Red Pill TheoryIt's OK to Feel Like Shit (self.TheRedPill)

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Feeling like shit is what makes feeling good worth while. Without having some "lows" to contrast with "highs" happiness would be meaningless. Personally I have the problem of associating myself with how I'm feeling. i.e. If I feel good, I am good. If I feel bad, I am bad. The mistake I (and probably many others make), is that if we're feeling bad we assume it's for some valid reason, and assume the reason is because there is some inherent flaw within our character that causes us to feel this way. We might delude ourselves into thinking that "good" or successful people never feel like shit from time to time, or for extended periods of time. While feeling like shit is normal (and okay) to feel bad, using it as an excuse in your life is not.

  • Channel negative energy into something positive

Anger/aggression > Lifting (Hasn't this been covered enough already?)

Failure/shame > Determination

Sadness > Discipline

Loneliness > Acceptance

  • You're not as important as you think you are: Your feelings don't matter The world doesn't stop spinning when you feel like shit. Why should you? Honestly you're not that important. If you think you're important just put things into a bigger scale (size: Countries, Continents, Planets, Etc.. time: Minutes, years, generations, millenniums, etc...) and see how much of an impact you actually have on the world (little to none, so who cares what you do?)

  • You don't need to be important You don't need to be the ultimate alpha male, or the super chad. You just need to be the best version of yourself you can realistically attain. Except for putting food on the table, It's okay to suck at some things. It's okay if you're not the tallest, smartest, most handsome chad in the room. While competition is good, you should be measuring your progress in terms of yourself (where you were 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, etc...) I'm not saying "Just be yourself" I'm saying be okay with being you.

  • Your feelings don't (necessarily) represent reality We say feelz not realz for a reason when it comes to women. It's because women don't think rationally or with any sort of logic. Guess what, Men do the same shit. People think with emotion, how do you think genocides happen? Anyways back to topic, Just because you feel a certain way, doesn't mean that is the accurate representation of what truly is reality. Take some time to put things into perceptive. It's quite possible that you're making something out to be a bigger deal than it truly is. Learn to forgive yourself, and give yourself another opportunity to move forward towards your goals.

  • Failure is a part of learning
    "One loss to a master is more valuable than a thousand victories over an apprentice". Failure hurts for a fucking reason. It separates the men who are willing to suffer and toil in agony to attain something great, from the pussies who want to live life comfortably. That pain is the price we must pay for change. It is the currency of progress. Next time you utterly fail at something, embrace it. Embrace how shitty you feel. Don't run away from it. That is the feeling of progress. The feeling of pressure and heat molding you into something hard and beautiful. (Insert dick joke?). Learning from mistakes, and accepting that even the best of us make mistakes (vs beating yourself up without giving yourself another opportunity to re-attempt) is what's going to get you where you want to be. Learning skills (especially social ones) can be especially painful. The price is worth it. Don't give up halfway through paying your dues.

  • Don't look at yourself through other peoples eyes As tribal animals getting expelled from the tribe used to mean death. Now it just means you try a different bar. We try so hard just to fit in that we often bend ourself in order to be accepted by those around us. (See psychological studies on conformity if you're interested: Such as facing the wrong way in an elevator.) If you're honestly being 100% yourself you will most likely meet some (or a lot) resistance when being honest with your desires and lifestyle. It's important to remember that you will never be happy trying to become the man you think others want you to be. While it's good to understand cultural norms/mores, people will always find any reason to disapprove of you.

  • Learn to love the man in the mirror. You can change some things about yourself, you can't change others. Honestly loving yourself means your okay with your insecurities and your flaws. Learning to accept your insecurities and flaws, while being open (in a non-needy way) with them will help you become more confident. I personally find it comforting when a person is able to admit their flaws, as long as their not self depreciating in the process. This might be hard for some to understand, but try to imagine a blind man trying to pretend like he can see. This would be awkward and uncomfortable. Clearly this guy is way out of the realm of reality, is dishonest, and uncomfortable with himself, which in turn will make others around him feel uncomfortable. Rather if he's able to admit his own personal shortcomings, "Hey bro what do you think of this picture" "I don't know I'm fucking blind" It shows he's in touch with reality, his shortcomings, and conformable with himself as a person. He doesn't need to depend on other peoples opinions to feel good about himself: which shows strength. This lack of neediness on other peoples perception/opinion of himself is attractive of course to women as lovers, but also other men as companions.

