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403 Men liked 61.9% of women on Tinder and women liked a mere 4.5% of men on Tinder. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 25/09/19 11:36 PM
236 Study finds facially unattractive adolescents lose social popularity when they act aggressively, but facially attractive ones do not lose popularity when they do it (x-post from PPD) rothkochapel /r/BlackPillScience 02/09/19 03:32 PM
222 Men rate women more highly than women rate men Mohamed_Han /r/BlackPillScience 13/09/19 11:59 AM
211 Study: Women who have been victims of domestic violence are better at identifying which men are dangerous, but they are also more likely to date those men. They actively prefer the dangerous men. efinita /r/BlackPillScience 20/08/19 05:26 AM
207 More intelligent men are more likely to value monogamy and sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men (Kanazawa, 2008a) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 27/08/19 05:39 PM
197 Men’s attraction was correlated with 12 characteristics including partner’s conservatism, all Big Five dimensions except openness, anxiety, and self-esteem. For women, only two partner characteristics showed a correlation: physical attractiveness and sport activity. bcat124 /r/BlackPillScience 28/09/19 04:31 PM
191 Women generally report greater disgust than men, especially regarding sexual disgust or general repulsiveness which have been argued to be consistent with women being more selective regarding sex for evolutionary reasons and affects a wide array of outcomes—including job selection, mate choice Mohamed_Han /r/BlackPillScience 14/09/19 11:13 AM
190 Men hold more positive attitudes towards their female ex-partners than women do towards their male ex-partners (total N = 876) (Athenstaedt et al. 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 25/10/19 01:45 PM
188 Physical Attractiveness is the Strongest Predictor of Initial Romantic Interest in Both Sexes; No Evidence Male Personality Plays Any Role for Women (Luo & Zhang, 2009) SubsaharanAmerican /r/BlackPillScience 01/04/18 08:34 AM
187 None of 160 female student volunteers significantly preferred weaker men when rating attractiveness (Sell et al. 2017) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 30/06/19 02:48 PM
183 Female mice seek refuge from castrated males, suggesting they avoid males with low levels of testosterone MMDT /r/BlackPillScience 09/09/19 11:58 PM
178 Students who do not date/cannot get a date are not social misfits, suggests new study, which found that adolescents who were not/cannot be in a relationship had good social skills and low depression, and fared better or equal to peers who dated, refuting the notion that non-daters are maladjusted. BakedNietzsche /r/BlackPillScience 05/09/19 04:54 PM
176 Men rated poorly written essays much better when told they were written by an attractive female (F = 12.65, dj = 1/54, p < .001) (Landy et al. 1974) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 30/07/19 07:25 AM
168 Correlations between when people thought sex should start in a given relationship and when they actually began having sex was low for men (r = .19, n.s.), but very high for women (r = .88, p < .01), meaning only women decide when sex occurs. (Cohen and Shotland, 1996) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 29/11/19 05:31 AM
167 "A majority of females (175 of 292, 60%) reported wearing high heels shoes for a date with an attractive male. In contrast, only 22% of females (63 of 292) reported wearing high heels for a date with an unattractive male." (Prokop, P., & Švancárová, J, 2020.) Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 01/09/19 08:50 PM
164 Women’s preferences for men’s facial masculinity are strongest under favorable ecological conditions throwmyrageaway /r/BlackPillScience 23/08/19 04:43 PM
164 Unsolicited sexual advances were considered more disturbing and more discomforting when perpetrated by an unattractive opposite sex colleague than when perpetrated by an attractive opposite sex colleague Njere /r/BlackPillScience 01/12/19 02:34 PM
163 Women want taller men more than men want shorter women throwmyrageaway /r/BlackPillScience 24/08/19 06:33 PM
162 New study suggests psychopathic men's personality style is attractive to women chudur-budur /r/BlackPillScience 20/10/19 01:39 AM
