From personal experience, female teachers sleeping with students perfectly exemplifies red pill theory (self.TheRedPill)

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A little backstory. I fooled around with my high school english teacher my senior year. Now I was 18, she was 32, and this was only a few months before graduation and continued as a summer fling, so not as scandalous as most of these stories. And unless you've been living under a rock, you shouldn't be the least bit skeptical or surprised. Just look up some of these stats on student teacher relationships and they are staggering. Hundreds every year. And those are just the ones that get reported. The vast majority don't. We're talking thousands of cases easily every year, and that's being conservative.

Most of these teachers are fairly attractive, especially for their age. Many are married. Why the hell are female teachers hooking up with guys half their age with nothing to offer? They have no money. No career. Can't offer commitment. Can't offer security. Can't offer any emotional support. Have nothing in common. They have nothing that society tells us women should want - in others words, beta traits.

That's because, as red pill tells us, none of that actually matters to women. And these guys are red pilled as fuck, they just don't know it. To understand this, you have to look at it from the female teacher's perspective. Although she is attractive, she is in an environment that will bring out all of her insecurities. Ever wonder why jacked bodybuilders always think they're too small even though their bigger than 99 percent of the population? It's because they surround themselves with that other 1 percent.

So that teacher has to be surrounded everyday by hundreds of girls that are half her age - younger, prettier, and more desired. Now the male student, while just a normal guy, is very alpha in his environment. He might be very athletic, might be very popular and outgoing with lots of friends, or in my case just a cute guy that attracted many girls. He's dating and talking to so many girls without any sense of responsibility or commitment.

So the guy offers her something she isn't getting, and that's validation. That's excitement. She knows the guy is basically a kid, and wants nothing more than sex. She knows he's in his sexual prime and his hormones are raging, and that there will never be anything more. She knows she can never be with him. She knows he doesn't truly love her, or even know what love is yet. And that's why she wants it so bad.

This happened 9 years ago for me. I actually ended up catching a lot of feelings for her, but things eventually died out. I graduated college, got a job, became more mature, and started being their for her emotionally. I was a more "successful" person in every way, but looking back, that is why things died out. Because she didn't want those things, she wanted to be fucked in a car on a Friday night in the football parking lot.

Maybe this is just me reflecting on a completely anecdotal experience, but I think we really need to look more closely at this student teacher epidemic and what the driving motivations are

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Its not even because the female classmates are younger/prettier that the teacher feels a need to compete, its solely because these class mates are receiving validation that she is not. The teacher feels compelled to act out of her sense of solipsism - she needs to prove that she is more deserving.

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If a male teacher sleeps with a female student, he's a monster.

If a female teacher sleeps with a male student, he's a hero.

Women have no agency.

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If a female teacher sleeps with a male student, he's a hero.

And she's at a low point in her life, struggling with her relationship, did nothing wrong (They get dindus), etc. etc. Women look out for women, men look out for women.

Edit: To put this in red pillspeak: Snowflake rationalization hamsters and white knights gonna rationalize the carousel riders away.

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I just can't wait for the time when if an underage guy has sex with a woman who is not only older but also his superior he ends up getting labeled a sex offender for being part of coitus that involved a minor.

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You might not think it matters all that much, but they do. They're always conscious of it, when they get to 30. Hyperaware of being around younger and prettier girls. My longtime oneitis, now ex, is now 30, and the change is startling in the way she thinks. The Wall is real.

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The wall IS 30. I've seen the change in every girl I know the minute they hit 30. They start seeking the validation, when it used to just come to them by the wheel barrow. It's glorious to observe. It's like half of any value they have goes out the window because they will it out the window themselves. A total panic show.

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so the wall isnt necessarily exactly at 30, but round number bias makes it seem that way

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Had a highschool teacher I regularly spoke with at lunch way back. Solid 8/10. Never forgot how amusing it was watching her cut across the basketball court while the guys were playing a game. Everyone stopped to stare. Girls would pre-emptively cover for their jealousy if you mentioned her. "Oh, she's nice." Heh.

Edit: In red pillspeak: 8/10 post-prime's with steadily declining SMV wish they could ride the carousel in-front of them daily, even if it possibly costs them felony charges. It makes them feel like the 10/10 they were a decade prior.

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That... actually explains a lot. Thank you.

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Interesting point of view, man!

But that doesnt explain several cases were teachers have sex with 12 year old boys... or does it?

That sort of thing doesnt happen very often here in Brazil.

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Arousal is a middle brain function. So is the excitement from doing something they know they shouldn't be doing. Don't expect a rational explanation for any of this.

That said, I'm glad the younger folks are taking one for the team and keeping the post-wall hags busy. I'll be busy fucking their peers. They can go dumpster diving.

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sigh....we're all dumpster diving when it comes down to it

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We’re living in a dumpster

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"Don't expect a rational explanation for any of this."

So true!

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"That sort of thing doesnt happen very often here in Brazil."

Because you don't hear about it.

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Lack of evidence is not evidence. It may be happening and not reported but we are flirting with conspiracy theories when we commit to this kind of statement IMO.

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I think that such concepts are more apparent in countries like the US as the women there have long lost the honour, respect and decorum of previous generations

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Brazilian girls are also sluts... but I've never been into US, so I can't compare.

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Let me tell you bro, all girls are sluts

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I was in 6th grade, in my state it's the first grade of middle school, and my favorite class was science growing up, I always enjoyed experimenting and watching those documentaries.

I go to my new science class for the first time in 6th grade and we had a couple "special" students in my class which meant they had an assistant teacher for them, every time she would be called over to help one of them out she would bend over sticking her ass out and, I am not fuckin with you, she would glide her hand across her ass as she bent over with her ass pointed right at me. She had a black string thong that was pulled so far up her ass I swear she was wearing overalls the first time I saw it.

