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Little background (skip if you don't care): In high school I was the most beta unconfident person ever. I wanted to be accepted and liked by women so bad that I became friends with the most popular kid in school and copied everything he did. How he dressed, walked, talked, and acted. Looking back it was so fucking cringe worthy I get anxiety writing this. Anyway...

All I wanted like mostly all of us do, is for every woman to want me. I slept with 2 people in high school. One psycho and a fat bitch. Mind you I'm not unattractive. I just had no game. I left for college and since my friend wasn't there to mimic anymore I had no identity and had to find my true self I had to rebuild from the ground up, I resorted to drugs and became a heroin addict. I had a lot of lows as well as a lot of highs. But the end results were.

I'm clean now from drugs and alcohol. I have true core confidence. I've slept with over 80 women. And turned my life completely around. I became chad. Now I am in a LTR. Jacked. Financial stable. Owning my shit. And masculine as Fuck. I wasn't always like that but if I did it. So can you. But it doesn't happen over night

If this gets a good response I'll write more post. Either way I'm writing this to not only help other new guys, but also to look back on and reflect what worked for me. This is the first point I want to talk about...


When it comes to approaching women the main thing that holds us back is fear of rejection. Rejection stings for anybody, but when it comes to the newcomer it seems almost paralyzing.

When the newcomer gets rejected he will obsess over it, Analyze it, and overthink it to a point it is detrimental to his confidence (if he has any).

How do you get over it? I'll share how I did.

I created a frame that is semi delusional.

My main focus going into the game was this. "I am going to focus on 2 Main things: focus the positive and learn from the negative.

That was it. I would watch RSD videos by day. Use my knowledge by night. And learn from it all. If I had an issue. I would look into it and see how I could improve. If I got a good response I'd keep what worked and push it a bit further next time. If I didn't. I'd look at why it might not have and tweaked it.

I did this till I got numbers. Then hangouts. Then make outs. Then laid. But all along I celebrated small successes,But not only that I celebrated rejection. I knew it sucked. I knew it was going to suck. So I wanted to get it over with. Instead of dipping my toes into the cold water. I dove in. And each time it became less and less bothersome. theres no easy way to this shit. It sucks. You have just fucking do it. Approach, approach. Rejection won't kill you. The sooner you realize it the faster you will progress

In the beginning I had canned openers. But as I got better I'd go in almost in a meditative state. Blank mind and say the first thing that came To mine. I'd get rejected all night but I wouldn't care. It got To a point I'd almost forget when it would happen. My buddy would bring up how I got rejected and I almost had forgot about it. But how?

1. Start by building momentum in your day/night/life by talking to everyone

Going to the bar helped me with this. I would literally sling shoot from girl to girl and also to guys. Till I had become friends with half of the bar. I could go into a place knowing no one. And leave knowing everyone.

This helps in so many ways, especially in that environment. You look like someone important when you walk around and everyone is saying what's up because they know you.

I made the bar my play ground and I was the ruler.

I'd start by saying hi to someone. Then the next person I'd say hi and ask them how their night was going? I'd push it further with each interaction to build a momentum. Once I got in my zone. I was unstoppable. If I'd get rejected. I'd laugh. Shrug it off. Tell her to call me and move to the next. This allowed me to talk to more girls. I practiced Dancing and would go and dance all night with women.

Talk to More girls = more chances of getting laid

As oppose to

Focus on negative and rejection = masterbation.

Once you get this momentum going. And you get comfortable with talking to everyone. And rejection starts to hurt less and you focus on all the positive, and briefly learn from the negative you can...

(Note this step was the hardest and took the most time. Be patient but work hard. There's no easy way. You will get rejected. Accept it! You'll live I promise)

2. Create abundance

By this point I'd had tons of reference experience. I had numbers (at the time that was huge for me). I had lays. I had RP and RSD advice. And I was grinding all the time. I would make out with women without even talking to them. Just stick my hand out on the dance floor. Smile. They'd grab it. I'd dance for a while. Spin them and make out. This started to give me an abundance mentality. I do X and it works. I do Y and it doesn't. Keep doing X and add Z in.

The abundance shifted my attitude, boosted my confidence and had a positive feedback loop when it came to women. This is where my mind set shifted. I went from "what can I do to get this girl to..."

3. All women want me = delusional frame

Assumed attraction. I started to realize I understood what women wanted and knew how to get their attention.

This is where I built my frame/abundance mentality.

I would walk into a room bar. And my mind would go to. "All these women are staring at me. All these women want me, they are taking about how hot I am". smirk

Now they would start to whisper and stare at me. Now they could have been saying what a douchebag. But I became delusional that I didn't give a fuck. I not only thought they wanted me. I knew it. And over time it proved true. And even if I got rejected. I was so used to focusing only on the positive that it didn't even register.

