16 rules of the Game (self.TheRedPill)

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Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially one that you are not fucking.

I wish more guys would realize this. It creates an inflated fake demand for pussy and they just end up going home with blue balls and the hope that one day, she will be mine. One girl asked me how her dress looked like, I dunno why because she went from guy to guy asking and seeking validation. I told her, ' it looks interesting but honestly looks like you have a kangaroo pouch' she spent the rest of the night seeking my validation.

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I made a girl so pissed one night. She walks up to me and my friends and asks if she looked fat. My boys said of course not. I told her, yeah, you got a gut and fabby arms, but I'm a black man so I like that fat ass. She mean mugged me for the rest of the night and kept telling other girls I said she looked fat. The other girls would come over to our table and ask if it was true, then laugh and shoot pool with us. Free advertising for our group.

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I give compliments when there is something that I REALLY like in her, something that has really impressed me, and that is not easy. But I never make compliments about her body anyway, unless she is a very shy and insecure girl.

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unless she is a very shy and insecure girl.

Probably an important caveat. The girl with self-esteem issues does need to be drawn out of her shell and made to feel good enough.

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Can definitely back this up, made the mistake of doing the opposite of this at the start of September and lost a plate due to it.

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It's surprising how many beautiful women are insecure. Two of the most beautiful women I've been with were the most deeply insecure. It makes them easy to manipulate in some ways but more volatile in others.

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This a hundred fold, very shy and insecure girls require validation to be coaxed into sex and submission. No other male might compliment a girl like this versus the bombshell that has men drooling over her, which is why being a timid female's nicotine is important; manipulation from there, controlling doses, is a piece of cake.

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I give compliments when there is something that I REALLY like in her

I don't give "compliments", I give "positive reinforcement" when a plate has done something to deserve it. So if she has really toned up at the gym, I will tell her that, whilst I grab a handful of ass cheek. Or if she has done something I like, like worn thigh-highs for me--because she knows that Daddy.Likes--I will tell her that her legs look amazing in them. But they are something to be earned, not to be given like candy to children or used as bribes.

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I do strategically compliment a girl on her appearance when I honestly like it. It could be her dress, her perfume or her hair. In that order of frequency, with the latter happening rarely.

It makes them feel good around me. Whatever I want from them, it gets easier.

On the other hand, if I would dole out compliments like free candy, it has no value.

Using compliments sparingly works.

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I give compliments when there is something that I REALLY like in her

On the rare occasion I do this, I usually use words like "She's attractive" and "she has nice features." Be neutral and give no obvious impression.

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I told her, ' it looks interesting but honestly looks like you have a kangaroo pouch' she spent the rest of the night seeking my validation.

You have to be careful with this. It really only works on certain types of girls. Granted, by going around asking for validation from multiple guys she is identifying herself as one of those types of girls, but for teaching purposes my point stands. In general, the direct insult is not the most efficient or statistically successful approach. If she perceives you as significantly above her SMV, then she may very well call you an asshole (as a defense mechanism) and go elsewhere where she thinks she's more likely to get laid (and get the validation that comes along with that). You're not going to lose her doing things like this, but you'll be forced to reinitiate contact and reassure her she has a chance. That's fine, but not ideal. You also risk forcing her to act cold towards you if her friends knew you did that. You don't lose a girl by insulting her usually, but you always lose her friends, and once you've lost the friend endorsement it takes a lot more effort to seal the deal.

A much better approach is indifference. Most guys approach might be pure flattery. Other guys might go for cocky/confident flirting, which might honestly be the best approach depending on the situation. However, most of the time the best thing to do is to reject her need for validation through indifference. She comes over, "RP-Doctor, what do you think of this dress?" If I just saw her asking a bunch of other dudes what it looks like, my answer is probably, "Looks fine," while looking her dead in the eye and not checking out her body. If there's another girl in the area to check out subtly, all the better. That's a genuine slight to her looks, and she'll pick up on that.

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Maybe I need to clarify, she does have a sense of humor and it was not in an ice cold insultive way. She took it as what it was, a fun comment. Just that she did not get the typical, oh you are beautiful comment she was using as a filter.