I had a completely new reason to love science class that year.

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I feel like in the only one that his high school teachers were a bunch of old ugly as fuck bitches.

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Right there with you! Not a single teacher I would have poked if they had put themselves on a platter for me.

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I had some fucking hot teachers but I went to an all boys school so the pressure to compete just wasn't there. I never heard of anyone sleeping with a teacher at my school and I'm pretty certain the all boy aspect was the cause of it.

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I was a more "successful" person in every way, but looking back, that is why things died out. Because she didn't want those things,

The more I practice game and read the material here, it seems to me that women don't want a successful guy that the red pill encourages us to become. Women just want a fuck toy. A guy who is fun, sexual, and available when she wants it.

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In a classroom setting - the jock/Quarterback guy is the 'alpha' and the teacher is competing (subconsciously?) with the other hot 17 y.o. girls. Environment somehow creates a new kind of social dynamic.

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15-18 yo females have the highest SMV. She wants to know she can compete

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Depends who you are competing with. We are here to tell you to train so that you can compete in an adult world environment. In any situation where a male (degenerate) is surrounded by other females, he will be getting layed. Competing in this environment is easy. Any man who can compete in a real world environment surrounded by men will have an easy time in an environment surrounded by young girls.

I think it's real telling that teachers feel dread. Enormous dread. Especially reaching 30. Remember, women are not traditional hunters. If they have to hunt, they are very desperate. And... what is the closest piece of meat? With whom, they actually already have a relationship with? And maybe a stubborn one? Giving her feels? Giving other young girls attention? ....Yah, this isn't uncommon. This is regular evolution. Women are thirsty a few days a month (but don't adequately prepare their dateing pipeline), and men are thirsty all the time. So, all you have to do as a man, is continuously hit on women in till you find a thirsty one. Then you're playing by your game.

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yeah this is true we're improving to knock through the crazy shit life throws at us not just women.

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Yes of course they do. They want everything on their terms; with none of the responsibilities that should come with it.

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It's at least a 2-stage process. You are describing the first one, the cc phase. Which is followed by the "post-wall / settling down" period, where she will actively be looking for a betabux. But apparently it does not stop some of them to cc!

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As long as it's a break from their hum drum life. In my experience they want variety and excitement. They love the sneaking, the filthy chats, the flirting, and being a completely different person in a different world. Its a vacation from real life. That is why so many married women cheat. Its the thrill and excitement of someone who is totally into them. The part they often forget is that the men are motivated only by sex and are often hurt when they wake up and realize this.

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You improve yourself for yourself, not for women.

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I'm just looking to get laid more by quality women man.

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Just curious as to how the relationship was started. Surely the teacher gave you subtle hints and you acted upon them, correct?

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I'm also curious about this

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Not sure if this was copy pasta'd from or to /pol/. Either way, good on you anon.

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there are also some stats I remember from a long time ago that male HS teachers have a hard time getting married. The theory being passed around at the time was their standards are way out of whack because they are around prime girls constantly.

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This began with flirting? Who invited whom?

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It's that but also, because the teacher is around you almost every day causing an attraction, especially if you matured quick and showed a mature physical build.

Its why a lot of people cheat with co-workers rather than randoms... although these days hook-up apps are probably safer because people can tell co-workers who hook-up and rumours fly quickly after that.

If someone finds you attractive and vice versa, hang around long enough and things will happen.

And also, as mentioned the teacher also wanted to one-up the younger women around her rubbing their youth to her face... she needed that validation right there and then.

Women spends a lot of money on clothing, beauty products etc. Not just to lure a man... but to out-shine other women.

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Because she didn't want those things, she wanted to be fucked in a car on a Friday night in the football parking lot.

A man has to do what a man has to do.

OK teach, off with the panties.

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"she wanted to be fucked in a car on a Friday night in the football parking lot."

It's funny, but if you were to ask women if this is what they really want, they'd all say no and that behavior like this is for "tramps" and "sluts" but it's exactly what they fantasize about and talk about to their girlfriends.

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So that teacher has to be surrounded everyday by hundreds of girls that are half her age - younger, prettier, and more desired.

Damn that's so insane, I never thought of it like that. Really good analysis, sounds on point.

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God I'm so envious, that would have been fun.

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Teachers are red pilled as fuck about this subject.

My friend slept with the music teacher for quite a while. Everyone knew, kids would make jokes about it in other classes TO teachers. It was brushed under the carpet. The older teachers probably had it happen even more and that's why they weren't pressing for rape charges.

[–]whoareyou31 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yep. Same shit happened to me except much more recently. Started an "affair" less than a year ago with someone a decade older than me. Lasted for 2 months then she kinda just stopped wanting to see me. Instead of just smashing and leaving, I started spending more time with her. Now we dont even talk. Lesson learned though.

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It is the double standard, stupid!

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Wait you said you had a fling after you graduated high school and you were still together when you graduated college?

[–]TheReformist94 4 points5 points  (0 children)

DING DING.WE HAVE A WINNER.SOMEONE WHO GETS IT. Men are not the gateholders of commitment. Those are BB traits.

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Disagree. It's a rare case. Women are human too and some are weird. They like sex and were probably just horny. Just that simple.

[–]paulkersey1999 8 points9 points  (0 children)

i don't think it's that simple. they can get sex anyplace, yet they choose to risk their jobs and even jail time because they need to have sex with a student or students. i do not know what the actual explanation is, but it can't be "they are just horny".

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Many of these women are also near or postwall.

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I concur, doctor do you concur?

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wow, I'm a teacher and this kinda makes sense sorta

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I wonder how teacher-student relationships even begin. Like, who tf initiates? And whoever does so firstly, isn't that a major risk?

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Not really. They can physically look very similar.