Arrogant? Yes. Does it work? Fuck yea it works.

You start to walk different. Talk different. Act different. This frame allows shit test to literally roll right off your back. When you look a women in her eyes. You already think she wants to fuck you. So you imagine what you would to her when you got the chance. It would cause my look to be sexual even.

It got to a point a woman could literally say to my face " I fucking hate you" and want to slap me and I would smile thinking, yes because you want to fuck me and you can't. smirk

To get a visual of what my frame looked like is how Barney Stinson from The show How I Met Your Mother acts.

A woman can reject him and he will flip it like she's coming onto him.

Overtime having a frame like this really is a game changer. It may feel weird to think like this. But once you try it and start see results you will change your mind.

Disclaimer: now obviously I know this isn't true, not all women want me. That's why I say semi delusional. But I don't care it's my frame and it gets me results.

You want to build your frame around that concept, that your confidence is so delusional that it's almost arrogant.

Live on brothers.

TL:DR building a semi delusional frame that all women want you no matter how they respond to you.

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Irrational confidence is the phrase you're looking for.

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I call this "Going full Kanye"

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I love it, imma steal it from you

Seriously it works so well. Now that I'm pretty good at doing some bdsm type of stuff I look at every.single.chick like she's tied on my bed and I'm about to slap her ass for the 100th time. Idgaf what they're talking about, let's talk about whatever. I'm gonna make you cum like you've never had it before and it's gonna be crazy

Full Kanye :)

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Yes, this post will blow up, this is the core of TRP, being irrationally confident in yourself.

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No, this is not the "core of TRP". This is GAME. It's a branch of TRP and it's roots delve into the core because it speaks some truth about human nature.

Rationaly beats irrationality in the long run. Always! If you think something irrational is at the core of TRP you're wrong. Would you rather be irrationaly confident or rationaly confident when going on a job interview? Or learning a new skill?

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First I said this post will blow up, second I said this is the core of TRP.

I said it with so much irrationally confidence that if it doesn't happen then something is wrong with the internet, you get it bro? Right now, for ME, this is gold, because this is the core of TRP.

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I'd start by saying hi to someone. Then the next person I'd say hi and ask them how their night was going?

My favorite RSD lesson. I use this every time I go out now. Literally can turn an introvert into a social butterfly. All about getting warmed up and in the zone.

The mindset is my favorite take away from this post. "Assuming the attraction" really works. Confidence oozes off of you. Wets panties from across the room.

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The best lesson I got is that you'll get exactly what you expect to get. Picture yourself talking to a girl expecting her to drop her panties for an outdoor quickie within an hour of meeting her - how does that guy act, what does he say, how does he say it?

We all know exactly what we have to do, the hardest part is doing it.

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i have a wing who finds it hard to get into " the zone". I've been doing it so long, i can get in state pretty quickly.

what should i do to get him to come along??

[–]Endorsed ContributorMetalgear222 4 points5 points  (4 children)

There's 3 ways I can think of;

  1. Have your buddy practice opening groups of guys only first. Then transition to girls after he's comfortable.

  2. Tell him to take 2-3 weeks off from doing anything social. By the time it's done, even as an introvert he'll be itching to go out. Then he'll have a taste of "god mode" and ideally the momentum will carry him from there.

  3. Take mushrooms and wait to go out til the comedown begins. Instant "god mode" and in the zone.

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man he is the WOAT... he gets AA from thinking about he going to get AA...

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Yeaaaah, Simple Pickup werent all that successful on shrooms...

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comedown of shrooms* very important lol

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You see how your original post could be confusing for some ;)

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Do you by chance have a link to the video in question?

[–]Endorsed ContributorMetalgear222 10 points11 points  (2 children)

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That ending was pretty funny

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I try to learn a few things about each person I talk to. At the least you've learned something about someone new. You've made a connection

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I try to learn a few things about each person I talk to. At the least you've learned something about someone new. You've made a connection

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The key is being delusional enough and believing it yourself. Normally, you know that not every woman in the room will want you. It's statistically very improbable. You have to think, ok, why am I acting as if every girl wants me? And walk yourself through the steps to build up that frame before you walk through the door. However, I've found ways to bypass this so that you believe your delusions. I act this way naturally whenever: I'm wearing a good fitting suit and tie, just got a fresh haircut, just finished a workout at the gym, or had amazing sex in the past 12 hours. Sounds dumb but that's what personally works for me

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If it's dumb and it works then it's not dumb. I agree with all your points man. When I really need to kill it I'll combine a workout and a fresh cut and just mow it down at the bar.

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Good post OP.

I made a similar post about why arrogance is good. It's better to have an arrogant frame than having a beta frame.

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And if they don't want you, guess what... there are billions of other women out there. When you look at it from that abundance mentality, it's hard to be discouraged if one of them doesn't want you. Just move onto the next one.