162 Participants could not be prevented from judging defendants with untrustworthy facial appearances as guilty more often, no matter how hard scientists tried. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 12/11/19 11:54 AM
159 The more attractive a man was judged to be, the less likely women were to intend to use a condom during sex (r = -0.552, df = 478, p = .007), finds a survey study of women, age 18–32 years old (n=480) (Eleftheriou et al., 2019) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 25/05/19 12:53 PM
154 Women who perceived themselves as more attractive than their mates more strongly resisted mate guarding and reported less commitment, more flirting with other men, more appealing dating alternatives, and more frequent thoughts about breaking up, reports a survey study (N=692) (Fugère et al, 2015) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 28/05/19 02:45 AM
153 In online dating, even the most attractive men barely receive as many messages as the most unattractive women. Ultramegasaurus /r/BlackPillScience 05/12/18 07:50 PM
151 13.9% of men aged 25-45 reported never having had sex. Among female participants, a total of 104 (8.9%) women aged 25-45 reported never having sex - Men showed lower rates of sexual abstinence if they reported having spent time in prison or serving in the military. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 03/07/19 12:25 AM
147 Meta-analysis: physical attractiveness predicts romantic evaluations for both men and women. NubhumanSigger /r/BlackPillScience 22/10/19 10:31 AM
147 "The proportion of childless men (at age 40 years) has increased rapidly for Norwegian male cohorts from 1940 to 1970 (from 15 to 25 per cent). For women, it has only increased marginally (from 10 to 13 per cent)." Personality Traits Increasingly Important for Male Fertility: Evidence from Norway Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/11/19 06:42 PM
145 Study of n=738 psychiatric hospital outpatients, finds those high in Cluster-B personality traits(i.e Borderline, Narcissism, Antisocial personality disorders) report 3.5x more sexual partners and 39% more offspring then those low in such traits. (Gutiérrez et al. 2013) Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 01/08/19 11:53 PM
143 More attractive females (not males) were less likely to be arrested and convicted (Beaver et al., 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 18/08/19 09:03 AM
143 In an online sample of heterosexual women, 33% (n=118) reported purposefully misrepresenting their romantic interest in a male suitor to dine at his expense (Collisson, Howell, & Harig, 2019) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 23/06/19 06:01 AM
142 Reproductive success of individuals with schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, anorexia nervosa, and substance abuse. A fertility ratio of 1 represents that of the general population. Fatetruth /r/BlackPillScience 27/11/19 11:22 AM
142 90% of victims experiencing workplace mass hysteria are female (Brabant, Mergle & Messing, 2006) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 05/11/19 03:14 PM
141 "Women were more willing to have sex with more attractive men, but were less inclined to use condoms when they do so." ---Does attractiveness influence condom use intentions in women who have sex with men? Published: May 23, 2019 Njere /r/BlackPillScience 13/10/19 10:55 PM
140 The percentage of U.S. 12th graders who ever go out on dates has declined from 86% in 1976 to 57% in 2016 (Twenge & Park 2017) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 17/05/19 09:44 AM
139 Females sex partner count doubles if they believe they are hooked up to lie-detector (2003 Article) Sam_is_30_Years_Old /r/BlackPillScience 10/07/18 07:00 PM
137 Physical Attractiveness is the Strongest Predictor of Initial Romantic Interest in Both Sexes; No Evidence Personality Plays Any Role, Part 2 (Olderbak, Malter, Wolf, Jones, & Figueredo, 2017) SubsaharanAmerican /r/BlackPillScience 28/05/18 01:13 AM
137 Being Single is the Strongest Social Risk Factor Among Suicides By Men Coraxel /r/BlackPillScience 22/04/19 08:07 AM
137 Women rate meat eating men as more attractive due to perceiving them as more masculine (Timeo et al. 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 15/08/19 04:58 PM
136 In a large French survey, 68.8% of men (N = 8948) admitted that "sexual intercourse is essential to feeling good about oneself" (Bajos et al. 2010) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 25/08/19 05:55 PM
