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What distinguishes a bad habit from a harmless one?

AskTRP constantly wants to know if it should swear off masturbation, video games, television, weed, whatever. We hear endless arguments about whether this or that is "bad" or "okay".

This is the reasoning of a child. The dose determines the poison. Everything has a "too much", even oxygen and water. The question is how much. When is a habit simply a habit, and when is it cancer?

cancer (kănˈsər)►
n. Any of various malignant neoplasms characterized by the proliferation of anaplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites.
n. The pathological condition characterized by such growths.

What this means in layman's terms is that a cell is cancerous if, when its growth is blocked by another cell, it eats into that cell instead of stopping.

This is how you know when anything you are doing is becoming a problem. Does it fill the time, attention, and resources you alot to it, or does it eat into other areas of your life?

Is masturbation reducing your motivation to go out and meet girls? Is weed keeping you idle on the couch? Do the video games stop when you're tired, or do they keep you awake into the predawn hours? Are you reading TRP and then going out and trying what you learned, or has the reading eaten the practice?

This is stupidly simple. Don't ask if it's bad, because enough is never bad, and too much always is. Ask if what it is doing is bad. Is it eating something else it's not supposed to eat? Cancer.

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God Damnit Wisper! Why do you have to make everything so complicated? I mean look dude our lives are allready difficult enough. We have to take our Anime body pillows to the drycleaner. We have to polish our Katanas in between water jug practice. We have to post emojis on girls Facebook photos so they'll like us. Ok?

All that and while ensuring we have the correct gear for our Role-play server. Do you know how hard it is to find matching pauldrons and grieves in the enchanted forest with wood elves behind you? No you don't bro. You probably can't even tell the difference between a wood elf and a night elf. Psh

So how about you quit all these bullshit games and just give me a list of what's Alpha and Beta. I don't want to think or make my own decisions ok? I just want to follow while being Alpha so that girls will like me. I allready have Seductive Secret Pick Up Lines list, so just do something like that.

I get it, your trying to make us figure things out for ourselves or whatever. But thats hard inefficent and takes forever. My Karate Instructor was pulling the same bullshit, so I quit and ordered a Black Belt off eBay.

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First of all, hilarious and well done.

But....I disagree about memorized canned lines and concepts being totally useless.

You rely on “pickup” lines to eventually discard reliance on pickup lines

Basically, fake it til you make it. This is how most men (including yours truly) groom themselves into successful pussy smashers.

The mere act of knowing what winners do and say aligns oneself with that attitude to create intrigue and come across as high value

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I see your point. I get how using a Prima Strategy guide can help in the initial stages of the boss encounter however I have too much pride to ever use one. As Guild Leader of the BlackDragonPussyRaiderz I have a reputation to maintain.

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Way I used to frame it, canned routines were like lifting weights. doing the same routine with perfect form, so that when you need to use it, you're strong enough to.

Also, you really need to learn how to knit. Making chain mail is so much easier than building some heavy suit, plus the monty python jokes hurt ones rep

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Even now, I can quickly reread an old favorite CH post and feel my ladykiller instincts come alive.

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I do miss that bastard

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Which post are you referring to?

[–]markinsinz7 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Chateau heartiste as a guess. He used to be really good. Now he's more about the politics, which is fair game since that's what makes drives viewership atm

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It's not him any more. He sold it.

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As Guild Leader of the BlackDragonPussyRaiderz I have a reputation to maintain.

This is pretty much the only person that you type this sentence in this sub and not get perms-banned.

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The learning of any subject naturally proceeds from the specific to the general.

First you learn very specific stuff, by rote. Then you learn the principles behind it. Then you generate your own specific material.

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Even now I like to go back and occasionally reread but its not for memory.

Its to stoke the fire. Its brings forth the attitude where I can generate my own winning material

Does that make sense?

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Thou hast murdered me by laughter, oh jester greatest!

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You are a sad little man

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Did he get the elves backwards?