  • Measure success in smaller units I have a huge problem of looking at things at a broad brush and generalizing a good/bad result based off of my desired outcome. I.e. "Did I get laid tonight?", > No > Tonight was a failure. Measuring success in such broad terms discredits the work, effort, and moments of triumph you did achieve. Not to be confused with participation trophies.


I forgot to mention something about being grateful for what you have. If you don't appreciate what's in your life, it's pretty much the same as living without it.

Anyways this post is getting long and drawn out. If any other brothers out there are feeling like shit I hope this post has something to offer you. Good luck on your journey out there.

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Thanks dude, I've been down lately and you're giving me perspective.

But I can't help but feel lost and misguided. I don't have any sense of direction in my life. All of these emotions are present in my daily life





I have been exercising and I have a strong group of friends so my anger and loneliness are in check but my feelings of failure and sadness are fucking constant and I don't know what to do. I feel stuck. I have no direction, i have never had a male role model in my life and I don't know what to do. Probably not the place for this but your post struck a cord.

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Just quit thinking, and start doing. You'll feel better.

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I found TRP last year and have felt this way for nearly a year or so. I have a lot of things that are preached here (friends, exercise, hobbies) but when I found TRP I lost my passion in life at the same time. Haven't found a new 'reason to exist' yet.

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Go back to school. It's a start and can help you find focus.


I think college can be pretty productive, if the direction is right. I think I read on TRP that it can increase success of marriage up to 40%, is a great networking site and lots of young single girls. My interaction with beautiful single women who were 18-24 increase exponentially once I got into college. I'm still not even sure what I'm going to do with my degree, but because of applying TRP qualities to work ethic and to meeting people, I am now up for scholarships and have been offered two internships.

I've met the board of scholarships director who wants to help me get a full ride to grad school.

It could be that I got really lucky.

I really think it has way more to do with TRP tactics. I have found other teachers out there who are red and who have definitely seen me eager to try and learn, and they are reaching out to help me just as I help younger men at my workplace get ahead. It's all the TRP - circle of life, you know?

Perhaps just getting into some introductory classes at a University (opposed to community college) where you can meet some real people for networking can really help. It could be a huge disaster, when I went to University when I was 18-20 I wanted to kill myself so I quit and decided to travel the world instead, and I did that for four years before finding TRP, and now I'm back in school pursuing my future.

It's easy to just work on yourself for a bit, but there needs to be a future plan. I say that and I have my hands tattood, full sleeves, partially on my neck, legs, torso. I'm covered in tattoos. I didn't think ahead. I have almost no savings, but good credit, and an associates degree, and a good job with a good, well behaved dog.

The job and its promotions, the dog, my study habits, my networking skills, my fitness level, my diet, all of those are direct results of TRP. I have maybe one or two friends that are girls and then a handful of good men I hangout with but I'm not longer orbiting girls left and right who friend zoned me. I'm working out, focusing on my future, and one of my friends really encouraged me to go back to school (I already had my associates).

So I am. For a STEM degree (if you're TRP, you need to get a STEM degree. Nobody is going to hire you for your liberal arts degree, or rather your odds are very rare). But if you're in college in today's world and you're red, you are definitely going to be set apart.

I trigger a lot of people in my classes by what I say, and I try to be as respectful as possible. Although I did tell a girl in one of my classes she was a fucking idiot when she told everyone not to get vaccinated because you could die while the teacher was giving a presentation on why vaccines are good. That wasn't my best moment, but it's where I was.

If you are red in college today you are set apart. Just be really careful about false rape calls, heck, I've had a girl's friend accuse me (wrongly) of rape before. It wasn't. Word got aroudn and I lost a lot of friends. That friend was an orbiter guy of hers. How about that?

Anywho, I mean to say, college is really beneficial for me. It got me out of my slump. My doctor said I am no longer depressed which is great. Most universities offer free health care and therapeutic counseling with their tuition, so you can get your health needs and STI checks and also get into some therapy. I was very clear about what I wanted in a therapist, older conservative man who was nonreligious, and that's exactly what I got. It was unlike any other therapist story I've heard on TRP. He's great. I don't see him anymore but for that semester it was really good.

I highly recommend school. You can go into debt, but work hard and pay the debt off. How blue pill is it of someone to not do something because of fear of failure? You got this. Life's about taking chances. And maybe this chance will open doors and motivate you in a new direction.

