Man creates "sexist, misogynist" app, MakeApp, that shows what women look like without makeup. Rage ensues. (self.TheRedPill)

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But wait, I thought make-up was just another tool of the patriarchy. These women should be applauding this man for "dismantling standard conventions of beauty."

Gotta love that article as well. Doesn't even bother with the usual left-wing nutjob commentary - just goes straight to taking the piss out of the designer. Hard-hitting female journalism right there.

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This cracks me up. If you are so proud of who you are as a strong women who dont need no man, then why do you need makeup just to leave the house?

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The far more attractive girls are usually the ones that wear minimal makeup.

Then when you see them without makeup it's not shocking.

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The society upholds crazy expectations, both for men and women.

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I would be happy if I could just figure out why women need to put on makeup to go to the goddamn gym.

On a side note, I would really like to know why anybody would take the makeup advice of the whores that work at Ulta. From the most beautiful to the most homely, every single girl in there looks like she was dragged face down through the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fudge pump. There isn't a single girl that works in that store that I would fuck without tying them face up in the bed of my pickup and running through the local car wash a half a dozen times.

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It doesn't bother me if a woman wants to stay made up but the gym dolls are the ones I can't understand. Fresh new coat of makeup to workout. I just don't get it. You are there to sweat and not look your best.

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Newsflash: They wear it mostly for other women for the most part.

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If a woman had made the app it'd be labelled as empowering.

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I'll refine that statement, Wolf: If a societally approved GOOD LOOKING woman had made the app it'd be labelled as empowering. They would literally give her awards.

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I don't know if good looking is the right quality. A womans worst enemy is other women. Feminists hate and try to actively sabotage beautiful women that make a living off of their looks, like models. Hence why feminists crusade against supermodels and want it to be illegal to have bikini ads on billboards, unless of course you put some fat hag in a bikini, then it is empowering.

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Sometimes I secretly hate highly attractive men who get ridiculous amounts of smoking hot pussy without even trying, so I understand where many of these feminists are coming from, lol.

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The female equivalent would be one that shows a man's net worth with his picture.

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Let them get past "hello world" first.

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If there were an app that displayed a mans occupation and net worth than it would be acceptable to these same howling bitches

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Lulu was pretty close to start doing it.

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I mean, there's a lot of 'stand-in's for occupation and net worth (e.g. shoes, clothing brands, car, etc), and a girl will be scanning for clues for it in the first 3 dates for sure.

There's was a dating website a few years back that only had high net worth individuals join, but they opened it up to any women attractive enough I believe.

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Are you thinking of the league? It’s only tough to get in if you’re a dude

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I don't remember the name or anything. I don't think I spent more than 30 seconds looking at that website.

But, I'm sure there are a number of services that hook up high net worth males with models.

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Hahahaha the hamstering in that Allure article is hilarious. I think the app does a really good job of taking the makeup off “Devon” personally.

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THis was the same thing I was thinking. In one photo she was smirking, in the other she was smiling. Otherwise, they were almost the same picture.

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Christmas has come early! Thank you, Baby Jesus!

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Lol I'd love to see this in action. It's not exactly fun wearing only moisturizer and lipgloss (because fuck heavy makeup) and looking like a gremlin in tagged iPhone flash photos compared to the girl with 50 layers of contour and fake brows. But hell, when the truth comes out and they look like the meth addict, gremlin won't seem so bad.

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There is a TRP maxim here:

No one wants the truth.

Especially, not women.

Unless, you are here.

Then you’ve seen the bitter truth and are better and stronger for it.

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Yes, the're that stupid.

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Remember, we're likely only a few years away from augmented reality contact lenses that could run an app like this in realtime.

Anyone remember 'They Live'?

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Holy shit, man...you just took this shit to the next level.

Can you imagine?

EDIT: It looks like the creator is already doing the next-best thing! Holy shit!

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Oh, and apparently everyone hates the app, too.

Lol the hamstering in that link on her friend. The picture where the app stripped her make-up looks spot on with her no-makeup photo.

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It's remarkably similar. Notice that in the undoctored no-makeup photo, she is not using a flash, because using a flash would further expose facial flaws. In her with-makeup photo, there is a flash being used, so her face looks understandably worse than in the no-flash photo.

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At least the guy is making a dollar from every purchase when these women buy it to prove it doesn't work, got to love the patriarchy.

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This app doesn't show all the acne bitches hide with makeup.

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Machine learning takes time mate.

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And given how viral this has become its going to take no time at all

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And given how viral this has become its going to take no time at all

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It's a funny app. If you're truly angry about it to the extent that you call it "sexist" and "misogynistic," clearly you have no purpose in life. Time for reevaluate yourself if THAT'S what gets you mad...

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Holy shit, look up there reviews if Makeapp on Google Play, it's fucking hilarious, lots of push back against feminazi and SJW. People are starting to realize how ridiculous it is to go ape shit when technology shows how vain women are.

The Barbara Streisand effect​ strikes again.

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Yup - the popularity of this app is exploding. And the creator has now made it known that the technology can be applied to full-motion video

No woman is safe. I completely understand their horror.

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Reminds me when HD TV came out, I can see the ugly wrinkles on TV reporters. Yet back then no women went full retard.

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Why are women so pissed about this dont they have bigger Problems in life ? If i could be so upset about something like a fucking App id have the most amazing life ever Lol. Like all the women saying why does he need to uncover the way they want to present them selfs. Its not like he made an app that sends the worst thing youve ever done to all 7 billion people on the Planet. Also it is not even really working. Its just a basic assumption it looks pretty realistic with girls who dont have 10 tons of makeup on but its not perfect. This world is crazy

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This app has opened my eyes to just how hard we're being bullshitted by women when they wear makeup. They look almost like a whole different person without the makeup on.

