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Keep going. At no point in your life will you be finished.



When I hit the gym I wear chucks. I tie the laces and think to myself "This is a perfect knot, I've really mastered this, I might never have to tie this shoe again this knot is so perfect."

And then I take them off to sit in the sauna, and have to re-tie them when I'm out. The day after when I go back to the gym I re-tie them. No matter how perfect a knot I tie, I eventually undo the knot, and must re-tie it.

That's because there is no perfect knot that will allow me to escape tying knots-- as long as I like my chucks.

This is life is on a grand scale-- because the small corresponds with the large. No matter how perfectly you do something, you'll have to do it again. That's part of life. No matter how perfectly you passed the shit test, you pass it again. No matter how wet you got her last week, you'll have to get her wet again tonight. You maxed your bench press? You'll do that again. Negotiated a raise? You'll do that again. Avoided one-itus? Maybe, for now. Take your trash out, brush your teeth, again, again, again.


That's why I'm reading so many posts that say:

Thought I was finished with TRP, bitch fucked me over, now I'm back lololo


They thought they were finished-- now they know better. The journey does not end.
TL;DR: Keep improving. As soon as you think you've won, you will lose.

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I'm sure I heard that before. Now I get it. Lol

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This is beautiful right here.

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Enlightenment is the point at which a monk decides there is no point to meditating further.

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The journey of self-improvement only really begins when you realize it never ends.

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I am the smartest man for I know nothing!

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Pulls such a nice analogy from chucks

But message understood regardless

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I've been approaching TRP and self-improvement not as "I'll do this thing so I reach a result, then I'm done," but rather as, "This is closer to how my life should be lived, and I am building a habit."

A man should exercise regularly; a man should practice fighting; a man should approach every attractive woman he sees if it is at all feasible to talk long enough for a proper opener, and it won't detract from his mission; a man should manage his nutrition carefully; a man should be consistently dressed in flattering clothes; a man should control his emotional state to his advantage, rather than let it control him, etc.

None of these maxims change just because I have followed them for some period of time. I didn't learn to eat or walk temporarily and then revert to breastfeeding or crawling, why would I revert in these other areas?

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It only ends when you're dead.

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None even in death. Someone else will continue.

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A lot of 'shoulds' there, they just sound like rules you follow, not any sort of philosophy.

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What is a philosophy but a certain set of rules?

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Philosophy would be more about the ideas and logic behind the rules.

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Right, most of those are just objectively better at achieving my goals than the alternative.

Philosophy informs my goals, the red pill praxeology informs my methods.

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most of those are just objectively better at achieving my goals than the alternative.

Wasn't arguing that, just that 'a man should.' My list would be quite different.

consistently dressed in flattering clothes

I admit, part of my response was because of this latent homosexuality.

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It's more narcissism than homosexuality.

Seriously though there's nothing gay about wearing clothes that fit right... and if there was, why would that be a problem? If I wanted to fuck dudes what business would it be of yours?

You can have your own praxeology, maybe you think a man should be creative every day, or that a man should always carry a gun. But I have mine and I want to keep my life in line with it.

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That was my point, it's not the same as 'a man should.'

what's wrong with being gay

Nothing, just like there is nothing wrong with NOT doing any of those other things on your list.

Guys have every right to be gay, but don't play into the pc bullshit game of not being able to call a guy a fag when he acts that way. When you quit you get hipster numales and pegging enthusiasts.

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A lot of ancient texts have this same idea in them. It goes a little something like, "You are most vulnerable after a victory."

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The moment of greatest vulnerability is the instant immediately after victory - Napoleon.

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.... and every truly great general has suffered one major defeat.

Just so he never takes things for granted ever again.

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Let's piggy back on the perfect knot. I've tied that once. I thought I was slick by just sliding my foot out of my shoe to keep me from needing to tie it again, but over time the knot wore down and got loose. Worse yet, the back of my shoe kept eroding because of me wanting to preserve the knot. In the end, you need to undo the knot to preserve the shoe more.

You try to "preserve the knot" in your relationship or for whatever facet of your life you're trying to maintain... be prepared for it to break down. There are going to be times where you need to break it down and re-tie it or else you risk having the whole "shoe" fall apart.