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I know you're lying because you supposedly take your anime pillow to the dry cleaner when you can just put it in the washer machine, you poser scum!

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Yeah man this some bullshit I came here to swallow a pill, not a melon.

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Always ask yourself whether a girl/activity/(insert anything you want) is taking too much time and drain your energies. This is the first step to clear things out. Obv when you are inside a relationship or another 'cancer' is difficult to see things as they are, but you have to force yourself. Personally, I'm a huge failure assessing my own behaviour, so I know how it is complicated. I think we will win our battle eventually, best of luck everybody

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Sounds like a good rule of thumb 👍

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It is, the issue lies applying it, we are too blind in general. Imo answering this question would save a lot of time and probably lives

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and if you don't know if you should go hardcore or if your cancer is malignant, you will go hardcore.

so newbies, if you find yourself toying with the idea of half measures, go full monk.

in judiesm there's a saying: en teda maho maspeek, em lo teda maho yoter medai.

for the goyim amongst ye that translated means; you can't know what's enough until you get to know what's too much.

so there ye have it, go full monk mode ye weaklings, and discover who you truly really are by pushing your boundaries.

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I was reading this thinking "yep, got all my habits under control, nothing interfering with growth where it shouldnt. I'll just read this post for what it is and continue on with my day" right up until

Are you reading TRP and then going out and trying what you learned, or has the reading eaten the practice?

I'm far too logical, always researching methods and processes. Thinking I need to read more and more. And sure this has worked wonders with gym and diet (for muscle growth); but building character, progressing with my career, getting better with women, these things all need less thinking and more doing. More learning from your own personal mistakes and how to improve next time, than hearing countless other people's FRs

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Where is your cliff edge... But more importantly, do you have the balls to go looking?

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great post. Moderation is key for most things

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Definitely wish I didn't play video games all night years ago... so many weeks wasted.

Yesterday I went on a hiking trail for a few hours. Felt great.

Haven't jacked it in a few days. It's nice being able to just look at a still image that isn't overtly pornographic and still be able to get off vs having to watch some gross shit to achieve the same effect.

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Is masturbation reducing your motivation to go out and meet girls?

I have a very high sex drive. I masturbate a lot, but it's no replace of real sex for me. I get horny and want to fuck real girls a lot. My problem is, I live in a third world country where prostitutes are great and cheap, so I developed a quite unhealthy habit of fucking them. I lose a lot of time by fucking where I should be out making money.

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Very solid. Simple explanation. Functional advice. Rational.

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Cool allegory bro.

Lung cancer cells and their unlimited growth, their unwillingness to be controlled by the upper levels of organism or by their neighbours... for me are like... "hey mr owner of this body, we don't like all this cigarette smoke, you promised us this and that, and all we get is this fucking smoke, we're outta here". It's like they want to survive so badly they decide to form something new and to divide infinitely. I believe that some (all?) cancer cell lines are immortal and there were experiments on those lines of cells to identify what makes them tick.

But I digress.

TRP is similar process, only with humans, as a reaction to social marxism.

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This is the most sophisticated way I've ever seen someone call redpill Cancer.

They should make you king of the bloopies with that analogy!

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The cancerous cell that escapes the control is the cell that wants to survive...

inside a dying organism...

... controller by a broken mind, that causes harm to the body it's in.

If that doesn't describe the state the EU is in, then I don't know what does.

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Just gotta austerity more brother!

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It comes down to habits - and things like masterbation, smoking, porn, etc are addictive and get harder and harder to stop once those pathways are deep in the brain. When those habits become engrained into your subconscious - you've lost control.

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This is great advice. Everything in moderation and even oxygen is poison in high doses.

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Lol cancer is unchecked cell growth not consumption.

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Anyone who thinks porn is harmful is either a beta bitch or someone who needs to get a sense of perspective urgently.

Porn is just a reminder every women has a price and like and a dog for a bone they will do anything if the price is right.

It affirms the notion of M.O.B