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I thought that might be the case. I just typically comment for the sake of teaching. Some guys will take that comment the wrong way. Just want to make sure they aren't swayed in the wrong direction. It happens too much on this sub, and you end up with a bunch of guys who literally think shitting on women is the best approach 100% of the time.

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See I feel the advice to never compliment a girl on her looks is newbie advice. Never? Seriously? You mean you go out with your girl, she spent 2 hours to look good with you, wearing high heels, amazing red dress, and yet because you follow someone elses rules you don't even reward her hard effort with a compliment. Think about that.

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Women manipulate their physical appearance to get into the physcial pressence of men they desire. Women who want compliments post selfies on Fakebook and Instawhore for the adoration of men they never want to meet.

(This principle is more flexible in LTRs of course)

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You can and should reward her by telling her she looks good. Just make sure she knows she doesn't look the best. Don't tell her generally that she's hot, give her a tiny bit of a neg, and I mean tiny. "You look much cuter in that scarf. You should wear it more often." In my experience, a compliment delivered like that will always be met with a shit test, even though it's such a subtle neg. "Oh I look cuter, implying what exactly?" Agree and amplify and move on. "Oh well I usually can't stand to look at you at all. Truly hideous. With the scarf it's okay though." Most importantly make sure she knows there are plenty of other women out there hotter than her, and that she doesn't have a monopoly on decent looking girls for you.

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My rule is to never give her a compliment I'd give her in front of her mother.

I'd never say "your hair sure looks nice".

But I'd say "I want to bend you over, grab you by the hair and fuck you as hard as I can".

They usually like that more.

Note: in a long term relationship, I do occasionally throw out a nice, clean compliment. You gotta have balance. But in the first few months it's always dirty compliments.

More examples:

"I can tell you spent a long time making yourself look this good. I can't wait to make your mascara run down your face."

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you forget your name."

Then there's non-verbal compliments- such as, I have literally torn a woman's clothing off, ripped her dress to shreds and left her naked on my bed, without even knowing for sure if she had a backup outfit in her car. As completely inconsiderate and boorish and WRONG as that was, she loved it and kept coming back for more.

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You are giving way too much sexual validation for them just existing. Just your presence alone let's them know they are hot. Because what man would hang out with some fat ugly loser? Not you, correct? If they don't know that, good. It's keeps them seeking validation which is essentially what they want. I only compliment looks in LTRs and rarely. Its an epidemic from thirsty losers,maintain that you're the prize, not their existence.

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I feel like in this instance one short compliment would be acceptable anymore wouldn't be good. I like to have my compliments be worth more than empty words.

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Or you can go about with a sexual remark. "Why go through the trouble of looking Hot when I'm gonna strip you down tonight?"

Play with words, paint those image in her mind and get her hamster working.

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Complimenting on her looks is easily overdone. I think it shows weakness because you're revealing to her that she has some power over you. Fawning over a beautiful woman is what BPs do.

A strong, RP compliment is a nice slow, CONSPICUOUS, checking her out. Look her body up and down, evaluate her. You're not stealing a glance you're observing and evaluating. I prefer to do this after locking eyes with her to make sure she sees me check her out and to assert confidence and frame. No BP chumps do this because they're afraid it'll creep her out and lose her. The key is not staring. You're not getting mesmerized by her tits, you just see where they're at and move your gaze to her hips, legs, shoes, and back up. Finish with re-locking eye contact. It subtilty validates her appearance is worth seeing without giving up your dominance. If I say anything after conspicuously checking her out, I say it with my body or my actions. Slightly narrowing my eyes (the "target acquired" look), subtle bemused smirk, up the kino, etc.

Verbally complimenting on her style, clothes, or look can be done, but you don't want to give her a compliment she's heard a thousand times from betas, like "you're gorgeous/beautiful/etc". Instead, saying "you look well put together" or "I like this outfit on you" or "those pants make your ass look great" are compliments she likely hasn't heard much. You appreciate (reward) her effort to look good for you without fawning.