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In this day and age, going back to school for the sake of unearthing a sense of direction has a great chance of turning out to be one of the most disastrously expensive and time-consuming ways to "find focus".

[–]INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS 5 points6 points  (2 children)

It definitely has worked for me. I've made new friends and professors who have helped me find a career path and even have me up for several scholarships next year. It's because I read NMMNG and they even have a chapter in it about going to school.

[–]_the_shape_ 6 points7 points  (1 child)

And I'm sure "follow your passion" or "just be yourself" has worked out for some, but how many (now) find themselves will little to no job prospects, heavily in debt, and/or living their lives as beta-chump chronic masturbators because they followed one of those bits of 'advice'?

If the price-tag for going to school wasn't anywhere near what it typically stands at today and employment prospects for majoring in something worthless (i.e. gender studies, English, liberal arts) weren't so dire, go back to school (in order to assist you in finding yourself) couldn't really be written off as bad advice, but that's not the case, unfortunately (not to mention the loss of time).

Without a game-plan, approaching school essentially blind-folded, treating it like a monastery of self-enlightenment and not as an investment is blue-pill to the very bottom with potentially serious consequences like colossal debt and/or piss-poor employment prospects.

[–]INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If you want to offer him some other advice rather than just critiquing mine, by all means go ahead.

School has worked out for me. I'm sure he'd pick something he's remotely interested in and find opportunities. Have a little faith in OP.

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What was your passion before you found TRP, and why did you lose it?

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Being a musician and music producer. Producing other band, playing with bands, touring, writing my music, learning others music, recording bands especially, mixing the music and learning about audio manipulation and production. But it's been 10 years and now I give no fucks anymore about any of it.

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[permanently deleted]

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I know, but I have found nothing so far. I understand passion, I had it for 10 years. My best friend has this year started his passion of music, it's a beautiful thing. But I haven't found anything new yet.

You say you don't find a passion and then say take action. Do what?

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I felt like you before getting this sort of blood work done and getting TRT. Add estrogen/estradiol. It's extensive, it's expensive, it's useful.

And honestly, I sincerely doubted I could feel so much better just like that.

[–]lodro 1 point2 points  (1 child)

TRT can be a true game changer - not to mention an incredible learning experience - for guys who are actually hypogonadal.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And even if they aren't hypogonadal, a comprehensive blood work may highlight some important issues: thyroid, adrenals, iron metabolism... they can all make or break someone. So obviously if someone has had a mess of a life and faced very traumatizing experiences fixing free t3/t4 ratios may do jack shit but when someone feels wrong for no apparent reason I'd recommend bloods over worrying and pondering for months.

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What was wrong?

(I have similar chronic health issues)

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Sex hormones of a 60yo mostly

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Those feelings are because of your lack of direction. Your mind feels useless, its potential untapped, and it fucking hates it.

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Someone suggested in another post a book called Letting go. I read it so far and it is awesome, if you feel lost and you don't know why. Many people on Google reviews present it it as the most important book they read. Check it out.

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Name of author? to avoid numerous frozen links.

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I feel stuck.

How old are you? What are you doing with your life? What do you want to do?

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Without goals life has little meaning. Sit down and plan where you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years. Even if your goal is to have as much fun as possible, keep it mind whenever you're deciding what to do.

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Hey man, I'm literally in the middle of transitioning from "I fucking hate everything in life and everything and I'm sad and depressed and I just want to lie in bed" to "LIFE IS AMAZING IM AMAZING LETS FUCK" mode and I've learned tons that I think are universal, so if you want to PM me with some specific questions or reply here so other people can benefit, feel free. Trust me everything is going to be ok and you're life will be amazing, I have no doubt.

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Get meditating, every day. Keep a record of when you do it, eg on a spreadsheet so you can track progress.

I use the headspace app. After a month of consistent meditating you'll notice a definite positive improvement... But, like gym you gotta be consistent.

Good luck

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Sounds like you need to work on a personal project. Preferably one that could help you land a career.

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Once you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but up. Like you've already been told, stop thinking and start doing. The gym really helps if you haven't already started a regimen.

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The most important lesson I learned when I lost weight years ago, prior to bulking, was that you will have shitty days, bet on it.

