Red Pill TheoryA must read! Drive Thru Boyfriend by Solomon II. (self.TheRedPill)

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“Welcome to McFling’s. My name is Solomon II. May I take your order?”
“Uh, yes. I’ll have the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, add extra self respect. Hold the judgment and consequences please.
“I’m sorry; we’re all out of self respect. Would you like to add a side of rationalization for only $1 more?”
“Yeah. That’s fine. Super size it please.”
“Thank you. Please pull up to the window for your total.”

There she is driving down the road of life at her own pace. She’s young, independent, beautiful and has all the time in the world. When she’s horny, she swings into the closest drive thru and places her order. She does the same thing when she’s sad, lonely, happy, up, down, in, out, excited, needy, afraid, strong, weak, depressed, moody, joyful, exhilarated, stressed, etc. Any and every reason is valid because she’s being “true to herself”. Every three months on average she swings into McFling’s and orders up the best looking or most exciting thing on the menu (because she’s sooo selective). There’s also a couple of late night snack runs thrown in there for good measure, but not as many as some other girls, so you have no right to judge her. She’s young and her metabolism is firing on all cylinders, so now is the time for her to gorge herself with no consequences.

At the age of 27, she starts to notice that her steady diet of junk food relationships isn’t as satisfying as it once was. Sure the bright lights, flashy signs, fast service and cheap satisfaction made for great fun, but now she’s starving for wholesome affection and beginning to show signs of emotional malnutrition. There has to be something better out there. Something more substantive. All of a sudden she decides to make a change. No more drive thru boyfriends. Certainly everyone understands that her junk food relationship binge wasn’t her fault since it’s the bulk of what society offers. It’s our culture. These greasy high calorie drive thru boyfriend establishments are on every corner, advertised on every channel, glamorized in the media, and no one really told her how bad they could be for her health. It’s society’s fault. It’s the franchise’s fault. All the girls she knows are doing it, so how could she possibly be expected to know any better? So now she wants steak, and by God she’s convinced that she deserves it from a five star restaurant.

She takes a shower hoping the stench of her decade long habit of frequenting McFling’s won’t be as noticeable. She may not know how to act properly at the new fancy steakhouse she’s going to try tonight, but it’s ok. Men always give her a pass on her behavior since she’s beautiful and an easy lay adventurous.

When she’s all done getting ready and is confident that she can look and act like the type of girl who has been eating healthy all along, she heads out for the best steakhouse in town. Why not the best? She deserves it, and her friend Michelle ate there last week (and she’s totally not even pretty).

With all the undeserved self confidence in the world and an advanced case of juvenile egocentrism, she pulls into the parking lot of the steakhouse. She notices there are dozens of people standing in line. She doesn’t understand. The stupid bitch at the hostess desk asked her if she had a reservation. A reservation?! How rude! She has a vagina and that’s always been sufficient before, so what gives? It seems the steakhouse is completely booked for months.

Now she’s pissed off. How could the upscale steakhouse refuse to seat her? So what if she showed up right at prime dinner time (27 years old o’clock) and demanded the best seat in the house. She deserves it. She’s waited so long for it… well, not really, but in theory anyway. She always knew the steakhouse was there, she just never took the time to plan ahead for reservations. It’s not her fault.
As she drives away, she realizes she has another problem. She’s still hungry. She pulls in to yet another McFling’s, this time disgusted to be there. But she’s changed, so she decides to try something different.

“Welcome to McFling’s. My name is Solomon II. May I take your order?”
“Uh, yes. I’ll have the steak please.”
“We don’t serve steak. Show me your tits.”
“I’m not like that anymore. Steak please.”
“I can offer you the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, and pretend to hold the judgment and consequences if you’d like.”
“Steak please.”
“Bitch, would you like me to serve you the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, pretend to hold the judgment and consequences, and just tell you it’s steak?”
“Steak please.”
“Fine. Please pull up to the first window. I’ll have your total and a treat for your hamster.”

This cycle continues until she turns 30 and realizes that she’ll never get in to the steakhouse. She’s waited much too long to make reservations, so she settles for a Beta male who takes her to Chili’s on 2 for 1 night in his minivan. Hey, it’s not the steakhouse she deserves, but it’s better than that asshole Solomon II at the drive thru boyfriend joint. At least Chili’s has real silverware.

That night she stumbles upon a blog with a post entitled “Drive Thru Boyfriends” and gets righteously annoyed. That’s not her at all. That was never her intention. She’s different, special, and unique. What gives the author the right to assume that he knows her or can determine what she’s been through in her AMAZING life? He doesn’t know her story. He doesn’t know her heart. He can’t judge her actions based on what other girls do simply because she did the same things and ended up in the same situation they did. He can’t tell her what kind of person she is, or what her fate will be. She’s different than the rest. She’s strong, independent and wise beyond her years.