135 68% of women who reported to have a partner with a small penis admitted desiring a larger one (Lever et al. 2006) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 17/08/19 01:04 PM
134 Rejection From An Attractive Man Makes Women Mean To Less Attractive Men Whiteberry /r/BlackPillScience 10/10/18 07:46 AM
133 Women evaluated their partner less positively and were less physically attracted to him when their estrogen levels were highest. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 18/10/19 06:08 AM
130 In the 1960s, only 6% of 20-24 year-olds reported having no sexual partner since age 18, compared to around 30% today. SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 07/05/19 10:27 AM
130 Marital satisfaction is linked to women’s sexual desire, suggests a new study, which found that women’s levels of sexual desire were not only lower than men’s at the beginning of their marriages, but much more variable than men’s. Men’s levels of sexual desire stayed higher and more constant. empatheticapathetic /r/BlackPillScience 15/09/19 03:38 PM
129 The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high. Since 2008, the share of men younger than 30 reporting no sex has nearly tripled, to 28 percent. That’s a much steeper increase than the 8 percentage point increase reported among their female peers. wordjedi /r/BlackPillScience 29/03/19 04:54 PM
128 Most female users of job-search website Shiftgig successfully rely on their looks to outcompete men and receive more interview requests. cloeil /r/BlackPillScience 13/05/19 03:24 PM
127 In a large forensic hospital, 39% of psychopathic patients had a consensual sexual relationship with female staff members (Gacono et al., 1995) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 08/03/19 07:42 AM
126 Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness (bigger penis on short men does not help) chudur-budur /r/BlackPillScience 11/11/19 10:03 AM
125 Men find low waist-to-hip ratios attractive, commonly referred to as an hourglass figure, because it signals youth - not health or fertility - and is a reliable signal of physical and sexual maturity in young women who have not been pregnant, suggests a new study of over 12,000 female participants. NOT_A_THROWAWAY345 /r/BlackPillScience 15/06/19 05:18 PM
124 Unmarried college-educated women between the ages of 40 and 64 earn an average of 17.5 percent more than their male peers SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 03/05/19 08:59 AM
120 Good looking children perform better than average looking children academically by .04 stdev per stdev in looks. MayflyEng /r/BlackPillScience 03/11/19 04:02 AM
119 If a woman is rejected by an attractive male, she becomes more bitter towards an accepting male who is unattractive. chudur-budur /r/BlackPillScience 21/02/19 07:34 PM
118 Two multi-wave, longitudinal studies demonstrate sex difference in sexual desire after marriage. Women's sexual desire declined on average after marriage, while men's desire generally stayed constant. (McNulty et al. 2019) Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 01/09/19 07:02 PM
116 Women hate a man MORE if he apologizes for his actions, they hate him LESS if he does not apologize SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 08/05/19 11:11 AM
115 Female Mate Choice is Influenced by Male Sport Participation pillmaxxed /r/BlackPillScience 06/10/19 09:29 AM
115 Around 70% of reviewers of true crime literature on Amazon.com are female (Vicary & Fraley, 2010) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 06/06/19 12:56 AM
114 Divorce rates increase when women become promoted (Folke and Rickne, 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 30/04/19 04:05 PM
113 Homeless woman BLACKPILL: "No-one really looks at men twice, whereas I'm a woman, people feel sorry and more inclined to give me money. It's not really very fair." suicidalvolcel /r/BlackPillScience 30/03/19 08:42 AM
112 Women prefer taller height, broader shoulders+narrower hips, larger penises, even in the upper extremes (really tall, really large penis, really broad shoulders+narrow hips) SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 03/04/19 11:37 AM
111 Men, but not women, living in socio-economically deprived areas are at higher risk for major depressive disorder. Zealousideals /r/BlackPillScience 04/12/19 05:45 PM