However, having the drive and discipline to say "I will get shit done regardless of my mood" means that you can be Chad on another, better, day. This may mean going to the gym and dieting even though you just want to sit home and be a fatass, or it can mean having to go into work an hour early just to look professional.

Delayed gratification is almost always the key to success in life. Take that away and you're like the rest of the beta male population.

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I want to kill myself. I feel like that isn't what this post is about.

[–]abutterfly 6 points6 points [recovered]

Alright, if you want to kill yourself, it's because you're at least thinking (if not entirely convinced) that not living is far better than living. So what do you hate about your life right now?

[–]RPthrowaway123 8 points9 points  (12 children)

My job as a grad assistant. I live in my parents basement. 2 breakups in 6 months and both those girls are doing just great. My boss hates me and thinks im useless. Women hate me. I'm socially retarded. I drink everyday to try and forget the pain. My parents raised a perfect sister and fucked everything up with me. They love her more and it shows. I was just in a car wreck and my baby, an 02 grand Cherokee, was declared a total loss by the insurance company. I could go on.

[–]1empatheticapathetic 18 points19 points  (0 children)

Life can get a lot worse than you have it man. I'm late 20's and never fucked anyone but escorts, and they were shit. Stuck at home while all my mates do well. Family is a fucking mess. And even then i'm probably the most privileged guy in my neighbourhood, with the most potential for the future. Life can get a lot lot worse.

I know reading the success stories of betas-turned-chads on here makes me feel like complete garbage. What else can i do but try my best in life?

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Drinking away your pain isn't the best option, as I'm sure you know. It does get better. You feeling alone is because you are on your own. Is that a bad thing? It can be if you let it, it can also be a great thing. Getting out of this depression is gonna take work and it might take some professional help. But it will be you who seeks that help. Suicide feels like the only way out but trust me it's not. You might have to swollow your pride and talk to a professional. I did and it was the only thing that helped me. Cognitive behavior therapy can work wonders and there's a big sense of accomplishment when you conquer your depression all by yourself. You can look back and say fuck everyone I did this shit on my own. And now I don't need anyone. I still feel alone sometimes but now I realize I don't need anyone's help (for the most part) and there's no shame in seeking help as long as your actually greatful for it and appreciate it. You can do this. There has been plenty of people that have gotten over it. But it takes work. A fuckton of work. Suicide is not worth it. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem and it just transfers your pain to other people.

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2 breakups?! dude some guys literally go their entire life without even getting acknowledged by the ugliest of girls! That's not just stuff to make you feel better, that's reality.

Two things that will improve your life right now:

1.) go for a run. seriously. just fucking get up, get dressed and just go run. Run until you feel like you've had a good workout. Channel any emotions you have into that run. Push yourself to exhaustion.

2.) Now that your head is clear, get a checklist of things you need to do in the next week to improve your life. And just do them. Do them for you. Who gives a fucking shit what other people say. You're the only person you need to answer for in life. People come and go in life. But you are with you for the entirety of it. You look after you first; fuck everyone else.

If getting over hurdles in life were easy, we'd all be perfect male specimens.

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At least you have a job. Many are not even that fortunate.

[–]Booksarefun666 1 point2 points  (1 child)

To pile ontop of that, you're in your parent's basement with a job. Are you required to pay into rent? If not, see about saving up money to go on a trip across the U.S. it's actually pretty cheap to do on foot.

Some people would say that's running away, but you sounds like you don't know what to do with your life/where to live so some exploring might help you out.

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Reading this feels like: Friday night live on Fox "Who has it worse?" And "worse" is said out "woooooooorse" by a smiling TV host who looks like a skinny Leonardo DiCaprio.

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When your pain is greater than your coping mechanisms, then you will probably kill yourself.

So keep coping and struggling till you find a way out.

Your suffering is a test of your strength, at least when you have overcome it you can look back and say, I've endured all this, I can endure more.

Those who have hardly suffered can never say such a thing and hardly know the strength of their will.

Think about what you are going to school for and why. Is that what you really want to be doing?

Learn to be happy that others are doing well, you'll rarely be able to become like those you wish you were if you hate them, rather study and learn from them where you can.

If you're socially retarded then study charisma and practice. Get a job that helps you practice even.

As Camus wonderfully asks, Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?

[–]NaughtyFred 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Could be worse...you could have not fucked 2 women in the last 6 months.