Great post, man.

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Im starting to know this is so true, thanks for sharing your experience I think posts like this give me so much hope and determination. Corey Wayne says "Assume all woman want you even if its not true." This is more of a mind set than the truth, but who cares! I recentley began applying this with talking to people, and the results have been amazing. I struggled with this as a child especially staring people in the eye. Thanks once again for the share!

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I enjoyed your whole post, it helps and you even made me smile, thanks.

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Nice read. One way I think of this is when going out you are literally acting. Like, what actors do who have been trained and make it their profession. They can walk on stage and put forth a persona of anything they choose, angry, happy, sad, shocked, etc. This is a literal profession and there are books on how to do this.

It's worth pointing out the reason this only works with so much effort, is because for certain guys, in our normal day to day life we are trained hard to not hit on women, it's gross, eww you're a jerk, etc. But guess what it works. And slippiing into the mindset needed, for guys who aren't naturally already like that, takes work.

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This is the kind of post we need here on TRP. Thanks for putting this up. I relate to a lot of what you posted. I drive listening to RSD, read the sidebar whenever possible and walked through glass with women, brutal rejections and kept going.

It's fucking brutal and will rip apart your ego and mind like nothing else. But you keep fucking going. And as you said, you keep the x's that work, drop the y's that didn't and add in z.

All the references and learning start to become natural and even our natural primal state starts to kick in and wake up.

I think maintaining the delusion is the hardest part. The more intelligent you get the more you have to hack your mind to keep the delusion. But it is pussy catnip for sure bro.

Btw, to address those making comments that we shouldn't put pussy on a pedestal, you're god damn right we shouldn't. But first we have to become the men that can have it when we want it.

To become that man you have to learn, internalize and own game. Then you naturally see how easy it can be, how simple women are and they forever slide off that pedestal.

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Let me preface this by saying I'm new here and am still working thru the sidebar material. I've realized that a lot of shit that has been said to me all my life is bullshit and I am soooo tired of being insecure and only having girls approach me (rare), etc.

I kind of don't understand this sub. Half of it is so true and makes perfect sense, but the other half seems hypocritical.

In a general sense, if we're not supposed to be putting pussy on the pedestal, then why are 60% of the posts here about how to get women horny enough that they want us to fuck them? Or things like this:

I've slept with over 80 women.

I had lays. I had RP and RSD advice. And I was grinding all the time. I would make out with women without even talking to them. Just stick my hand out on the dance floor. Smile. They'd grab it. I'd dance for a while. Spin them and make out.

The abundance shifted my attitude, boosted my confidence and had a positive feedback loop when it came to women.

Seems like OP was gaining confidence because women were starting to take interest in him. Isn't that part of the point of TRP, to not allow women's attraction/interest in you to validate yourself? I mean at the point I'm at, attention from 8+s would definitely boost my confidence as it did OP's, so I'm not blaming him, but what're we supposed to be working towards here? Mixed signals.

The 2nd problem I had with this post is that it seems like OP basically inherited the mindset of your average hot girl by the end.

This started to give me an abundance mentality.

All women want me = delusional frame

Assumed attraction.

I would walk into a room bar. And my mind would go to. "All these women are staring at me. All these women want me, they are taking about how hot I am". smirk

It got to a point a woman could literally say to my face " I fucking hate you" and want to slap me and I would smile thinking, yes because you want to fuck me and you can't. smirk

This quite literally mirrors the mindset of your typical top tier female, knowing that she can have her pick of the litter and knowing that everyone wants to fuck her. Though in her case she is probably right and not delusional about it.

I wouldn't think TRP would endorse thinking like a stuck up model after maxing out SMV. I just can't see that being the end goal.

Not shitting on OP here, just asking questions. Want to better myself.

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60% of the post here are about getting pussy.

Let's face it dude. We all want sex. Some want a girlfriend. Some want family. Some want kids. All of this involves women. And to keep a woman you need to learn to attract her. TRP teaches you how to get sex and what you want out of life. But it's by improving yourself first and foremost.

But none the less we still want sex so that's why most of the post are about sex. But it's more of how to become attractive. Yes we tell you not to put pussy on a pedestal because you shouldn't. But we're showing you have to become more attractive and masculine. Not how to praise pussy, have oneitis, bow down to women. Theses a difference

isn't that the point to not allow women's interest validate yourself.

Yes that's the point but when you just start out it's very hard to have an abundance mentality with out abundance. Just like it's hard to live a rich mans life without money. The key is once you gain the abundance mentality you need to not rely on women's validation to effect your mood.

I'm not using their interest to validate myself. I'm using it as a general direction when I had none. Of what works and what doesn't. I was fine without the validation. It was used as a guide.