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Yeah, can't be afraid of change. It's all temporary.

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Thought provoking post, I like it.

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Came here for the title, stayed for the post.

Keep improving. As soon as you think you've won, you will lose.

Yup. Lost a lot of weight after high school through diet and exercise. Doesn't mean I can stop. If I think I'm in the clear and sink into old habits, I'll balloon up faster than you can say cheese on a pizza.

It's always an impending threat. Mastery of a subject now does not guarantee mastery of a subject later. You have to stay on your toes and keep improving. Stay sharp people.

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Short yet sweet. Good analogy.

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Get used to going to the gym. Get used to consistently being aware in social interactions. Get used to the struggle. Embrace it. You are what you overcome, and recognize you'll always need to be overcoming things.

I love my struggle, im working towards total freedom as a man. I think every man should strive for this and enjoy the journey. This is what we'll be doing for most of our lives.

I honestly couldn't be happier.

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One cannot maintain or rebuild in a day what it has taken a lifetime to destroy. Nice post, OP. Simple and true.

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Flip that on it's head. You have to be the best version of yourself on a daily basis. Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. Be the best you today and the lifetime will take care of itself.

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Been thinking for a while that success in every form is like hanging at the top of a pole. If you stop pulling you'll hang in there very briefly before the sweat on your hands makes you slide.

No matter what, you have to keep pulling yourself up to stay on top, there's no sleeping on it unless you want to hit the floor.

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As someone who just hit the floor, you're spot on

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Simple concept but so important. Need to let this sink in. Thanks.

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A Kōan for the modern man.

We just do what we should do.

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I have a saying for this: There are no permanent victories.

Because of entropy we live on an escalator headed in the wrong direction and you never get to the point where you can declare victory and move on to a different challenge. On the contrary stopping actually means slipping backwards.

Psychologically this can be hard for people because we want to cross a finish line and then check it off our to-do list but this is the work of a lifetime.

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On the plus side, there are no permanent defeats either.

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"the moment you think you got it figured you are wrong." -- Gunsmith from Shooter 2007

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This is what chicks do to guys in LTR - you are a constant work-in-progress. She asks you to fix one small thing in you, only to find another thing that needs changing after you succeed.

This is what you need to do to yourself - once you reach a goal, find another, repeat indefinitely.

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Shortcut: just buy an old house. It will provide you with a never ending project list.

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Waaay ahead of you bro - I've got older sports bike that provides me ample of tinkering and fun.

As you are most likely aware my ex used to hate the bikes - as I've spent more time and money on them yet had more fun than with her...

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I wear crocs. No ties.


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No matter how perfect your crocs are, you still have to take them off, and put them on again.

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Or better yet, take them off and throw them away.

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I guess at some point you should think about tying the knot in such a way that you can just slip the shoe on and off.

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On a side note, learn to tie a sharp looking knot. After your initial over hand knot, wrap around the loop opposite the direction you normally would. The knot should lay nice and even now.

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Do you have a link to a pic of this?

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It's just the standard way, but if you reverse the direction you loop around, you'll end up with a square knot so that one loop and one lace end lay on each side instead of it being all twisted like a granny knot.

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Bruh. Might be time to get some romaleos. They have straps.

On a more serious note. Do it. Do it again so it goes. I think we all learn that as we improve.

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Mine have straps and laces! Curses!

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A lottle off topic, but how do chucks/buddies hold up while squatting?

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chucks > running shoes imho

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So much better. Much more stable sole.

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Buy proper shoes for squatting. Solid platform and. 5" heel lift. I hate chucks.

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Nutnfancy has a similar advice, where he says "don't ever act like you've arrived". I don't remember which video, but it was one of the "Lessons of my father" series of videos. I think it was Workers Are Few.

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I eventually undue the knot,

undo* the not

undue is an adverb meaning excessive and unwarranted
undo = unfasten

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And here I thought I was a master writer.

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I tie my shoes once and never touch the string again. Which has nothing to do with any insight.

Point taken. Flesh out what you fucked up with, though, you aren't saying much.