[–]sharkfinnsoup 4 points5 points  (1 child)

If you really mean it, google James Altucher and whatever key words come to mind. It's a dark place where you might be, but it can be bright on the other side.

[–]SetConsumes 3 points4 points  (0 children)

+1 for James Altucher. Choose Yourself is a great read.

[–]Shitonya_Johnson 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Haha if it males you feel better I don't have any of your problems and wouldn't mind it if a plane hit my building.

I've also been on TRP for a while. It's amazing advice. I'm good looking and have great job and lots of cash etc but it all seems very empty. I just don't fucking care. I'm not drinking like you are and I still feel like "fuck it" most of the time..

The only thing that gets me through it is tomorrow is another day. It might be a good one. I'll hopefully do something productive like lift or learn some shit or get better at guitar etc.

You should try the same... start small it's easier that way.

[–]INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS 2 points3 points  (4 children)

That's a cowards way out.

Start eating healthy, eating more. Read the sidebar. Start working out. Make a few friends. Read.

Also, check out the movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story"

I've been in your shoes. It gets better.

[–]RPthrowaway123 7 points8 points  (3 children)

I've been here for two years and read everything. I'm in great shape. None of it seems to matter.

[–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

A doctor can prescribe antidepressants for you, you can take the pills as suggested, but that pill can't get out of bed in the morning instead of you, it can't go to works instead of you, etc.. The post above pointed out that you have to live and breathe this philosophy, and once it's being utilized in practice, it is no longer philosophy. It's a way of life that accepts that the world is ruthless, and nobody owes you shit. Many people wanna take responsibility for their own lives, but only for the good, while blaming others when it's more comfortable. Same with introspecting, and truly getting to yourself, it's been a hot topic for a few years, but people are not prepared to admit their faults and mistakes, they only wanna see the good.

Start being proactive, take matters into your own hands, and if it's a fear of failure that is holding you back many times, congrats, you're a retard. Get your shit together son, it's not gonna get any better with an attitude in the future, trust me.

What could be missing from your life is a major conflict, an accident or any event that makes you reevaluate your life after. And I'm sure you know that feeling when you got something that you thought would make you happy, or achieved something, but things still feel the same after. The same thing is true for the opposite, when you're so afraid of something, you eventually give it meaning, and it stresses you even more out. Well bud, when that moment finally happens, what you thought would destroy everything, is just there, and life goes on as before.

Living a life where you get anxious of the future because you still wanna live in the past, is far worse than anything that could happen to you if you fail. Start living bro, I just fired from my dream job which I based all my value on. It's gone, I didn't do a well enough job, and let myself down in terms of judgment. But how else would I know what I'll have to do differently next time, how could I ever improve my faults if I don't even acknowledge their existence ? These situations make you question these things, and you allow yourself to change, and therefore improve.

[–]INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I didn't the red pill for about 18 months before o started feeling better.

What really did it for me was joining a body building team

Going back to school

And seeing a therapist.

TRP really frowns upon therapy but it was critical

[–]Pedrizzle 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dawg you need a break.

Take some time off work and just do whatever you want. Even if it's sit at home and chill. (Please go out and get some sun)

Just be a man and focus on bettering yourself in every way you can.

I promise it'll get better. Message me if you ever need someone to talk to.

[–]joh2141 8 points9 points  (1 child)

I think the anecdotal advice similar to this is... instead of being angry, jaded, or bitter... learn from the suffering and grow from it.

One common conception is people feel there is no "purpose" or reason to live/exist. No one has a goddamn clue. It's your job as a man to find your own path or make one but when you do it'll be worth it.

[–]logicalthinker1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

exactly. A purpose in life isn't going to fall out of the fucking sky like a big sign.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 25 points26 points  (25 children)


The core meaning of being stoic is that:


Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC. The Stoics taught that destructive emotions resulted from errors in judgment, of the active relationship between cosmic determinism and human freedom, and the belief that it is virtuous to maintain a will (called prohairesis) that is in accord with nature. Because of this, the Stoics presented their philosophy as a way of life (lex devina), and they thought that the best indication of an individual's philosophy was not what a person said but how that person behaved.[1] To live a good life, one had to understand the rules of the natural order since they taught that everything was rooted in nature.[2]




You should not live your life with your only goal to have happiness.

We must seek knowledge of the Natural Laws.

Better to seek truth than happiness.


