Red Pill TheoryWishing You a Red Pill 2018 (self.TheRedPill)

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Every year begins with self congratulatory mindless chirping about the grind, staying positive and being motivated. A Blue Pill culture which is to say a slave religion doesn't understand the value of brilliance, sacrifice, will and risk. Spectacular individuals are replaced by diverse committees of Happy Meal Human Beings who toil and slave, but ultimately produce a grand nothing like the latest Star Wars movie or the Common Core curriculum. If you grind toil and smile like everyone else, how can you ever become better than everyone else?

Ultimately the goal of Red Pill is to be better than everyone else by being nothing like everyone else. The most offensive thing to a slave is a person who refuses to be a slave. That's why we the Red Pill are hated. We allow ourselves to think say and do what others won't. We refuse to submit. Alternatives to slavery are despised by slaves as they make slavery more unbearable.

The Red Pill is a philosophy of rejection. Therefore the Red Pill’s self improvement methodology functions via rejection of those who live their lives in downward dog position and their values. It's addition through subtraction. So what are we rejecting specifically? Everything that has made western men weak. Which is a great many things.

Every inch of the modern world is filled with easy. Easy sources of pleasure. Easy thoughts prepackaged for regurgitation amongst friends. Easy books for you to easily read. Easy entertainment. Easy identities to slap onto the back of your car. It's all one big airport terminal complete with snacks, silly magazines and endless warning announcements. Easy has no meaning. Which is why life has become a meaningless easy wait for an easy meaningless death.

Ultimately the path up lies in rejection of ease of submission for the explicit purpose of becoming better than everyone else. People who eat easy food, have easy workouts, repeat easy ideas, live easy lives, are easy to forget. My recommendation is that you remove easy people from your life as quickly as possible. Your diet isn't just the food you eat but also the ideas and experiences you consume. You will never become great so long as you surround yourself with human garbage and fill your thoughts with she got a big booty so I call her big booty degenerate mass culture.

One of the most prevalent Blue Pills is the belief that you must constantly entertain yourself like a two year old. You don't. You're a grown ass man who needs to do difficult workouts, read difficult books, say difficult things and make difficult decisions. You must declare unceasing war upon yourself.

May your 2018 be difficult meaningful and Red Pill. Alternatively if all of this sounds crazy: May you always have soda in one hand, a flacid Penis in the other, a blaring television before you and a mobility scooter beneath you.

If you're ready to put in the work to make a real change this year, I offer a Red Pill Fitness Coaching Service. Shoot me a PM.

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Wishing you a hard 2018. Iron sharpens iron.

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The Church of Steel. Come worship.

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No joke. I consider my dojo to fill pretty much the same role as church....except instead of holding certain beliefs, we expose our bodies (and spirits) to similar stresses.

When sensei had to move, over 20 people showed up. Fastest move ever. People showed because he and his family are loved. By the people who show up to participate in a full contact combat sport.

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The Church of Dojo. Looking forward to worshipping there in the near future.

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was in there yesterday... can report not a lot of people in there as of yet.. will keep you posted

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Stone sharpens iron. Have a couple between your legs and complete the puzzle that is masculinity. You could lift cars over your head for a workout, it won't matter if you are a mincing fruit that pisses yourself when a girl gets within 10 meters.

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Iron?? Bruh...

We in 2018 now. Its all about carbon fiber

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I attached some carbon fiber to my cock to show all the bitches I'm in it for the sport.

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Carbon fiber cock rings are all the rage, I hear.

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Live with purpose.
Embrace the suck.

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It's the only way to truly live.

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My problem is finding like minded people. I want to surround myself with people with the same drive but don't know where to look.

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Once you actually start doing it's very easy to find these people. Hardcore gyms and mountain trails are filled with these people. Your cumrag filled bedroom on the otherhand isn't.

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Like attracts like.

Be the type of person you wish to associate with and they come out of the woodwork wherever you go

Look within rather than outside for almost everything you want (I said want, not need)

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Prole suburbia is 95% mediocre humanoids and most of the ones with drive leave by the time they're 20.

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I had the same problem, too many drinking friends and not enough grind partners.

Well they say you are the resemblance of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose five great books from 5 great men and immerse yourself in them.