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A guy who knows fast cars, who gets in a Ferrari, and knows he is in something special. He guns the engine, he throws it through the corners, he goes hot damn, that is one amazing machine.


The guy who says no, he doesn't want to drive that Ferrari, it's too expensive, sure is nice, too worried about messing it up, won't put it through its paces but just steps back and reveres it or takes a photo because he knows he will never own such a thing but only be able to look at it...

I think the trick is to be the first guy. Experienced, capable, impressed but not intimidated, no matter how intimidating the experience or company. Confident enough to take note and voice his thoughts, and not so insecure that he glosses it over or sputters and stutters his way into some trite, overused commentary.

That is what gives the vibe of power.

Chuck Yeager was not cool because he brushed off death like it wasn't there or made out like he wasn't taking a risk. He also didn't get cool by wringing his hands and talking about it and whining. He acknowledged it, summarized it, joked about it but with enough gravitas that you knew what it was about.

"It wasn't that the X-1 would kill you, it was the systems in the X-1 that would kill you."

Ah haha. Ohh.

What a guy. That's who you want to be.

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Yep, I definitely have had that 'problem' arise where a woman complains that I didn't appreciate her effort to look good. That is a shit test on it's own, but something you can head off.

My current strategy is to use a handful of scattered minor compliments about various aspects of her appearance, and then drop one big one ("you look fucking amazing tonight") at the opportune time. If all else fails, drop it on her as the date is drawing to a close so at least it is there.

MAYBE not complimenting works as a rule of thumb for guys who are used to gushing all over a woman and over-validating her from the get-go, but it does pay to actually validate her efforts at some point.

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a woman who got herself together to go out with you I think is worthy of a, "You look great tonight." Acknowledgement of the obvious I think is fine. Constantly avoiding it draws attention to it.

It's the guys who get puppy dog and fawn over how beautiful she is and can't come up with anything else, towards a woman who is still making up her mind about them, is going to get himself into trouble because he sounds like a supplicant.

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That and he's giving her all the validation she seeks without her actually putting out. It is about making her actually STRIVE for your approval, not letting it flow freely.

Being stoic and silent beats gushing so it's better to start saying nothing and then work into more complimentary statements.

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"That dress looks amazing" "Those heels really show off your legs"

Compliment the effort and the choice, not so much the woman. It's a way of saying she looks good but allows her hamster to spin since you didn't explicitly value anything she was born with, rather reward her actions. Sets a tone of expectation in her behavior (more submissive and playful) instead of her thinking she can coast by on natural looks.

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I've said, "well, you sure clean up nice." ... which is especially good when it's not a girly girl who is getting all girly girl for a special occasion. Recognizes the success of what she's done, and also recognizes that this is an act and a game and that maybe she's out working on the ranch, riding horses and feels more that that is who she is. Without blubbering or getting into hallmark card crap. Staying in control.

I am not so fond of the captain first mate stuff, but if you had a first mate for whom you only ever gave orders and never said "good job number one," you could end up on the wrong side of a mutiny. That starves them of something that they need and ultimately someone will cater to that need.

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I latched on to this one as well. I've not called a girl beautiful in years. Prior to quitting, it was my go to compliment.

It's really kind of amazing how awkward women act when you call them beautiful.

Way back when the urge to compliment on appearance still cropped up, I used to tell myself "you're talking to her/dating her/flirting with her, she knows you think she's pretty." That always helped push it down.

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the thing about "you're beautiful" is that if she is, she hears it from a hundred men a day, all of them buzzing into that awful dreadful noise of unoriginal sameness. Each one appealing to her, no, pleading with her for notice. And we all know what that does.

I'd say never say never though. There are moments in which it applies but rare, far between, and long after you are where you want to be.

Compliments in general are dangerous ground. I don't want to hear any bullshit about "my eyes" from any girl.

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Unless if the chick is ugly only complement her clothes, accessories, or unique personality quirks. Never her physical beauty (unless if it's a really stylish haircut or something even then try not to.)

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Unless if the chick is ugly...

