Building PowerWhat do YOU want? (self.TheRedPill)

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"Dude, I want to be lean and muscular, I want to cut this belly fat, I want to be able to run 5kms in 30mins." You spend your time with smokers, you stay awake until 2am watching tv/series, you can't do a 2 hour session in a gym.

"Man, I wanted to come to this thing I gave my word I would come to, I just had a shitload of work/school work." You didn't plan your time and enforce it, you spent the day scrolling through social media, playing games, wasting time on your phone.

"Dude, my homie/girl/random person totally disrespected me around my social circle. I wanted to do something about it. I just let it slide though, I don't want my friends to think something of it." You just let people disrespect you because you're afraid of other's reaction if you did something about it.

"Oh man, I want lots of girls, I want girls calling me up, fighting over my dick." You pass a hot girl on the street, "oh, she was walking too fast. I'll talk to the next one." You sit next to a hot girl on your commute, "oh, it's rude to bother people on a bus ride." You spot a hot girl alone a few tables away in a restaurant, "oh, she must be waiting for someone, I don't want to disrupt it."

You want to be comfortable. You want to be timid and meek. You don't want to take responsibility for yourself.

Lessons 1. You are the problem. Recognize that. Look in the mirror. Change what you don't like. 2. Take Action. Stop wasting your time. Cut off people/things you don't need. Approach, don't think, approach. Don't have anything to say? Approach. People are looking? Approach. You're with friends, you can't? Approach. 3. Trust yourself. You trust these people who tell you to text for logistics. You trust these people who tell you you need a new smartphone/Ferrari. You trust these people who tell you you need to shower. Why don't you trust yourself for a change?

This was written for me and anyone else who is aware of his own BS.

TL;DR: "The cucumber is bitter? Then throw it out. There are brambles in the path? Then go around. That's all you need to know." - MARCUS AURELIUS

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Man, I do the missed opportunity one all the time. I see a cute girl and some thought pops into my head and gives me an excuse. I know its bullshit afterward. I really need to stop doing this.

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BTW this doesn’t just apply to game. Think about any social situation where some unspoken, bullshit excuse you made up in your head stops you from being yourself. Talking to the CEO of your company, being honest your boss, pursuing business opportunities, etc. The upsides are enormous and the downsides are blown out of proportion because people are so risk averse and misled by modern society.

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I used to as well, then I just started approaching, no thoughts, no plan, just walked up and said hi and improvised from there. It was nerve racking at first but man the confidence I built in myself! The fact that I was willing to act without a plan showed that I had faith in myself, a sort of self reliance. Take it as a challenge, try it.

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You MAKE TIME for things that are important to you. That’s all that matters. End of story

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Just reread a post today that instructed users to find their "mission" by building the lifestyle they wanted.

Vigorously create the lifestyle you want. If something doesn't build upon your current lifestyle, fight it with fervor.

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Can I grab a link to that post?

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Automod removed a post from its own Subreddit lol. Just Google "your lifestyle is your mission Reddit redpill." I'm on mobile and can't be bothered to archive.

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I agree with this. I also think however, that some people waste a lot of time finding their mission, it's probably coz they don't really know themselves and haven't chosen to find out, and/or are listening to all these other people who tell them what they should be.

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If I ever have a son, I'm going to name him Marcus Aurelius

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I think, you are absolutely right!

I sat in a bus for about two hours two weeks ago where I didn’t know anyone at all. Next to me was a very good looking girl I was afraid of talking to. After some time thinking about how to start a conversation, I set a spot on the street we would pass about 15min before arriving at our destination. I wanted to start talking to her BEFORE passing that spot. I then continued to think about how to do it. My hands began to sweat like nothing else.

So a few hundred meters before passing that named spot, I just started talking to her and it went waaay better than I thought. After we left the bus, we continued to talk like 5 or ten minutes and she even offered me to bring me home by car, but unfortunately I had to get to the other direction.

It was a very nice conversation. I’m happy af that I achieved this milestone for myself and I do not regret anything about it. Guys. Start doing things rather than thinking about them! That is one of the most important rules of having success.

I’m just starting to adapt some of the advices here and it’s getting easier every day!