OP inherited the mindset of your average hot girl

So what? You are the prize and you should think and act like it. I'm not walking around with my nose in the air telling everyone to fuck off like a stuck up bitch. Im outgoing and friendly to those who earn my respect. I just have the mindset that I'm "good enough" which a lot of new men don't have and need to learn.

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Arrogant? Yes. Does it work? Fuck yea it works.

For people struggling with confidence, this is EXCELLENT advice and can be transferred to every other area of your life.

Allowing myself to be arrogant led me to finally overcoming a lot of my confidence issues. Ironically, through that, because you be polarising, you also have to learn to NGAF about what other people think about you. Lose some friends, make some enemies, who cares. You can calibrate later and dial it down - for now, push it in the other direction. Be a selfish, arrogant cunt. FEEL what that is like, use that empowerment to build momentum towards your goals and then develop a stronger sense of confidence AFTER. Stop waiting for this shit to happen.

A good place to channel that arrogance is into banter and being cocky-funny. That will keep you grounded so you don't become a complete pompous tit.

Do this with everyone, not just women, and you'll make progress really quickly. Dramatic effects can happen within weeks if you put the work in and keep pushing through the anxiety. Before long your system calms the shit down and you realise everybody's anxious sometimes. Accept it and it ceases to have an effect on you.

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This is quality stuff. Thanks for sharing.

For me, I learned/am learning to get over approach anxiety by saying "hello" "hi" or "how are you doing?" To everyone I saw in the supermarket. Soon it was "I like your hair/necklace/that shirt is a nice color on you" etc. I'd keep walking past them as I spoke. Just say hi or compliment and keep going.

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I made a post about this on another account I'll send it to you

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Can confirm.

The best game I've ever spit in my life has always been when I've been irrationally self confident to the point I KNEW the girl wanted me as soon as I approached. Even if it was an absurd notion in objective reality, my subjective perspective of total confidence puts me on autopilot.

Also the game I spit when I'm on ecstasy is damn near divine. Only problem is beyond making out I'm usually too scatterbrained and high strung to even try to have sex. But yeah taking ecstasy multiplied my game exponentially when I was younger. It was astounding.

[–]1scissor_me_timbers00 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Can confirm on the ecstasy bit. I took a small dose several halloweens ago and totally gamed this chick in a way I never have before. This was before I even studied red pill game. It just all came naturally. Unreal.

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I already have this delusion brother, it's helped me more than it's harmed me.

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More posts. BTW your name is hilarious. Most RP handle on this sub.

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How do you deal with the addiction? I've met some functioning pill poppers, and alcoholics. Just never a HEROIN JUNKY...

Trying to get a feel for what level SMV these girls you mention are/were. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

[–]1TrenGod37[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

To be 100% honest I always fuck pretty hot women. I'm pretty attractive so it helps.

Even as a junkie I did well for myself bc I was a functioning junkie and no one knew. I'd say I did my best on it. But the problem was it wasn't real confidence and it wasn't really me. And it was and never will be worth it in the end.

Living this way is much better and I'm just as good now as I was on it.

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You started off alone when you started going out? Did you already have a wingman?

[–]1TrenGod37[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I was in college I had friends but always. Always did my own thing. I even would say. Why do you guys hangout with me. I always leave the group.

But they would either follow and reap the benefits of me opening and having women around me. Or not. It was up to them

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I always find this wisdom funny in a way. I think I had way more women attracted to me before I ever started approaching since I just assumed most were attracted and it showed in how I carried myself.

Then I thought I could get laid more often if I approach women myself instead in of waiting for them, but the failure rate of being the initiator shattered my delusions. Now I think I have a more grounded self-perception, but I still want to tap into that delusion when needed, even when facing contradictory evidence.

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Do you actually run tren cycles?

[–]1TrenGod37[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Does a bear shit in the woods?

[–]Nucka574 1 points1 points [recovered]

No, but the pope does! You have any of the negatives pop up? (cough, ED, etc)

J/W I've always been interested but the shit I heard kinda pushed me away from it. Test P is fun but the EOD needle... woof

[–]1TrenGod37[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I don't mind the needle. Only side I ever experienced from tren is sweating my ass off and acne at high doses

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Everybody is different and i'm glad to hear this worked for you. Every post about confidence onc this sub isn't going to work for every guy. The general advice people should be dishing out is to just try a whole bunch of different shit and pay close attention to what works and what doesn't. But innaction is the crux that we all can agree on as the cause of failure. Out.

[–]1TrenGod37[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Like I said. Use what works. Get rid of what doesn't. It's all written there

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Good post for those who are socially calibrated and decent looking.

However, for the recent influx of incels we've been getting here, this advice will only lead to more frustration and cognitive dissonance.

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This actually works, I read it walked into a burger place, I know everyone now,Thank you so much!

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My bad lol let you guys play with the roastbeef