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This is my favorite comment from shuaiya, posted 9 months ago in TRP:

Missing the forest for the trees. Everything is a waste of time. Beautiful women are a waste of time. Making money is a waste of time. Rock climbing is a waste of time. Because experiences aren't permanent. Unless you are religious, then it's all a waste of time, and people cope with atheism/death/void in different ways. Most TRPs don't have a god to worship and believe in, and the idea of romance and marriage was completely ripped out from them, so instead they worship idols such as masculinity, progeneration, their father figures, brothers in arms, Darwin, and plenty of other abstracts such as the noble savage. Real men do whatever the fuck they want with their life. Sports can be included. Or not. TRP is about seeing truth and getting down to the blurry axioms and principles of society, not delegating schedules and hobbies. It's not about getting more women, it's about understanding why the techniques for getting more women work and applying it in whatever aspects of your life that you choose to. The cockup with praising, say, learning how to play an instrument over watching a sport is it implicitly means that person irrationally values production and enterprise. To the extent it has become a pagan god for them. I think what most of these people want to say is "sports is a waste of time if you want to get laid" "sports is a waste of time if you want to make more money" "sports is a waste of time if you want to read more books" But if you've personally gone through your own checklist and feel satisfied with your situation as is, then you should probably go spend your precious hours on whatever activity gives you the most enjoyment.

He lived his life how he wanted to. In the end there is no greater measure of a man than this.

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We need to save this. It's so true. Rest in peace, sir.

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Beautifully written. The guy was intelligent and self aware that's for sure.

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Jesus Christ that's a deep comment. It cements my belief that life is about creating and following your own personal religion. L Ron Hubbard, Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith... all these guys found the truth.

The truth is whatever you want it to be.

And they all found it.

All of their followers, however, completely missed the point. If you were to truly be like any of these guys (L Ron, Jesus, Buddha, etc), you wouldn't follow them. You'd create your own religion, and then follow that.

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There are some examples of following your own path in zen buddhism. A story goes that a student goes to his zen master and says "I want to go on a path to enlightenment", the master says "If you meet buddha on the way, kill him"

Thinking about the Buddha as an entity or deity is delusion, not awakening. One must destroy the preconception of the Buddha as separate and external before one can become internally as their own Buddha.

Once you have acquired fundamental concepts and have the ability to evaluate things in the future based on facts and truths and not delusions and stories, there is no need to follow or rely on anything to guide you. You can face the difficult path that lies forward on your own.

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there are some examples of following your own path in zen buddhism

my point is that if you're "in Zen Buddhism", then you are by definition not following your own path. Unless of course YOU CREATED THE WORDS "Zen Buddhism."

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I don't follow zen anything, I'm just pointing out these concepts exists in zen buddhism ways.

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And I'm pointing out that they exist in a shitload of other religions as as well

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This rings true.

On my search for enlightenment, I met several gurus and leaders of group. They never seem to be worthy of following. And those who do follow them seems so lost.

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[permanently deleted]

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"We are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." -Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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I think we are in agreement but we just differ slightly semantically. The thing you are calling "purpose" I am calling "religion."

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[permanently deleted]

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The word "religion" doesn't have baggage for everyone.

Maybe it does for you, or for the average redditor.

But for about 99% of humanity, the term "religion" is a source of strength — far more so than a comparably vague term like "purpose" or "mission." To me it's quite clear that all these terms are extremely vague, so their level of "accuracy" will be different for everyone.

What's "religion" to you is "purpose" to someone else, and vice versa.

I'm not disagreeing, just offering a different perspective. I agree with the huge majority of what you're saying. And we definitely agree in spirit, bro — or, you might say, in mission. :)

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Getting all misty eyed reading this.

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Probably the best thing I've read on this subreddit. RIP fellow redditor

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Man i remember this comment, the modern idols aspect is something i carry with me.

The guy is dead but his wisdom lives on, it's far more than most can claim.

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Wow.that was just extemely well said. Sad how some of the best of us just get strucken down suddenly.

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Based on this comment alone I can tell he was an intellectual man. May he rest in peace.

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I read this comment too. Back then I was fairly new to trp and I didn't really get the message. After reading and thinking about it now, I realize it truly is a wise statement.

We create our mission, our believes and we question existing systems.

If you are like me and don't believe in any higher power or any "greater meaning" you are in danger to fall into depression. Because when everything is pointless anyway, why bother, why make an effort. There is no real prove of a higher power in reality, I always thought believing in a religion(or anything) is pointless and stupid or even harmful.

I now realize, that I have not only to create my mission, but also believe in it. I can chose the best mission I can think of and I better believe in it! I can give my own meaning to life, things I deem important. Then I have my own life and am not a puppet of the life of someone else. And as Shuaiya said, 'this' can be called my own "pagan" religion.

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And there you go with your noble savag-ism.

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Damn good testament, if somewhat grim, to his memory. He was an enlightened man.