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At the very least baby step it. Never stop moving no matter how slow. Progress is progress.

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Financial Independence, No anxiety when Cold Approaching, 88~ KG and fit as hell, and traveling to E-sport and EDM events because that's where my heart's at.

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And probably a good thing to remember is anything you do in life is ultimately pointless, your life means nothing in the end, have fun, do what makes you happy - whether that is video games and cheetos or benching 260. Fail, win, doesn't really matter, money will not make you happy, either will working till you die, the good eras of working hard and being paid well are long gone, so are home ownership, women these days aren't worth it either, tatoos, blue hair, entitlement, #metoo.

"Reflect too on the yawning gulf of past and future time, in which all things vanish. So in all this is must be folly for anyone to be puffed with ambition, racked in struggle, or indignant at his lot—as if this was anything lasting or likely to trouble him for long" - Marcus Aurelius

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A 2 hour gym-session decreases your testosterone. 40-60 minutes is optimal.

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Is it tho? Some of my absolute best workouts are like 2 hours, sometimes a bit more. I hit that endorphin high and just keep the pump rollin for a good while.

Plus since I’m lifting heavy at the beginning, I have to take significant breaks between sets to recover my adrenaline and CNS. So I may spend an hour on the bench— ramping up to 300 lbs, and then the drop sets. And by that time I’m high as fuck on endorphins so I just keep building the pump for another hour on arm stuff. Seems to work great for me. I cant comprehend a 40 minute workout.

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I don't know about the hormones, but subjectively if I finish my workout (5x5) in an hour I walk home feeling like a beast, brimming with testosterone and more energy than I had when I started. If it takes longer, I'll feel like I just got beaten up. But if normally only takes me that long when I've failed a set, so it could just be that rather than the actual time.

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Are you only considering the time spent lifting or stretching/cardio and all combined? Because with 20 minutes of cardio and 10 stretching it leaves just 30 for the actual workout.

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There's no actual way to prove at what point ur test levels start moving up,peak and then drop - without professional help but I know the following guideline well.

If u start ur gym session with a warm up then that doesn't count unless ur warmup is a weight training of about 40%+ of ur 1RM. So if it is more of a blood flowin cardio type thing then if it's not more than 10min that'd be fine.

Then as soon as u begin ur an exercise with 60%+ of ur 1RM ur test levels have begun to move up and they peak around 20-30 minutes in that session. This includes ur RESTing times. During next 15 they start to lower down from peak. They finally crash on avg about 45-1hr+ into your main workout depending on th guy but at 1hr 30 min it is dead certain ur test is done(this excludes warmup)

Then whatever u do after is just to increase recovery via blood flow ie stretches Also I assume u do 20 min cardio b4/after ur main weight workout? Yea that may not be a good idea. Depending on who ur gurus are for muscle building n overall fitness. Cardio must be mornings on fasted stomach(worked 4 me) exception: if u do ur gym workout morning as well then no cardio. And the general rule is cardio shud be done on non workout days if the cardio is the heavy type.

For ur main gym days do a circuit burner in the last 15 min of the workout if u want to do cardio. This wud be like doing jump pushups or burpees or sprints or watever really quick with no weights usually.

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5kms in 30 is average. I ran 5km in 34mins with my brother after basically just laying on my ass for the previous 3 weeks, maybe hitting the gym every couple days. Its all mental. Navy seal 40% rule look it up.

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Wife and family while remaining alpha.

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Nothing wrong with wanting a family, but I'd advise you to think about marriage. It's not a smart option.

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Not a truer word said! Well put, we are the ones responsible for our outcome nobody else!

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Thanks op, these past few years i have really let my fitness slide. Not any longer, hitting the gym harder than ever this year.

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I just want to finish my degree and get a decent job tbh.

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Two turntables and a microphone

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Damn, usually posts like this go right over my head but this one hit home. I often cheat on my diet and come up with a million justifications but deep down I know it's bullshit. It's time to stop excusing and start doing.

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TL;DR: "The cucumber is bitter? Then throw it out.

I was about to write that I want this Cucumber Melon soap to stop making my hands smell like piss, then I saw this quote by Marcus Aurelius and realized an ancient, dead author wants me to throw away my hand soap.