110 The Importance of Physical Strength to Human Males: Males and not females have evolved for combat (Sell, Liana & Pound 2012) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 17/11/19 02:41 AM
109 Human Height Is Positively Related to Interpersonal Dominance in Dyadic Interactions uyry /r/BlackPillScience 29/05/19 02:06 AM
108 Virginity And Marriage: Study Shows The Later You Have Sex, The Better Your Relationships Are Njere /r/BlackPillScience 07/04/19 11:40 AM
108 Study finds facially unattractive adolescents who act aggressively have reduced popularity as a result; aggressive behavior did not decrease facially attractive adolescents popularity. Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 01/09/19 08:14 PM
107 "Wanting attention on social media was the strongest predictor of posting self-sexualized photos, and indeed, more sexualized photos garnered more likes on Instagram than less sexualized photos". N = 61 undergraduate women Njere /r/BlackPillScience 28/11/19 10:53 PM
107 Attractive men get away with shitty behaviour. Muh personality Gangsterman200 /r/BlackPillScience 05/05/19 08:08 AM
107 "Height does have a strong positive effect on life satisfaction." Height and life satisfaction: Evidence from 27 nations Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/11/19 06:45 PM
106 The female rate of facial aging is higher than the male rate (Figure 7). Before age 50 and also after age 60, female faces age—on average—about twice as fast as male faces; between 50 and 60 years, this sex difference in aging rate is even more pronounced (up to three times faster). koyaanisqatsi9 /r/BlackPillScience 14/06/19 01:18 PM
105 Do Unmarried Women Face Shortages of Partners in the U.S. Marriage Market? red_matrix /r/BlackPillScience 06/09/19 10:50 PM
104 Heroism makes men more attractive to women than it makes women attractive to men Njere /r/BlackPillScience 19/10/19 01:52 PM
103 [Heightpill] 90% of M’Ladies consider you too short if you’re 5’4” or less. 2/3rds of M’Ladies consider you too short if you’re 5’7” or less. CuckedIndianAmerican /r/BlackPillScience 09/05/19 01:49 AM
103 Gang members had more sex partners than other men from the same neighborhood. Gang leaders had by far the most sex partners. (Palmer & Tilley, 1995) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 16/03/19 04:40 PM
102 Study: Men prefer "nice girls", but women do not prefer "nice guys" at all: on the contrary, they prefer "bad boys" and "jerks" SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 07/03/19 10:28 AM
101 "We conclude that a minimum level of physical attractiveness is a necessity for both women and their mothers and that when women and their parents state that other traits are more important than physical attractiveness, they assume potential mates meet a minimally acceptable standard of physical att Rage_Fuel123 /r/BlackPillScience 27/03/19 04:33 PM
100 15% of men, receive 50% of all likes given out by women. eduardkoopman /r/BlackPillScience 03/01/19 04:45 PM
99 The impact of male and female facial attractiveness on occupational prestige: Facial attractiveness does matter, both for men and its impact is constant over the employment history (Sala et al. 2013) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 05/12/19 08:38 PM
99 Women, more than men, tend to feel stultified by long-term exclusivity Njere /r/BlackPillScience 15/05/19 04:03 AM
99 BLIND people without previous visual experience STILL prefer traditionally attractive body types Daffan /r/BlackPillScience 09/03/19 01:49 PM
98 "Sexy" people are perceived as funnier, but funnier people are NOT perceived as sexier EvilBananaManRD /r/BlackPillScience 03/05/18 10:11 AM
98 The Ultimate Male Horniness and Female Dependence Compilation SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 19/12/18 12:51 AM
97 Sex significantly increases testosterone and athletic performance stonertrial /r/BlackPillScience 25/04/19 12:00 PM
97 Across much of human evolution, men produced far more meat than they consumed and used it to obtain mating opportunities and to invest in mates and offspring. This investment in parenting likely depended on their paternity confidence. (Puts 2010) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 26/11/19 09:16 AM
97 Government statistics prove unprecedented female hypergamy in Finland: Males with at least 2 sexual partners in the last year declines from 35-50% in 1992-2007 to around 15% in 2015. No significant change to the amount of sexual partners for females during the same time period. 1337warrior /r/BlackPillScience 10/11/18 04:17 PM