[–]theONE843663 6 points7 points  (5 children)

I find that I get happier the more I know... And the more I know, the more I accept that I really do not know shit at all. I'm in love with the neverending quest of attaining more knowledge and that makes me happy lol.

[–]gistaminute 4 points5 points  (3 children)

It's good being around people that are this way... my current career environment in the mecca of software is full of young paper chasers on one hand, and a bunch of brainy weenies with little social experience. It's funny because they're totally cucking the software dev industry, these brogrammers we keep hearing about are actually frat guys who would've gone to wallstreet and the nerds are being cleared out and crying about it. But the bros are meeting the needs biz better than the pussy beta cuck Progressive weenies who've had a thought monopoly since the day of the mathematician--or at least selling better. Alpha fucks beta bucks goes deeper than chicks, which actually makes me very happy because I'm not above cucking though I stop short at bullying/taking because reasons. But I rather work with a brogrammer than a weenie most days, because it's pretty much alpha/beta divide. Brogrammers are results oriented, weenies like mental masturbation too much. Both are good, but one gets shit done.

[–]theONE843663 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Brogrammers huh...I like that man has a nice ring to it.

[–]gistaminute 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Keep that collar popped. I wish I joined a frat in college in retrospect, would've buffed my social skills. Protip: use brogrammer proudly only in RP contexts... SJWs on the W coast hate that shit and will blacklist you if they get the scent. Disgusting, fat, rich, privileged, women in HR. Thinking about it, external recruiters seem more RP. But brogrammers are good to work with.

[–]SetConsumes -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I love discovering truths, but, most are bitter. Happiness no longer exists to me, heh.

[–]joh2141 2 points3 points  (5 children)

I agree but wasn't there a study that correlates higher intelligence to being more prone to depression.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (6 children)

Truth is the ultimate "happiness", but the surface of truth is always ugly.

[–]NeoreactionSafe -1 points0 points  (5 children)

Why is an abstract understanding of truth equated with an emotion?

I guess "Amused Mastery" fits that.


[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Cause why does anyone ever do anything? They seek pleasure or avoidance of pain.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I disagree.

There is the pursuit of truth beyond the self gratification involved.

Since the dawn of time the sheep like masses were always ruled by their emotions, but the priests and rulers always knew better.

Machiavellian logic often requires that you do things in the short term that gives you no pleasure in order to achieve a higher reward later. (which might be power over others)

The highest enlightened state is to be stoic... outside your feelz.


[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

well yes, but thats only because you can use your logic to calculate that you will receive more pleasure if you do those short term painful stuff... for that long term pleasure reward (controlling, power, blah blah).

So in the end it still is chasing pleasure, just more smarter than someone who can only think 1 second into the future.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (1 child)

No, I still disagree.

There becomes a point when you go fully Red Pill.

At some point you only care to know the Natural Laws and be in harmony with them. Truth becomes not a "High" but an alignment.

We seek to "Kill the Beta" which is our programmed feelz. (a mythology that is false)


This gets into the hebrew numbering system:


  • 555 - Beta male, programmed, like clay and moldable.

  • 666 - Ego based, pleasure seeking, power.

  • 777 - Amused mastery, stoic, wise.


There are multiple levels to go through.


[–]SetConsumes 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It depends on the person. Most cannot handle truth and require blissful indoctrination and the pursuit of happiness over all else.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

"Ignorance is Bliss".

The truth is neither bliss or hell, but just is what it is.

And absolute truth is never knowable, so realize what you don't know.


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[permanently deleted]

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He got it right.

The Blue Pill is based on "emotional indoctrination".

They rule you by ruling how you define happiness.

Best to be stoic.

Amused Mastery.

Think and feel on your own terms.


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Ultimately the goal is happiness. But it takes greater intelligence to realize its not immediate 'happiness,' that is true happiness.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Amused Mastery is a good term.

You aren't "gay" type happy.... but amused... reserved and stoic.

Smirk might be a good word for the look.


[–]Wolffy93 7 points8 points  (0 children)

"Anger/aggression > Lifting (Hasn't this been covered enough already?) Failure/shame > Determination Sadness > Discipline Loneliness > Acceptance"

Definitely feeling this. Even more so during the holiday season, loneliness , without a partner, has been hitting like a brick. However, learning to accept it and still continue on with positivity. Catching up with friends, spending more time with my father, realizing that those are highly important things.

