Red Pill TheoryThe Rational Male is now on Audible (self.TheRedPill)

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I'm proud to announce that my first book The Rational Male is now available on Audible and will be up on iTunes and Amazon within the week.


It's been a long time coming I know, and there's a long story behind it, but the audio quality and narration by Sam Botta was well worth the effort.

Please let me know your feed back here. This is the first time I've ever produced an audio book and I have plans to do the 2nd, so TRP's input is vital to me. This is your book as much as mine.

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Glad you asked, my narrator is Sam Botta: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sambotta

American television and radio host, documentary producer, published author, entrepreneur and 'that' voice (voice actor)

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I hear you have no sense of humor


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Fred 'Betabux Bluepiller' Willard. His comment about buying her a beautiful, expensive dress and putting her in a limo? As betabux as it gets.

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Give him some credit, he did essentially call women whores.

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Notice how he didn't address the material of the book in any fashion.

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Did you have to go through any kind of bullshit for publishing or editing? Not sure what your book entails but if it's anything along the lines of TRP narrative I'd imagine some bp editor's heads would explode.

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It contains the exact modus operandi of TRP, similar to the first half of BANG, if you've read that.

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What's your opinion on BANG? I've heard some say it isn't very useful whilst others rate it quite highly.

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Roosh is a really good writer, and he does a good job of describing red pill ideals in the first half of the book, while Rollo takes a much more anylitical approach to the material in The Rational Male--typical of his style on his blog.

The latter half of BANG is basic PUA technique, and the very ending is perfect for guys that have trouble F-closing the same day you meet a woman, or on a first date. I really enjoyed it and consider it mandatory RP material. It's a bit dated now, though. Roosh even says in it, "I don't think this new texting fad is going to catch on."

The topics are mostly basic RP. I really enjoyed DAY BANG too.

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Hands down, your blog has probably been one of the biggest influences in my life. But I'm not sure that an audiobook is the best format for your work. In fact, had I heard it first via audiobook it wouldn't have had nearly as much impact.

Your arguments are very well crafted, but statements and conclusions often need to be read, re-read and contemplated before moving forward.

While this would apply to any non-fiction, I'd say it's especially applicable to your work because of how thought provoking it is.

Taking moments between sentences to consider not only helps with comprehension, but also triggers little 'aha' moments when one links a theory you're suggesting with a moment in ones life.

What I also like about your work is that every article contains links to dozens of other posts which support the argument you're making. If it seemed important I'd stop mid-article, read the linked article, and go back to the article I was initially on. This works well online and in regular books using footnotes, but it doesn't seem workable at all in the audiobook format.

But I shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy of the good; for those who wouldn't have otherwise heard your work, listening to the rational male is surely better than not listening to it at all.

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Actually, that's the main reason I allowed it to go 2 years before I put it on audio.

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I know where I'm spending my next point.

Thanks Rollo!

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I am playing it extra loud so the lesbians who live upstairs can hear too.

Sorry if those free loaders don't buy their own copy.

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Great news. I recently subscribed to Audible for long car trips.

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Use it on my long runs. Best investment ever

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Beautiful I have a 12 hour flight next month. Look forward it listening to it.

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Do you lose out on any money if I get it free for signing up for Audible?

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No quite the opposite, we get a $50 bounty if you do.

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No, he actually gets a bonus if it's the first book you get after signing up.

Also, appsumo.com has a deal where you get 3 books for $1 each (one per month)

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Just bought it. Sounding great so far.

Thanks for all your knowledge and passion Rollo. This manosphere has help me and so many others.

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Do you still get paid if we sign up for an Audible free trial? May sound like a foolish question, but I don't want you to get gypped either.

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Yes! Please do. Sam and I share a $50 bonus for anyone who signs up for Audible and chooses my book as their free signup book.

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Excellent. Signed up, downloaded and have it ready to listen to on my phone. Thanks for giving us all a heads up.

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Oh, that's great to know. Such an easy way to throw you support.

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Just signed up and chose your's for the free book. Thank you for everything you've contributed. We all appreciate the effort you've put in to making the book!

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I wish i knew about the free trial bonus, i bought it because i thought it would benefit more.

It's awesome so far. I did notice at about 40 min in that the track doubles up for about 20 seconds. Atleast on my version. It's not too hard to follow though

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Yes quite a few audio glitches so far

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are there plans to release this on Audible UK. I have 5 credits their but its only available on the US site it seems

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seconded, would love to see this on the UK store.

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Great book. This is good news. I'll be sure to pick it up.

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Congratulations, Rollo. I'll have to grab a copy of the audio book on Audible tomorrow.

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What differentiates this book from the sidebar material? I'm thinking about buying it so I'm curious as to what you guys think.

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What differentiates this book from the sidebar material?

It is the sidebar material.

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The Rationale Male is a must read

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Hey Rollo, just curious - did you used to post about MMA on Bloodyelbow? There was a guy there with your username.

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Where is the chase? And how do I cut to it?

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All men, rejoice!

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Hey Rollo,

I've watched a few of your video interviews and one of the voice ones on YouTube. It's an honor to read your blog and reply to a posting of your's; I've gained many needed insights. The voice work done for "Hypergamy Doesn't Care" was insanely enlightening. Hope your sales blow through the roof man.

Some context, my buddy is getting divorced and he's strumming every chord all wrong. It's nice to hear a prominent voice through the manosphere.

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Bought that shit. Was going to read it soon through text, but I've been busy af with the gym/school/work routine. Now I can just listen to it while at work. Also 14 hours.. wtf..

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Great Rollo! I've been meaning to reread your book. But haven't had much time to sit down with it because of other books. Bought it on audible now, to listen while commuting and working.

Thanks for the great work and reminding us how girls are.

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Good stuff Rollo! Just wanted to comment that I love the book, read through the kindle versions of this and preventative medicine. I feel like they might lose some of their effect however due to the many formatting and grammatical errors still present in the latest versions. If you get a decent editor to sift through them it would do wonders for future sales/reputation etc.

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Instant purchase, thank you for all your work

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i love to learn about rational/irrational things so i would probably like it :)

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Great listed to the sample sounds great, haven't had a chance to read yet so looking forward to when this hits Audible UK

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A taste of Sam Botta´s voice.

Sounds like a good pick to me.

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It's also on iTunes for 18$

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Getting Sam Botta to read it is no joke, bro. Congrats. Wish you success.

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Hey matey, I got your 'book' (http://i.imgur.com/BDxr6j5.png) I'll give it a listen tomorrow.

It this the stuff for beginners or what?

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I was literally just looking for a new commute listen on Audible. Downloading now.

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Just bought it for $0.00 with the free trial. I hope you still get paid.

Thank you for your service!

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The narrator was a little too dry for me.

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Wow this makes me so happy. Having a learning disability is a big challenge for me to read books. Thank you so much, does anyone know other books that is red pill available on audible? I already have no more mr. Nice guy.

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Just bought the kindle version and I wish I just got the audible version for my trip this weekend. :(

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Rollo, this is awesome. I have hard copy of both your books. And kindle versions. Keep up the great work!

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thanks man, i really hate reading the normal way.

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Yes I will be buying this! Thanks!

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Is there no rule in this sub about self promotion?

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Even if there was, the sub owes Rollo the self promotion.

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... Bitch please. This man has done more for you than anyone else ever will and you don't even know who he is?

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We make exceptions when it's rollo.