97 Women On Dating Apps Mainly For Confidence Boost, Not Love – Study Njere /r/BlackPillScience 14/12/18 04:55 AM
96 "Results mirror the sexual harassment literature and suggest that harassment by younger and attractive men is viewed as less harassing". (Fairchild, 2010). Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 20/08/19 11:36 AM
95 Sexual dimorphism and its importance | Part 1 SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 05/04/19 10:26 AM
95 8000 years ago one man would have children with 17 women and the other 16 men would have no children EvilBananaManRD /r/BlackPillScience 03/05/18 09:23 AM
95 Meta-analysis: Women are substantially more prone to sexual disgust, which may serve as quality control in mate choice Njere /r/BlackPillScience 08/10/19 05:14 AM
95 Twofold higher risk of suicide in short men than tall men. over-cel /r/BlackPillScience 14/05/19 10:22 PM
94 80/20 confirmed by tinder again blackpillednormie22 /r/BlackPillScience 17/03/19 04:39 AM
94 Women's faces were not perceived as more attractive on their fertile days, failing to replicate a previous study Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/10/19 03:38 PM
94 Post-op photos of men who underwent facial cosmetic surgery were rated as more attractive and masculine, with higher perceived social skills, trustworthiness and likability, compared to their pre-op photos (survey study; pre-op and post-op photos presented in separate surveys) (Parsa et al., 2019) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 24/07/19 09:09 PM
94 Being Rejected by an Attractive Man Makes Women Cruel to Other Men HandMeTheRope_ /r/BlackPillScience 27/02/19 07:10 AM
93 Women have higher minimum mate selection standards across most dimensions. Women's standards increase with their self-perceived mate value while men’s standards don’t (Regan 1998) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 12/05/19 05:07 PM
92 Just like adults, children by the age of 5 make rapid and consistent character judgements of others based on facial features, such as the tilt of the mouth or the distance between the eyes. Those facial features also shape how children behave toward others, according to research ConnorGracie /r/BlackPillScience 19/04/19 08:38 AM
92 The Dark Side of Tinder; Study N=271 demonstrates Tinder users had higher levels of the 'dark triad' traits compared to non-users. Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 18/06/19 10:45 AM
92 It’s not just you: New data shows more than half of young people in America don’t have a romantic partner red_matrix /r/BlackPillScience 24/03/19 04:25 PM
92 Cues of upper body strength account for 70% of the variance in men's bodily attractiveness (Sell et al. 2017) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 04/04/19 07:36 PM
91 A compilation on personality SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 10/03/19 07:09 PM
91 The 10% most antisocial men father 27% of the children (Jaffee et al. 2003) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 14/03/19 08:37 PM
91 People who use dating apps are more likely to have eating disorders Njere /r/BlackPillScience 03/06/19 11:56 PM
91 Study Finds Women Are More Attracted To Men Who Are Taken Njere /r/BlackPillScience 27/12/18 02:15 AM
90 The Ultimate Female Misogyny and Nastiness Compilation SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 28/01/19 10:25 PM
90 "Incels" are almost analogously perceived like feminists in their prime max_aemilian_92 /r/BlackPillScience 11/05/19 04:16 PM
89 The Ultimate Hypergamy Compilation SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 17/12/18 02:16 PM
89 Effects of social exclusion on cognitive processes: Anticipated aloneness reduces intelligent thought. (Baumeister, R. F., Twenge, J. M., & Nuss, C. K. 2002) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 12/11/19 02:03 AM
89 Bullying behavior predicts an increase in sexual opportunities even when accounting for age, sex, and self-reports of attractiveness, likeability, and peer victimization SwansonSamsonite /r/BlackPillScience 23/03/19 01:59 PM
88 "You're only as pretty as you feel: Facial expression as a determinant of physical attractiveness." In other words, besides overt healthfulness, a contented face is a more attractive face and sad or stressed faces are unattractive and undesirable. redditigation /r/BlackPillScience 29/07/19 04:59 AM