In her rage she hits the road again, confused by what has happened to her and angry that she didn’t get what she deserved out of life. With her Beta boyfriend wondering where the hell she is, she drives past the steakhouse which is closed for the night. Blinded by fury and driven by emotion, she decides to make yet another change. A real and meaningful change this time. This time she’ll get it right and enjoy what she deserves for being an amazing woman. Her rationalization hamster helps out with navigation and leads her to a brand new place. Somewhere she’s never been. This is it! This is what she needs. This time she’s confident she’ll get what she deserves.

And she does.

“Welcome to McFling’s. My name is Solomon II. May I take your order?”

“Steak, please…”

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Holy shit this is good

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Gold. Source?

EDIT: source is in another comment, cheers

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Here are some improvements I would suggest:

When she can't get into the steakhouse, she should visit Applebee's (AppleBeta?). They are SUPER EXCITED to have her as a customer - their excitement annoys her. She orders steak there but then when they serve her she complains that it's not cooked the way she wanted, and not juicy the way she'd imagined. They dutifully bring her another steak, which she again complains about.

Angry and unsatisfied, she refuses to pay and leaves. Finding she's still hungry, she swings by McFling's on her way home.

She repeats her dinner at Applebee's, making an even bigger scene this time. Finally, having wasted so much food on her and never having been paid, they ask her to leave.

"Fine, whatever!" she says and swings by McFling's on her way home.

The next day, she returns again to Applebees, angrier than ever at their sucky, substandard food. She finds that Applebee's is closed - apparently, business wasn't so good. In its place is a bar named, "The Other Side." The bar is smokey and loud and generally unpleasant, but they do have a food menu.

"I'll have the steak" she announces. Everyone in the bar laughs at her. "Honey, we have hotdogs and pretzels" the bar tender says. "Fine, I'll have a hotdog and a beer." The bartender pops a hotdog in the oven. A minute later, he unceremoniously slaps it down in front of her. "Here's your wiener" he says with a chuckle.

Disgusted by the stale hotdog, she gets up to leave. The bouncer stops her. "I think you forgot to pay" he says. "I'm NOT paying for that piece of shit you call food." The bouncer blocks her way. "Oh yes you are."

She pays and leaves. On her way home, she swings by McFlings. Smelling alcohol on her breath and smoke from the bar on her clothes, even they refuse to serve her. Still hungry, she weighs her options and decides maybe the hotdog wasn't so bad - it's better than nothing.

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She doesn't understand why the steak restaurant won't take her late reservation, after all she's got an impressive career and many wealthy clients. Don't they understand she was too busy to make a reservation earlier?

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You just had to make it hurt dontcha? Lol

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Did I read that wrong or did "the Other Side" food rape her in this analogy?

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You read that into the story. She wasn't forced to take the wiener. They simply made her pay money for it while the betas had apologized and let her walk

It symbolizes not putting up with her bullshit. She's never forced to eat

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I just figured since Chili's kept bringing her steaks, and she kept refusing to pay for them, that payment is the sex that beta Chili's was looking for.

Following that interpretation, "the Other side" I took to be the smoke filled meat markets that cater to women on the other side of the wall and the guys that are into that sort of thing. When she refused to pay for her hot dog, they forced her to against her will. I.E. Food-raped, though commerce-raped makes more sense.

The fact that she later decided that she enjoyed the hot dog experience gave the ending a Japanese twist.

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No, they just held her responsible. You ordered the food, you pay for it whether you eat it or not.

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I'd also suggest that she's offered the steakhouse before she heard of McFlings but dismissed it because it was too expensive, and not fun enough.

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Send this to that Jezebel blog.

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[permanently deleted]

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"Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. With a hamster wheel"

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Don't forget about the entitlement monkey.

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Indeed. I was mocking their tagline "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing."

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Words cannot express the beauty of this metaphor. It is a crying shame that the people who need to read this most of all will never see it, and those that do will immediately say, "Wow, that piece of writing really does a good job describing those other people I know that aren't like me at all."

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I think this was the most salient point:

emotional malnutrition

A woman's attitude towards sex and relationships is a lot like the modern human appetite. It evolved in an environment of scarcity, and is now malfunctioning in a new environment of abundance.

In the old world, women were driven to secure the most suitable mate they could find. This hypergamous process was mitigated however by the scarcity of men and male attention (small tribes and little outside contact) and via social controls like shaming, peer monitoring, and the proximity of consequences.

Nowadays male attention is dangerously over-abundant. A woman is just a tweet or Facebook post away from having an army of orbiters validate her.

What's more: feminism has removed all of the social inhibitions once put in place to mitigate a woman's hypergamy: inhibitions created by men for the good of women (since women are often too enraptured by their feelings to think about long-term consequences of their actions).

All of the old-world condescension that modern people decry as sexist: it was carefully calculated in order to keep female hypergamy in check.

We can't do anything about the abundance of male attention through social media - just like we can't do much about the over-abundance of saturated fats and starchy carbohydrates. Those two things are a result of technological advancement and they won't just disappear.

What we can do is develop "diets" which observe good emotional nutrition.

I feel like a broken record saying this, but it is so crucial that I will say it again: you need to train the women in your life to have the right attitude. Unless they had a good father, they won't know what proper feminine behaviour looks like. And because women lack discipline and self-restraint, they will inevitably develop poor emotional eating habits without your guidance.

