have to say is BS. So be your own man and stop wasting time analyzing the shit she spews out of her mouth.

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making her into a coat

would I fuck me?

oh yes

I'd fuck me harrrrd

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It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

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I get my lotion from fucking Sephora. Anti aging with Coco and shea butter. Your crazy if you think I'd waste that on some bitch

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Good moisturizer game.

Remember though, you're making the coat, so it'll benefit you eventually Mr. Gumb.

Be patient.

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I kind of just imagined making her into a coat

And I kind of imagined Buffalo Bill saying that...


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And give the absolute minimum of time, affection, and attention to sluts. Don't try to domesticate a slut.

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Can't turn hoes into house wives

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Make your time, attention, and affection contingent on her whatever you're doing adding value to you at any given time.

My life became a lot better when I raised my standards for what I'm doing with my time. I leave a party, a date, or just plain say no more often.

This doesn't mean you can't add value to others, but it should be something you want to be doing.

You never want to "find yourself" in a situation you wished you hadn't been in.

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Call her up and feed her some bean burritos and steamed cabbage. Then when she gets insecure because she has a lot of bad farts, you have the advantage because she feels vulnerable.

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Well, not everyone. She told your fat ass to fuck off. She must have been hung over on jizz n'juice.

If you can't even get a slut who "gives it up to anyone who looks at her", you're a low-value male. Instead of doing anything in this OP, just become a high-value male.

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just become a high-value male.

huh . I wonder how you display high value.

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[permanently deleted]

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Dude. I am not talking about trying to get a slut. if thats what you got out of it, sorry.

No matter what I guy looks like, as he does the work to accomplish his goals, no reason he can't practice display of value while gaining value. MOnk Mode is BS.

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I wrote it right.

go back to school and learn to read.

or are you just focused on pussy so much that the mere suggestion of it in text blocks all other thoughts?

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of course they do. The product has to at least kind of match the Ad.

I am addressing all guys who spend too much time being sluts.

You are focusing on a sentence I used to trigger some guys. Could have said "autistic " or "skinny" or "stupid" or "pencil dicked" or "short"

what ever. those arent the point. Valuing your resource is the point.

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you focused on it, didn't you?

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It helps to have the frame of mind from the get-go that girls are sluts until proven otherwise. The biggest problem most guys seem to have is putting girls they talk to on the pedestal as soon as they look even a little interested.

When you have an abundance mindset this becomes less of a problem because you have options. Remember, you're the prize, not her. She is a whore worthy of being nothing but a plate at best until proven otherwise.

Keep lifting, approach more, work on your career/business, and you'll develop more self-respect so you don't give away your time for free.

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Why even bother calling her a slut or a whore? Does it make you feel better or cooler?

I don't spend time with whores. Why do you?

[–]NobleFarore 6 points7 points  (2 children)

You missed my point. Your outer frame should be aloof, pleasant, and playful. You don't overtly call women you're interested in sluts or whores.

It's a frame of mind you develop to prevent oneitis and pedestalization, which causes men to invest their time, attention, and resources on women that aren't worth it. It helps in the beginning when you're not as experienced. My original comment merely expands on your ideas on how to circumvent the investment issue in the beginning.

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I see what you're getting at, although denigrating every chick can lead to some bitterness. Basically, I do the same. Every time I meet a woman I assume several things and it helps keep things in perspective.

A). Despite what she says she has most likely/is most likely riding some cock. B). She will most likely not stop riding said cock even if we have great sex. C). It's better to accept her cock-riding, unless i'm trying to LTR her, than to get bent about it

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true. but don't fall into the trap of actually calling her a slut or a whore in your own head.

Most guys can't disassociate their actions and thoughts enough, nor do they have enough in the looks/DGAF department to pull it off.

Or maybe I am getting soft in my old age.

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^ This. All the way. I've got one girl who knows that if she wants to spend time with me it's going to be on my terms, and it's going to be sexual. We won't be talking about her problems, i'm not going to be her boyfriend. We're just going to bang and have good company. And if in this situation you do choose to give affection, attention ect. then the girl tends to value it a lot more.

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"Wear her like an accessory".......That's awesome

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Got the number? Cool... tell her to come meet you when you are doing things you would already have been doing. Wear her like an accessory.

Rubbish. Text her to come over. Fuck her. Period. What stupid nonsense is this?

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You guys are all dorky as fuck.

"Bitch management" haha I would love to see real pictures of you guys next to the word "bitch management" I'm sure it would be hilarious.

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Amazing insight bro. Amazing.

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You want to be Patrice O'Neal so bad haha

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Dude you sound really bitter. Some women are Uber whores and some women are literally nuns and most women fall in between on a spectrum. Trying to take away the individuality of the person and type casting a whole gender is really unhealthy. A better attitude would be going in open minded with a "let's see on what spectrum you fall on based on words and actions" this doesn't mean you put women on a pedestal and you don't forget that the super Uber slut no longer exists but you let each person show you.

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are you ok? Did you read what I wrote??

you know the topic was men, not women , right???

I mean, are you actually mentally retarded, like, with an ICD 10 diagnosis?

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That comment does seem awfully focused on the word "spectrum". This whole thread is gold, thanks for posting it!

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i think they're "on the spectrum" if ya know what i mean kekeke

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then there was no loss. Unless what you are not saying is you are disappointed that you didn't fuck her.

Also, what do you mean "her"? one? not many ? as in "the one"?

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Sure you can. If you got what you wanted it's all good.

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I could make the case that most of the guys on TRP and MRP, came in the door as a "habitual" Cheap SlutTM

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where do you think I got the idea

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"Hey, thanks for your number. So........ i'm gonna go pick up some chicks on the street now... Wanna come??"


Edit: okay this was a joke but i think i'm actually gonna try this now... could be fucking hilarious....

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Bi girls. Cruise women together

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Anger and hostility isn't a good look. I get it that when this stuff his you it can be a lot but trust me that rage isn't getting you anywhere

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You get that this ain't a field report right ?

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wauw, can you teach me more. You are such a stud. Thanks alot.

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Surprised you have time to type with all that gaylubeoil cock in your mouth

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Where is "bitch management"? Under what link on the sidebar is it?

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look under "references" last one.

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IDK where's that on the sidebar, but I guess this is the bitch management guide we're talking about: http://archive.is/iYXcR

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What is this "sidebarr" things i see everywhere?