88 Testosterone increased leading up to skydiving and was related to greater cortisol reactivity and higher heart rate, finds a new study. “Testosterone has gotten a bad reputation, but it isn’t about aggression or being a jerk. Testosterone helps to motivate us to achieve goals and rewards.” rigbed /r/BlackPillScience 08/04/19 03:02 PM
88 Lower attractiveness and higher weight in white women linked to greater interest in black males. redpill_truths /r/BlackPillScience 21/11/18 12:35 AM
88 Females are four times more sensitive than males to economic status cues when rating opposite sex attractiveness, indicating that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 21/01/19 11:57 PM
88 The wives of men in the Forbes 400 rich list are on average 7 years younger. Their second wives on average 22 years younger. (Pollet et al. 2013) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 04/05/19 09:50 AM
88 Men were more likely to engage in binge drinking when there were fewer eligible women - Toe Aung, Susan M. Hughes, Liana S. E. Hone, David A. Puts, 2019 Njere /r/BlackPillScience 07/10/19 03:59 PM
88 Women are more likely to tolerate bad behavior in handsome men, psychologists claim. AnyReference /r/BlackPillScience 08/07/18 01:22 AM
88 When men are in environments without the presence of women, they do not enforce gender norms GiveMeAFutaPrincess /r/BlackPillScience 06/03/19 01:28 AM
87 21% of female subjects (N = 71) admitted they ended a relationship because, among other reasons, the penis size was too small (Prause et al., 2015) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 15/03/19 06:05 PM
87 Aggressive, narcissistic, bullying, "jerkish" men have higher numbers of sexual partners, have sex more often and have higher self-esteem EvilBananaManRD /r/BlackPillScience 03/05/18 10:01 AM
86 In a large online survey (N = 1341), 95.3% of the respondents thought that creepy people were much more likely to be males than females (McAndrew & Koehnke, 2016) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 18/06/19 01:54 AM
86 Newlywed women’s sexual desire declined more steeply over time than did men’s sexual desire, leading to a decline in marital satisfaction for both spouses Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/10/19 11:40 PM
86 Women reported markedly greater sexual disgust when asked about increasingly intimate, hypothetical contact with facially unattractive men. This effect was unaffected by background state of sexual arousal (Zsok et al, 2017) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 01/06/19 10:14 AM
86 After processing a lot of blackpill info, I keep thinking that the lies and denial are really much crueler than the truth. TooFatToMatt /r/BlackPillScience 04/05/19 06:48 AM
85 Around 40% of American couples now first meet online Njere /r/BlackPillScience 29/04/19 06:32 PM
85 All women prefer muscular strong bodies, men are split in which bodies they prefer yuyuyuyuu /r/BlackPillScience 03/06/18 01:33 PM
85 Throughout the human history, 80% of females end up reproducing, while only 40% of males do TheHatim /r/BlackPillScience 13/02/19 05:59 PM
84 The strongest predictors of "never been kissed" include being introverted, neurotic, going to an honors college, and being Asian-American (Lefkowitz et al. 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 17/05/19 12:35 PM
83 "Life at the top: the benefits of height" IIIIlllIIll /r/BlackPillScience 03/07/19 10:28 PM
83 Women prefer masculine faces after being exposed to male-male competition/violence SwansonSamsonite /r/BlackPillScience 23/06/19 12:13 AM
83 Just as a reminder: All OKCupid blog articles have been archived here SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 31/05/19 04:17 PM
82 Evidence for ugly = crrepy. ConnorGracie /r/BlackPillScience 27/09/18 05:42 AM
82 Evidence for the Trivers-Willard hypothesis: Unhealthy, poorly nourished and low-status mothers are more likely to give birth to daughters because female offspring has a more reliable reproductive success (Song, 2012) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 09/06/19 11:53 PM
82 Shower Thought: Dating Apps create an abundance mentality which means you'll never truly appreciate someone or you might but the other person may not because they think someone better is out there so they won't fully invest in you. justwantsomesupport /r/BlackPillScience 12/01/19 07:21 PM
