Woman admits to a feminist subreddit that she lied about being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend to get an extension on a paper and may ruin his life in the process. Other feminists show no interest in what happens to the man. (self.TheRedPill)

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I dislike that he didn't have to push his floor number to get the door to shut that quickly...

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I hope someone got fired for this.

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What? Women are conniving cunts? No wayyy. Like usual, a woman fails to solve her own problems and has to throw a man under the bus. History is just one massive story about women leaching off of men.

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You Misogynist! Leeching off men without penalty?! I'll show you leaching off men without penalty. How does $300,000.00 extorted sound?

Don't worry, the black woman judge who sentenced her to 30 days of jail OR work release, where she only sleeps there, was really tough on her. She even said herself that she hopes one day to get an actual job to maybe pay some of it back.

Gay people used to get the same treatment from the courts men have been getting. Finally, they rioted and it ended. At this point, it's probably going to take something like this before it stops.

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1....month in jail....for 300k. .... she could of even not admitted. what a noob

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Eve ate the apple first and then fed it to Adam.

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Hard to get riled up about feminists showing "no interest in what happens to the man" when your link only shows a single neutral comment. (Not saying you're making it up, just pointing out that this post falls flat and is 100% circlejerk without being able to see the actual comments you're referring to.)

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Exactly. I came in here assuming that I'd get a bunch of jaded indifferent comments linked in the OP but there weren't any reactions in the first place.

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If you find the original post (which was brigades about 9 hours ago it looks like), you'll see the original comments. Because it's deleted I'm not sure how to do that

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Did it occur to her that she could just have easily gotten an extension/sympathy if she only mentioned the suicide threats and mental health ward? She obviously thought she needed to show every single victim card she had.

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I don't care for their crocodile tears. It's just a ploy to get men thinking women actually care about their well-being... I mean holy shit look at the top reply, the very opening sentences states:

"This is precisely why more and more men in the West are moving away from longterm relationships and declining marriage. You don't even show remorse for your actions. "

They're upset, because this hurts themselves indirectly for exposing their true nature — they couldn't give a flying fuck less what happens to the man. Also, the overall positive rating of the entire post is pretty indicative as to what the general opinion of the scenario is to that subreddit.

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Fake news even in TRP. What is the world coming to?

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Except those comments were all added after the post was deleted. Some (like the ones he mentions) were not even added until after this post was made (5 hrs ago on a then-12 hour old post)...aka all the voices of reason were likely coming from people on here who btw shouldn't be commenting there because it's poor frame.

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Sharing your point of view is poor frame?

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Not when you're being linked by another subreddit.

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Doesn't the TrollXChromosones subreddit where this was posted make fun of feminists? I'm confused.

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No. It's mostly rad-fems making period jokes and bitching about men, their cats, how much they weigh and food.

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And how much they drink, how triggered they are by a "good morning" catcall, and his prevalent sexual abuse is in their life

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Thanks for the clarification.

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This is why you don't touch them and you just walk away from them live your life and don't argue with them. In a blink of an eye she can send you to jail without any sort of remorse. Ruin your life and reputation. just like that.

Edit: life ,why

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Other feminists show no interest in what happens to the man.

Why would they? For one, they don't personally know him, and people generally don't care about things that aren't relevant in their lives, and two, he is a man.

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and he ain't got no vagina

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You guys are being trolled. Morons. Cows.

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Look at her post history. 5 year old account with posts leading up to this. Long history in make up threads. Very unlikely this is fake

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Calling bullshit. TrollXChromosomes. One comment. No proof of any kind.

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Women are solipsistic and have an in-group preference — you'd have to be quite ignorant to think they have any capacity for empathy, let alone sympathy for men in general.

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If any girl tried to pull some shit like that on me they and their family would get wiped out.

Are you by any chance a Navy SEALS Sniper, and top Sniper in the entire armed forces?

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100 percent agree not just women but anyone who would ruin your life like that.

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33 strategies of war. Win by not fighting.

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Yet in another thread today some guy on here said that "women are fucking awesome" and is getting mass upvotes for it and has been made an 'endorsed contributor' for it.

Women are NOT fucking awesome; they are cunts.

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Women are women.

When you know their nature and are high smv there is a lot of joy to be had with women. When you don't understand their nature and are low smv you are in for a world of hurt.

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When you know their nature and are high smv there is a lot of joy to be had with women.

I don't get what this has to do with SMV? If anything, that just means you're likely to be on the situation more often.

Anyone can be a victim of a false rape allegation, especially given that a women can decide that she was 'raped' after the fact and you're guilty based only on her word.

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And all men are rapists. Isn't generalising fun.

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This post started about a chick who accused heh boyfriend of raping her to get out of an assignment, and basically getting high-five for it from other chicks on Reddit with no concern for the innocent guy involved.

If a male came on Reddit bragging about raping some chick, would he be getting high-fives and support from all the guys on here? I think not.

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innocent before guilty in courts. Also, fuck college.

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What a fucking slimy cunty piece of whoring shit she is.

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This is her and is from Florida.