Field ReportFR: The power of frame control. (self.TheRedPill)

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Short and sweet guys. This is my first post on the main sub and it is going to be a field report.

Matched with a girl on bumble. She's probably a 7 by my standards. Got her snapchat, snapped yesterday and sent playful stuff. Sent a few suggestive images but nothing too much. Talked about meeting up, she agreed.

Had an operation this morning to remove something on my face. Doc told me I had to wear a bandage for at least 24 hrs due to the packing on the wound.

What do I do? I snap ole girl and am like "meet at X at Y time". Shes down. I tell her I have a huge bandage on my face and is that ok, she said ya.

I look absolutely ridiculous. I dressed nice, smelled nice but i am wearing a WHITE square on my face and we went out with me looking like this. I acted like it wasnt a big deal, hell I forgot it was even there. No one made a big deal about it and she didnt even care it seemed. This was THE FRAME.

What happened? Had a great date, made out with her for 30 mins or so, plans for her to come to my place the next night to cook ME dinner. LOL

Guys, frame is everything. Looks gets you in the door (Idk if she wouldve acted the same had she not seen me before the operation) but definitely the frame is everything. I had a set frame that no one will care that I have a bandage on my face and that the bandage doesnt make me less attractive. So thats how it was.

MEN YOU CONTROL THE FRAME. She will follow your lead. Be comfortable in your own skin and everyone else will be comfortable with you.

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DGAF attitude will take you far.

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Ikr, just look at Trump. Love him or hate him, you got to admit that the guy has self confidence.

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Upvoted for that confidence bro.

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Tl;dr Handsome guy gets a band-aid on his face, asks his date if it's okay that he has a band-aid on his face, then K-closes her thanks to his set frame that nobody will care about the band-aid on his face (but isn't sure if she'd act the same without seeing him pre band-aid.) Frame is all.

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Most accurate tl;dr I've ever seen.

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And that man’s name? Nelly

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And that mans name? Morgan freeman

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Morgan freeman is everywhere.

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And that man's name? Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris is everywhere.

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Well Morgan freeman is God, and Chuck Norris is a legend haha

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Yeah, in evans allmighty you become gods helper. But sadly the movie isnt as good as bruce allmighty.

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I think I played in American horror story, Evan peters. Haha

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Oh yeah... didnt think of that one, thats better, lol

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asks his date if it's okay that he has a band-aid on his face,

What the hell were you reading?

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Should've printed a Gucci sticker and slapped it on that bandaid

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Even used a marker to scrawl funny chit on it, this is smart.

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Proud of you bro. Bet you looked dapper as hell. Thats just as much frame as confidence within yourself man.

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Im really fat (BMI of 37). Frame is basically where all my confidence comes from in the meanwhile as i work on losing weight. It enough to get the attentions of 6 and 7s my roommates orbit over.

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Fake it until you make it at its best. It can only get better from there

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Attenrion or access to pussy. There's a difference

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Well, he said he's working on the image part. Let's take this one step at a time. Having a sense of purpose and self-dignity is a great start to getting people's attention.

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Yeah but just getting attention and then acting superior to his friends "who are just orbiter is stupid

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I will concede that. It's not a zero sum game where you have to tear others down in order to lift yourself up. We have all been there as orbiters.

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A corollary for success in life in general: if you act like you know what you’re doing, and you at least appear to be competent - people will follow your lead and trust your judgement.

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Lol why did you ask her if it was ok?! You don't need her agreement or permission!

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not to ask, but just telling this in advance is good, otherwise she puts you in a box the moment she sees you. in other scenarios its not needed, but definitely in this.

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Telling is way better indeed.

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Yeah it’s kind of a blatant elephant in the room on your face

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Not telling in advance is how you show you have balls

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Great job dude, I had a similar experience but I had a hardcore rugburn on my forehead from bjj practicing the rear clinch, and those outfits (gis) are dry and very textured, so an aggressive opponent will test your ability to hold him.

Anyways, wore a bandaid on my forehead to work and everywhere else, and I completely forgot about it. But EVERYONE opened me and it gave me a cool segue to talk about my passion, which chicks love to see.

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This reminded me of Chinatown and Jack "Fucking Alpha" Nicholson's character slaying pussy like it's nobody's business while sporting a big funny bandage on his nose. Srlsy, though, didn't this make it difficult to make out?

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Not really, the bandage was between my eyes on my upper nose bridge.

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Logically I would have rescheduled completely but this makes me think twice about a situation like this. Elite brotha.

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Great post.

It's not a problem if you aren't insecure about it. If you are insecure, people will smell that and it will be a problem. If you don't have control over yourself, you can't control anything else.

Meditation and internalized stoicism helps.

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Cringed at you asking if it’s ok, as that puts you in her frame . Hopefully she doesn’t see you as beta brah

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its ugly comments like this that is cancer to this sub

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I think my comments sexy, 11/10

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Isn't that just a normal day?

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Framing works in all aspects of negotiation, including romantic/relationship endeavors. Good job exuding the confidence to frame your situation in the proper way so that you showed strength, and she got to feel good about accepting your situation, and your frame.

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Did the dinner date happen? Depending on who suggested it I feel like it might fall through despite you holding a great frame. When you're on a date and the man pushes for a date the next day, women have a tendency to flake unless they are super attracted to you or just want your cock.

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Well she was all over my cock on the date so I'm sure it's still on. I'll know in 2 hrs. Been "unavailable " to her today bc I'm super busy.

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Well if she was all over your cock on the date i'm sure you're gonna hit that tonight. Have fun.

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Hey, it worked for Nelly. Eye patches are cool too

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frame doesnt exist.

weak frame exists and sends you to hell immediately

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Is this for real? Who the fuck cares? What kind of beta would even consider a band aid being a problem or ask her if she's okay with it? Are you a royal prince having a tea party?

the fuck is this

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I canceled with a girl over this exact same thing. So good job having the balls to go out anyways. I didn't want to do it with a big thing on my face

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Haha this reminds me of a guy at work who had a tiny bandage on his face on his first day at work. He got stuck with the nick name bandage guy along with other jokes like how his bandage has a life on its own etc