81 Interracial divorce rates compared to white couples (Yellow=Asian) redpill_truths /r/BlackPillScience 04/12/18 12:47 AM
81 Beautiful people are seen more positively than others and are viewed with greater normative accuracy; that is, they are viewed more in line with the highly desirable normative profile. Notably, more physically attractive targets are viewed more in line with their self-reported personality traits. attractiontheoryYT /r/BlackPillScience 16/06/19 01:19 AM
81 Being very attractive reduces a young adult's (ages 18-26) propensity for criminal activity and being unattractive increases it for a number of crimes, ranging from burglary to selling drugs. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 17/02/19 01:07 AM
81 Based on self-reports by 1038 Belgian Tinder users, the odds of having casual sexual relationships with another Tinder user were 172% higher for women (Timmermans 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 05/05/19 10:36 PM
81 Cues of upper body strength account for 70% of the variance in men’s bodily attractiveness. Dincel_Washington /r/BlackPillScience 16/08/19 11:24 AM
81 Ovulatory Shifts in Women’s Attractions to Primary Partners and Other Men: Further Evidence of the Importance of Primary Partner Sexual Attractiveness pillmaxxed /r/BlackPillScience 05/10/19 05:42 AM
80 39% of US couples met online in 2017 12AaronJones21 /r/BlackPillScience 18/02/19 06:23 PM
80 For equal success with a white woman, an African-American needs to earn an additional $154,000; a Hispanic man needs $77,000; an Asian needs $247,000. Pidjesus /r/BlackPillScience 19/05/19 12:26 AM
80 Americans Are Getting STDs at Record Rates Njere /r/BlackPillScience 24/02/19 05:23 PM
80 Are Men Intimidated by Highly Educated Women? Undercover on Tinder eduardkoopman /r/BlackPillScience 26/07/19 09:53 PM
80 Post wall women take the most anti depressants. NOT_A_THROWAWAY345 /r/BlackPillScience 26/02/19 06:40 PM
79 Parents more uncomfortable with gender-nonconforming behaviors in boys, study finds TheWrongStuff123 /r/BlackPillScience 25/04/19 08:06 PM
79 Women judge and value men based on physical attractiveness to the same degree as men do with women. Men's most important trait by far to be liked by women is his physical attractiveness SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 14/03/19 11:40 AM
79 Around 80% of females reported making copulatory vocalizations even when they knew they were not going to orgasm themselves (Brewer & Hendrie, 2011) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 10/06/19 02:53 PM
78 Adam Conover tries to convince Joe Rogan that there are no Alpha and Beta Males; comes off very Beta red_matrix /r/BlackPillScience 19/04/19 04:01 PM
77 Around 24% of U.S. couples formed between 2015 and 2017 met through online dating sites and apps (Reuben 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 10/05/19 12:45 PM
76 The ultimate blackpill on female orgasm AnyReference /r/BlackPillScience 07/06/18 01:58 PM
76 In a Norwegian study, female students were choosier about attractiveness for short-term dating than men (Bendixen et al. 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 18/05/19 01:54 PM
76 "Happiness expert" falsely claimed that married women say they're happier only when their husband is in the room. "Spouse absent" means "gone," not "stepped out." SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 12/06/19 02:36 AM
76 Anyone have a backup of the okcupid study that showed that 80% of women are pursuing 20% of the guys? The blog post has been taken down forever. northstar1618012345 /r/BlackPillScience 28/04/19 05:58 AM
76 One of the main purposes of much louder female copulatory vocalizations in the animal kingdom is the induction of mate guarding behavior in males and attraction of high ranking mates who can prevent intercourse with the initial partner SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 16/05/19 10:09 AM
76 On days when they were more likely to conceive, women were less agreeable and more narcissistic. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/11/19 06:31 PM
75 "When men appear smaller or larger than they really are: preliminary evidence that women are fooled by size illusions in attractiveness judgment tasks" batyote_ /r/BlackPillScience 29/07/19 06:39 PM