"Don't look at yourself through other peoples eyes" I have struggled with this for a life time. Just recently in the past 2 years got comfortable being a 5'0" Male. Comfortable in that fact now. Would ALWAYS look at myself as How other people think of me - but of course ONLY the negative aspects of what others Assumably* thought.

All of this post resonates profoundly with me in discovering more of how to be a better gentlemen, etc.


[–]gistaminute 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Thanks man, great advice. Holy fuck have I felt like utter shit this year, and at 1-2 other periods in life (no complaints here).

The last 3 are hard. Journaling + routine helps measure success in smaller units. Other 2 go hand in hand, but after being rejected and surviving enough times you become numb--part of acceptance/determination in response to loneliness/rejection. Spirituality kinda helps here, though I considered myself an Atheist for a long time. Why do I get up and do what I do even though 0.0000001% of people give a fuck about it, and nobody gives a fuck about ME? Because I'm fucking bored. Further, I'd rather play with tits than video games... and nice perky ones over saggy old ones. which requires doing shit and not being a loser. Beyond that an explanation for time on Earth escapes me... maybe it's a video game in its own right... like fucking Zelda on GameCube where the NPCs wouldn't tell me what I was supposed to do but they clearly wanted something.

[–]logicalthinker1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

playing with nice tits is a pretty good motivator

[–]Castrated_Fellowship 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Thank you for this, I'm in this sad state right now and I know why. I'm sad because I'm not doing my work and I'm not doing my work because I'm sad. It's messed up, I know. A few months back, I had motivation in everything, my life was "perfect", but now I'm just freaking out, I lift every day and that's it. Job, school, work at home,... everything is piling up, fml.

[–]SlippinJimmii 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is something thats come to light in my life recently. Being happy and contented all the time is a damaging pursuit. Change and betterment come through suffering and discomfort. Instead of valuing yourself on your ability to become happy; value yourself on your ability to endure discomfort and suffer for improvement. Ironically i've been alot "happier" as ive chased discomfort; its allowed me to dissolve limiting barriers that i previously held in my mind.

[–]lodro 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Great post, thanks for sharing. TRP can lack empathy at times but it's absolutely central to man healing to be able to experience empathy for yourself and other people.

We tend to associate empathy with femininity - to some extent rightly so - but there is absolutely a role for it in a masculine world. Have to take care of yourself.

[–]Luckyluke23 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You're not as important as you think you are: Your feelings don't matter

when you say this, do you mean the following:

your negative feelings don't matter to anyone BUT yourself. there for you shouldn't project them onto the world. only your words and actions?

[–]hahayeahthatscool 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Everyone I know could benefit a lot from reading this post once a day. Me included, I feel like you wrote this just for me and the situation I'm in. 10/10

[–]GoldAri7 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I have been fatigued/without energy the last few days (LCHF side effect?) and needed to read something like this. Thanks bro.

When you can find your true inner motivation factor, you are unstoppable and shortcomings become nothing. All I conquered in life was motivated by external factors, and there is where I messed up.


[–]xXSoroxXx 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think this is an important point to make. Especially in the days of social media where everybody is comparing their daily lives to the highlights of other people. Not even mentioning going into the trap of comparing yourself to other people. Thank you.

[–]crackercortex 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Going through a shitty divorce. That totally made my day.. It's midnight, but now I want to go be myself.... Tomorrow... will have to be tomorrow... Seriously though - thanks for taking the time to put that together.

[–]Mckallidon 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I find that men give themselves permission to fee like shit and use that as motivation.

Women will do anything to avoid truth, reality and feeling like shit, hence the hamster, hamster food (psychotropics), and all the distraction and drama they crave.

[–]ThePopsicleIsTheWay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks bruh I needed this one.

[–]bgrinnie 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I definitely feel down when I'm stressed out. I realized it because when I'm relaxed I feel good and my game becomes exceptional. Unfortunately if I'm not relaxed I feel very distracted.

[–]omgsiriuslyzombi 0 points1 point  (1 child)

The late Mikey "Eyedea" Larson said something similar in his song "Smile," op.

Agony is truth, it's our connection to the living. I accept it as perfection.

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Wasn't sure which you meant. 😜 Great post, bud.

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The part about pretending to see when you're blind made me think of Richard Pryor in See No Evil Hear No Evil