Why? Nothing wrong with throwing a bone, even if you have no interest in her. Use compliments as a social lubricant, and use your body language to tell the truth. Delivered skillfully, compliments can initiate or defuse seduction, as you intended, while not diminishing your status. Liken it to an Englishman's ability to tell you to "fuck off" in a way that makes you feel complimented.

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You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.”

This is stupid. I understand your point, a lot of men are quick to apologize for the smallest things, obviously you shouldn't be doing that. But there's nothing wrong with taking responsibility when you legitimately screw up.

And if you're screwing up and apologizing for it so often that it's impacting the dynamics of your relationship then you have bigger issues than trying to keep a girl around.

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Thats Roissy's commandment

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This is sidebar. Sidebar is in sidebar. Why sidebar is here?

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was wondering where i ve read this 2 ys ago...

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I really enjoyed the Littany Against Fear paraphrased in rule #16; it's something that's been following me around since pre-TRP. Kudos!

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4 - You are the rocks of the eternal shore... let her crash against you and BE BROKEN!

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4 is why strong women often end up alone, even if they are attractive. Every woman wants her man to be stronger than she is and thus a strong woman straight-up eliminates most men because they can't out-alpha her.

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there is a groupie for every male endeavor. Except World of Warcraft.

Oh, there are. You're just not gonna like 'em.

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"girls are meant to be consumed"


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Good pointers. But they're not "sometimes known as the 16 Commandments Of Poon", that's literally what they are. The source should link to the page on Roissy's website.

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Or you can go MGTOW and say "Fuck it!" to all of this bullshit.

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I don't agree on the compliments part.

You have to use a pull/push strategy. One day you compliment her on how beautiful she is. Then you don't talk about it for the rest of the week, making her guess wether you still find her pretty. You have to build/release tension on this.

[–]EMON87 22 points22 points [recovered]

Calling her beautiful does almost nothing, though. She's a woman. Once you've called her beautiful, she knows you think she's beautiful.

Compliment something unique. "I like how you've parted your hair today." (Does he not like the way I part my hair every day?) "That dress fits you well." (Do my other clothes not fit me well?).

The more you can make her wonder (not breaking if she pushes back), the better IMHO.

EDIT: and for Christ's sake, do NOT compliment physical appearance at work. Compliment work product. "Your idea during our last meeting could be a difference maker, thank you for sharing..." Kind of stuff.

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[permanently deleted]

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You're right, you have to use a variety of compliments and it's better to be precise.

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Oh it does, once you've reached that level. It will the world to her, but you have to set the stage before. One of my plates dresses hideously sometimes, I take note every time but I've never once complimented her. Yet. When you reach that level (those who have, recognize it), you can do no wrong. Another plate of mine made her bf stop smoking bud and doing drugs, he did of course but she found nothing wrong with me smoking a j before fucking her, and doing a line after. You can see it in their eyes, when you got one hooked, it takes a whole lot of neediness for her to unhook herself. Once you let a woman define you, you can no longer define her.

[–]lnTheRearWithTheGear 0 points1 point  (1 child)

And how do you respond when she asks "Does my hair not look good every day?"

[–]Physio_Tool 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Don't know why you are being downvoted. Oh wait I do, TRP full of Gronks and Keyboard jockeys. Wanna know what happens when your in a relationship and a girl takes 2 hours to get ready for a date with you choose to follow some dumb rule about not complimenting: The woman gets complacent-->Stops wearing makeup-->Stops dressing up-->Then gets fat. I swear, people are in no position to give advice when all you've done is spin plates.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Then you hit the door. Cya. Because you're a man of high value and demand high value women in return. Her behavior is unacceptable so you sticking around is silly. Its almost better to say something like "wow didn't have to dress down for tonight." in a sarcastic joking manner while giving her the 'I'm going to destroy that pussy tonight' eyes . When's the last time someone complimented you for looking pretty? Probably never, so don't worry, she'll live.