Or quit, I've heard it's easier.

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I run a startup, the more successful you become the greater the value of the people that orbit you.

But you can artificially do this. Network in your industry, find a mentor who is 10 years older and a leader in your vocation, go out for coffee, then find 4 more mentors - see them monthly. If you don't have a vocation, find your raison d'être, be an expert in what you do.

For hobbies, mix business and pleasure, play squash or golf with good quality men - alpha's in life, join establishments like the Australia Club (exclusive male-only establishments that are for the elites). Every city has one, Pacific-Union Club for SF, Knickerbocker Club in NYC etc.

Do high tier activities, start sailing, play golf with business associates, work out together and invest in your grooming and wardrobe to conform. In life who you know is very important - run in the right circles. Start a business, ask this network for intro's to HNWI and get them to fund it - if you're not smart enough read more, get an education - mentors or a business will teach you more than a university will.

PM me for specifics on myself, but the moment you're a millionaire in your 20's, dress well and have a good solid social circle, you will find the women in these circles are infinitely better than the women on tinder. It takes work, communities like this are a great way to surround yourself digitally with men trying to better themselves. Eventually, you want to replace this subreddit with actual IRL networks.

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Those elite groups typically like a certain color of people so this applies too you know...

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I kept pushing and improving myself through career and eventually found two guys (bigger than myself) with the same drive for exceptionalism to keep me hungry.

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May twenty-eighteen be a year full of risk-taking and sharp improvement in all personal aspects.

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All of these posts have informative content attached to them.The problem is that for many guys here all it does is create another false personality for them,where they attach all of these masculine labels that seem to circulate here.I believe all of these tips should not be taken in without reflection.I believe this to be the best way for someone reading TRP posts to incorporate them logically into their lives,and not let their ego create anything external.To be taken more as a finger pointing to the moon,but not the perception of the moon itself.

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Before something can be achieved it must first be imagined. We are dealing with a population of boys who couldn't even imagine real masculinity and if so not with any real clarity. We're dealing with boys who grew up in such feminized environments that even tag was banned for being too violent and dangerous.

First they'll imagine an alternative. Then they will larp they alternative. Next they'll act out the alternative. Finally they will redefine themselves as someone who has done the alternative.

That's generally the progression. Obviously some people get stuck along the way. But if its not hard then it wouldn't be worth it.

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Holy shit. I remember in elementary school when they banned Groundies -- marco polo + tag -- for being too dangerous. I attempted to beat the system by creating a very similar game with a different name. They caught onto it.

So this is the dystopian future...

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That's how all becoming works. I went from being a punter in the crowd to being a rave promoter by larping it. At some point it went from some label that I made up to doing shows and having a roster of djs.

Same thing with being a photographer and a filmmaker. I see it. Imagine being it. Pretend and practice hard as hell, then one day people point to me and tell others that I am.

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You clearly know what you are talking about because that happened to me.

stages of enlightment

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The level guys need to realize they are at to be moved to change is so low and despicable, it's not pointing at the moon, it's pointing down at who they are from a distance that seems like the moon.

Some guys will have read the OP and thought, "heh, at least I don't have a mobility scooter."

The "false consciousness" trope of the left is the basis for replacing any objective truth with an ego reinforcing "criticism," that serves only to secure their belief in their maternal perfection and their lack of personal, moral, culpability because oppression.

TRP is probably the only subculture based on the premise that it's not ok to suck. You start out sucking, and then you improve. What guys need to understand is, your piece of shit life is not ok. Your excuses are not ok. Your disadvantages are not ok. Self justification is not self acceptance. Self pity is not self compassion, and self sacrifice is not self improvement.

Sure, you can take these things with a grain of salt, pick and choose what parts are useful to you, and use these views to inform your experience. You can also live as a disappointment to yourself, waiting for approval and death, wondering what it was you were missing.

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Ultimately the goal of Red Pill is to be better than everyone else by being nothing like everyone else.

I have always enjoyed Japanese culture as an observer. I have always thought they were an excellent complement to traditional post-Enlightenment Western culture. However, I sure as fuck would never want to be IN their culture. By tradition, they are a people of replication and refinement; innovation is very difficult for them.