Always reinforce and reward femininity, deference, compassion, tact, and her attempts to please you.

It will surprise you at just how happy women become when structure, expectation, and rules are introduced to their lives. Women don't WANT the messy responsibility that comes with equality. They want to be protected, privileged, and loved - but what's more - they want to feel like they've EARNED that privilege, and they need YOU to provide that structure and discipline.

It's time to put your women back on their proper diets.

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Always reinforce and reward femininity, deference, compassion, tact, and her attempts to please you

This! Make sure you reward good behaviors and punish bad ones

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Great read, especially the blog part. Source? Or you wrote it?

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Written by Solomon II. Really good writer, but he just randomly dissapeared and deleted his blog.

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Just disappeared without warning? Uh, we shouldn't so easily hand-wave this. That sounds pretty fuckin' fishy to me. What do you guys think?

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Didn't disappear as much as drop out of the scene since dalrock has supposedly been in contact with him after he closed up shop.

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Just making sure we weren't dealing with another Feminist intervention.

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I've actually talked to the guy on the phone and via email... he's legit but quit blogging entirely for some very valid personal reasons unrelated to a relationship or women in general.

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This should go in the sidebar...

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Betas don't drive minivans and take dates on 2 for one nights...that's called keeping it real cause a hoe ain't worth more than a 2 for one deal.

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Hey man, you still gotta drop the mic!

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I only regret that I have but one upvote to give for this slice of fried gold

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My favorite part about this is that even when you strip away the sarcasm it's still the truth.

Women who read this will get enraged with butt-hurt and scream misogyny and NAWALT. Women absolutely refuse to accept that this is an accurate depiction of reality. But, they don't like reality so it must be misogyny.

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Its always misogyny and patriarchy, it can't be reality because they have a vagina and that makes them important!!!

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I'm a woman who read this. And it rung so incredibly true ....I'm still reeling from it. Rather than being enraged or butt-hurt - I'm a little relieved. It put words to that discontent I've felt for the last half-year (I'm 25) - that I couldn't quite put my finger on until now.

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If you're not already sub'd, /r/redpillwomen is a good place to ask questions from similarly minded women. You're always welcome here, but RPW is great for getting a grasp on how you feel.

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Already sub'd there...I like to read both sides. Usually I'm just a lurker. Thanks

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Yeah, that was pretty damn good!

Just enough sarcasm, wit, truth and humour; a little something for everyone!

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There's an awful lot of gold in the Solomon archives. Anyone who hasn't read this before should read through this whole document:


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Sadly it isn't the whole thing. No one made a copy of the whole thing except for Rollo and he decided not to share it.

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You're kidding. Rollo has the whole copy? Where did you get this information?

I found some more of his stuff in the comment section here: http://www.returnofkings.com/1991/an-amazing-manosphere-blog-youve-never-seen

Here is another pdf that has some of the stuff that's missing from the main pdf: https://anonfiles.com/file/66799fdd52786ab21cc7b4f8d9341a13

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Has anyone put the previous domain (whatever it is) into Amazon's Way Back Machine? It's possible all the content is archived. I would do it, but I don't know the URL to use.

[–]TRP VanguardYouDislikeMyOpinion 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I looked for about 15 minutes today, and I couldn't find it. If we could get the domain, I could probably dig up a couple of things.

[–]trpill[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Let's see if you can dig up anything left. Some images that were hosted are AMAZING and great, if you can get those that would be great. I know wayback does not host images though.

site is http://solomongroup.wordpress.com/

update me if you find anything. :)

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I actually feel bad for Beta males who study and work hard that end up marrying used up whores, poor guys.

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Well applebee's will soon realize that if they want a better clientele, they should stop opening doors to boyfriend mcbeetus. Sounds inhumane but boyfriend mcbeetuses never treated themselves in that regard anyway.

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lol! Fuck you! I was just going to end up doing that. I was depressed and shit over the breakup and going nuts over why the fuck would she go and fuck her ex when she said "she never ever wanted to be back with him?". She doesn't know that I know she cheated. I've just stopped all contact. I grabbed a drink with ex's best friend and got the details. Then I read the red pill. Hated myself for a few days. Then I had this eureka moment! nowww! It actually makes sense. Now I'm fucking happy that I got out when I could.

I have to thank this subreddit to save my life.

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Is it too soon to call for an encore?

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This was so good , I had to reread it again.

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Bravo, sir, Bravo.

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Good read. It's very inventive how it accurately describes the modern women in terms of restaurants.

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omfg. The second to last paragraph is gold. I'm in glee at the thought of some cunt rag who comes across this article and reads that.

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this is red pill brilliance

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Nothing to add. Loved it!

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This is pure gold. Give me moar

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but every night at Chilis is 2 for 1... :/

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Doesn't this distinguish the "McFling" type men from the "Steakhouse" type when often they're one in the same at different points in their lives?

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shit man, that's just depressing.

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!lso, the true victim here is the beta bf. Don't be that guy.