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Supergilbert I believe that there isn't only one way to do things. Push/pull strategy works, sure it gets your girls going crazy. But i don't like strategies at all. I don't like to think "now I'm going to push/pull her". If it is something that I really enjoy, I will tell her; if it is a thing that I have seen already I will neg her a little bit, telling the truth: "I have seen this dress on another girl yesterday."

[–]supergilbert -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

If you don't like strategies then I suggest you stop reading TRP. This sub is ultimately about discussing strategies.

[–][deleted] 6 points7 points  (1 child)

In my humble opinion, the red pill is not a strategy, it is a mindset.

[–]Gabe51 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's logic, reason, one of man's many philosophies.

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totally stolen from roissy! couldn't you give him credit, at the least?! https://heartiste.wordpress.com/the-sixteen-commandments-of-poon/

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I was wondering where I read this. OP needs to credit the original author.

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Hello, I just wrote the author and the source where I have found it, that's the truth. Hope no one gets offended. Farewell

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We need more stuff like this. I love synthesis and integration of big topics. This hits the spot. You may read a book, but it's important to conclude later.

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To add to rule no. 5, someone posted about a similar subject, so based on what I read from anon, I'd like to add a little something.

He related it to Briffault's law, and proposed a theory on how to combat it. Basically, since you cannot expect reciprocation from a woman for anything past tense, you flip the script, you don't do anything, unless she has done so first. That way the rule doesn't apply anymore, since it becomes nonlinear in terms of effort put in and availability of pussy. The less you do, the more she will desire, but only of course up to a certain point. You can't depend on a woman to give anything, why give her two thirds of horseshit back ?

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Seems like over thinking to me...if you know her job is to keep you happy then everything else falls into place. Things like compliments, and being the oak tree to her emotional tornado become irrelevant. If her looking good makes you happy, tell her, but it is her purpose, don't go overboard about it. Her emotional outbursts don't make you happy. Why would you reward them with your valuable time and attention? The behavior that gets the most attention good or bad is the one that will be repeated.

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I went to the anger phase immensely today, and this is exactly what I needed.

It was the moment I sat down, tried to think of a solution myself, and thought "I need to read some Red Pill." This was the moment I realized, my religion has been found.

[–]downinoz 1 points1 points [recovered]

Actual source.


You should credit the actual author

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hello, as I have already said in a precedent comment, I wrote the author at the start of the post and the site where I have found out about those 16 rules, that was the right thing to do IMO. Thanks for putting the link!

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thx good points keep more posts like that please

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Self-confidence, warranted or not, triggers submissive emotional responses in women.

Example I had last night. I met a woman from South-Africa who was apparently staying in my country for a few months being an au pair. Within three sentences she asked why I was talking to her, if I was trying to seduce her and she said people from my country are incredibly arrogant. I agreed and amplified on everything and acted like she just told me she was into me. 5 minutes later she apologize and said she did not meant it that way while riding her ass against my dick.

Interesting turn of events.

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[permanently deleted]

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Wait, shit. I'm a woman. Thanks to reddit's random button I wound up here... and have been reading for the past hour ahaha... Finally subscribed to the sub, and am commenting because I just gotta know what you guys have to say... ok. Ok. So... you guys have all these rules and manipulations that can make a girl want to sleep with you - cool. I'm fine with that. Do what you gotta do. Then, when you meet someone you really, you know, care about... I hope at least some of this goes out the window.. some of it is worth keeping. That's another topic for another day, though, boys..

Question I really want to know is: if we women want a guy to sleep with us, who otherwise doesn't really want to... are we just shit outta luck? We just need to make ourselves... available? Lol... Or maybe just booze him up and flash some cleavage? (I think that's almost rape tho...?) Or are there any of these cool mind games we can play? What sub do I need to be on to read about those.

[–]ihateyouguys 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think there's one of these subs for girls too...

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I have read your "question" two times, I still don't get it :D

[–]byebylittlesebastian 0 points1 point  (2 children)

hahaha i'm sorry... It was like 3:30 AM and I really should have been sleeping not trying to articulate a thought.

Just curious what works in reverse. If there are rules of the poon... where are the rules of the peen? Haha. If there's a better sub for it, I'll go there, I just couldn't find it.