So what does this give us? Well, unlike virtually the entire rest of the world, they were able to respond to colonialism by creating a blue ocean navy worthy of combat with the western sea monsters. They industrial to being a massive export machine and went from being one of the worst car producers to one of the finest of the course of only 20 years. There are some absolutely wonderful achievements here and they should be proud as a people.

They are also some of the most cucked-ass motherfuckers in the world. Unable to push beyond their Xerox society, they are wallowing in unbelievable debt, as massive swaths of their men just give the fuck up. They used to be epic Mate Guards, a tradition afforded a solitary island nation that was able to "Keep The Strange Away" mostly just by the water around them. However, after 25 years of the New World Order, shit has really, really turned on them. I remember in the mid-90s I couldn't get some tail in Japan to save my life. Just last year three-holed a 20ish girl that could barely speak English and all because she turned into puddle giggle-beast because she thought my name sounded funny. Once "The Strange" made a foothold on their island, their women do like all women do--ignore the copy machine printed men and went for the Shiny New Cock.

And that's the point of all of this. Being different is the most powerful position to hold. Women crave and seek it. The bulwark of mate guarding is keeping strange out of sight. So attack that bulwark and the castle will fall. Why is lifting so important? Well, to build a strong you, but there is another big reason: with so many fat, sagging losers in the west it immediately makes you different than most of your peers and in a way that very hard for them to mimic.

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cucked ass-motherfuckers

Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

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Happy meal individuals, you make that one, or you take it from Zizec? It's fucking clever

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reminded me of single serving friends

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I thought that at first, but fight club references are my thing. GLO loves the slavic philosophers.

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Made it up. Zizec would never shit on the white collar proletariat teachers nurses etc

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2018 and onward are going to be about improving me. Going to get fit, going to get money, and maybe bring some worthy girls along for the ride.

May everyone reach their goals and strive for better.

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It's all a matter of perspective. I think that the West is getting a hard awakening from resting on our laurels for too long. We've started to realise that - due to globalism - the enemy is out there, not each other like is has been for thousands of years.

This is a liminal period. By being cut, we allow ourselves to be cut into better shapes. By globalising, we educate our citizens to the real horrors propagated by other, lesser peoples. We become stronger by knowing our weaknesses and draining them away.

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F*ckin’ a, this is the first Red Pill post I’ve read and I’m inspired. Glad I’m here.

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True. Adversity and difficulty keep us sharp and manly.

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GLO, this post is very wise. It is a pleasure to read what you write. I admire your talent to point things we should especially think about. In 1st january I reminded myself that I am going to die one day like we all. We are doomed, so we should live with some dignity at least.

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Exactly the message I needed to hear at the start of 2018. I was getting soft in 2017. It will never be easy, nor do I want it to be. I embrace the difficult. Nice kick in the ass. Thanks.

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Happy New Year to everyone. I myself had an exceptionally average 2017, entirely my own fault due to lack of self discipline. I don't think anyone should settle for average.

Anyway, first post, I have had a look around this subreddit and I like what I see, so probably will stick around.

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You must declare unceasing war upon yourself.

This has stuck with me every day for the last 10 days. I posted in on my fridge but I remember it several times a day now.

Thanks man

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This is what I needed to hear, thank you.

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How about the phenomenon of endurance? My Favorite Red-pilled ape.

P.s -- The flight terminal metaphor of an easy life is honestly brilliant in the falling of consciousness for the Lemming, it resonates truth especially in the quote depicting their journey as a meaningless wait, for an easy meaningless death.

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Excellent piece. Simple, clear and to the point.

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May your 2018 be difficult meaningful and Red Pill. Alternatively if all of this sounds crazy: May you always have soda in one hand, a flacid Penis in the other, a blaring television before you and a mobility scooter beneath you.

That made me laugh so hard.

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The part ab big booty is hilarious.

I need to heard the following paragraph regarding difficulty. Thanks glo!

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You must declare unceasing war upon yourself.

Fuck ya, this is the answer to greatness. Throw yourself into as many failures as humanly possible.

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Take tren eat clen anavar give up 💪😜

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Tren hard, eat clen anavar give up