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Let me be honest i dont have a problem with women wearing makeup especially if its not a ton, also it prevents me from getting eye Cancer lol. But it is basically a Scam yeah. But i love good Magicians and we all know its not true magic its an Illusion right. So i kinda look at it that way. And the really good looking Women look good without it aswell not as good but good and the really good looking ones are the only ones i care about lol. And if we are being honest we care about the body so much more for sex than the face right i mean a Women could have the a face like a goddess but if she ways 300 pounds im not gonna sleep with her. What im saying its about the big picture right.

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lol all these immature "articles" taking cheap jabs at the dev just give him free publicity, props to that guy. Didn't see any evidence for any of their claims (just a bunch of SJW fluff), but I did download the app after reading!

Quite telling that they only show their before/after photos, but don't show what they actually look like without make-up to prove it does or doesn't work well. Maybe they had to omit it after realizing that the app is actually quite accurate, all things considered...

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Check out the creator's twitter feed

He's asking advice on getting U.S. based lawyers to sue for false and defamatory accusations being made against him. It's getting quite intense as you scroll through his feed and read what's being said about him.

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How much of a woman's beauty is actually destroyed in the long run by caking layers on theirs faces.

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Something something something swipe left. Im laughing hard at these. What a good post good job!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA this is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen all month

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Bro, I need more shit to laugh at. Please tell me the last funniest thing you heard before this, lol.

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I saw a video of a woman trying to refill her gas tank and failing at it.

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We Used the App That Reveals What Women Look Like Without
Their Makeup on the Man Who Created It

Haha we know what he looks like without his makeup because MEN DO NOT WEAR LIES MAKEUP.

I wonder.... does the app have a slider for her age? Because the older she gets, the larger the lie ... err the bigger the difference.

Obviously female lying is defined as men's fault because err.... women look better with it on. To men. So that's... hang on... let me get this right.... somehow my fault.

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The irony is that many women look better with minimal make-up on. Some of these bitches today look like Pennywise.

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My only beef with the app is that it doesn't do what it says: it doesn't digitally remove make-up from the photo, because that's technically impossible.

All it does is applies some filters with fake tones, blemishes, imperfections and wrinkles.

Remember that "ageing" website that was popular some years ago? You submit your photo and the site shows you how you might look when you're 60 or 80 etc. This is basically what MakeApp does. It fakes a look.

[–]RedPimpin 8 points9 points  (11 children)

agreed, its just a bunch of filter and of course we can't have a 1:1 presentation of women without makeup, still it manages to give you a extremely good idea and the hamstering proves that

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the real issue is that, things like snapchat and photoshop can pretty easily counter these filters.

i dont think this app adds wrinkles but it does use a color filter.

youd have to test it on yourself to really see.

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People are stupid, I'm so bored with this decade and it's culture.

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...I guess it's sexist cause men don't generally wear makeup???

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What's the name of the publisher and where can I get it?

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Ashot Gabrelyanov.

Check out his twitter. He's currently seeking advice to lawyer up to combat defamatory allegations.

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I love that he's standing up for his app and not backing away.

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I've checked out the app and I think it is too strong, i.e there's an example of the app being used on a guy and to be fair, it's not as bad as on the women, but it's definitely noticable; so it's not that accurate.

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It's not 100% accurate - that's impossible. But it really jolts us awake to just how intense of an effect makeup has on mis-representing their actual level of beauty.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Used it on a bunch of photos and think it's funny but needs polishing. It's not very accurate since it also assume to add blemishes and shadows even when there aren't any.

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Give it ten years. The technology will be astonishing.

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I do not see why it is seen as sexist. It's like saying brush up apps are sexist. If you do not like someone you know using it so much, do not associate with them. It is not that difficult.

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This guy is the hero we need! Makeup is disgusting and most women put way too much of it on themselves. I can barely even look at a womans face when im talking to her because of how disgusting their face looks with all that makeup covering their skin. ugh

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This reminds me of Ted Bundy favorite joke about women:

Why do women wear makeup and put on perfume?

  • Because they are ugly, and they stink!

Told by a guy that actually fucked a few corpses.

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Haha i cant even. Thanks for a good laugh. Ive meet a lot of women who look 9/10 when they are in fact 6/7 without makeup.

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Pure gold!

I'm going long JNUG 😂

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Saw some verified overweight twitter user in his 30s (only 7,000 followers which is low for a verified account) say the app was “Violent Misogyny” About as blue pilled as it gets. His name is Ryan Houlihan

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I could give a crap what they've got painted on their face. I'd like to see some very large breasts but I could really give 2 shits about who they're wearing. That app is hilarious.

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Okay, let's be real. If somebody could invent a "pants app" that could digitally remove a guy's clothes and show how big his dick really is, lots of women would be calling it THE BEST APP EVER!!! So yeah. Hypocrites as usual.

[–]gogis79 1 point2 points  (0 children)

How would AI determine state of circumcision?

[–]mr-no-homo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It would get praised with an obnoxious headline on cosmo and other chick magazines/blogs

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If a woman could invent a "pants app" hat could show a guy's dick size I, as a man, would e pretty pissed off. So I don't get this whole controversy. Everyone tries to look their best to attract a mate, I don't see a problem with that.

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It's funny because the guy doesn't even wear makeup

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A woman should make an app that strips the bs when a man is throwing game - in real time.

"Yea, end up working out 4-5 x week, buts its tough because i travel so much between producing music and Docs without borders" [I live with my parents but have a job as janitor at the gym. I'm tired of being incel]