75 Tinder swiping study reveals a feedback loop that forces users into ever more extreme strategies wereqryan /r/BlackPillScience 27/07/18 05:32 PM
74 Pretty Waitresses Earn Bigger Tips, From Women Coraxel /r/BlackPillScience 07/04/19 08:44 PM
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72 Study finds women viewing a pre-recorded interaction between male subjects and a female confederate found males higher in psychopathy as more desirable, controlling for physical attractiveness. (Brazil & Forth, 2019). Altmark22 /r/BlackPillScience 02/09/19 04:30 PM
72 Survey Shows Men Need to Cuddle, Women Value Sex takeyourfill /r/BlackPillScience 18/12/18 07:46 PM
72 Men initiate sex more than three times as often as women do in a long-term, heterosexual relationship. However, sex happens far more often when the woman takes the initiative, suggesting it is the woman who sets limits, and passion plays a significant role in sex frequency, suggests a new study. blackpillmaxxing /r/BlackPillScience 16/05/19 09:00 PM
72 The effects of scarcity on cheating and in-group favoritism eduardkoopman /r/BlackPillScience 05/08/19 09:58 AM
72 The Dutch are tall because Dutch women wanted it so OberOst /r/BlackPillScience 26/07/19 07:31 AM
72 American marriages were characterized by a linear increase in relationship satisfaction over 20 years and a linear decline in sexual satisfaction during the same time frame. --- Relationship and sexual satisfaction: A developmental perspective on bidirectionality - Christopher Quinn-Nilas, 2019 Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/10/19 01:14 AM
71 CoffeeMeetsBagel: Her height vs his on how often she likes him hapa93 /r/BlackPillScience 13/01/19 09:32 PM
71 The gender gap in new intermarriages of U.S. born Asians has widened substantially from M 46% vs F 49% in 1980 to M 38% vs F 54% in 2015 SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 28/05/19 04:42 PM
71 Study shows divorces rates rise when people have more potential mates to choose from Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/01/19 06:57 AM
71 "Women prefer genetically-superior males regardless of behavior" Yeah, but WHAT KIND of women prefers those men? Are there any studies on which type of women prefers "Bad Boy Chad"? SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 28/02/19 05:23 PM
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70 1939 vs 2008. Statements, of what Men and Women Want in Marriage (or I assume LTR) eduardkoopman /r/BlackPillScience 21/04/19 03:53 PM
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67 Testosterone levels in men showed no relation to the strength of the immune response, contrary to the idea that high testosterone levels are a costly signal (handicap) of genetic fitness. Njere /r/BlackPillScience 12/11/19 12:08 PM
67 babies prefer attractive people over unattractive ones, and are more likely to trust them. Pidjesus /r/BlackPillScience 10/04/19 12:23 AM
66 The hypothesis stating that females with borderline personality disorder represent an extreme form of female-typical behavior has been informally suggested following Baron-Cohen’s Extreme Male Brain theory of autism. cloeil /r/BlackPillScience 23/05/19 12:56 PM
66 Female partner counts are rising while male partner counts overall are dropping TheBlackpillMafia /r/BlackPillScience 23/01/19 07:46 PM
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66 The Bachelorette: Analysis of female star height and male winner height. The Average female star height is 64.54 inches (5'4.54") and the average male winner height is 73.10 inches (6'1.10). The average height difference between final couples is 9.20 inches staya2rara /r/BlackPillScience 24/09/18 05:57 AM
66 Dating: height/income trade off for men and women hapa93 /r/BlackPillScience 03/01/19 05:09 AM
66 Study finds no significant differences regarding self-esteem, sociability and sexual permissiveness between online dating users and the general population. (Gatter et al. 2016) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 16/12/18 11:55 AM
66 Relationship status and wellbeing correlate more strongly for men than for women, partly due to men’s stronger connection between relationship status and perceived social support (Stronge et al. 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 20/05/19 07:10 AM
66 The factor that determines wether women orgasm in bed or not isn't the man's effort or skills, it's how hot-looking the guy is: IWillR0peAnyDayNow /r/BlackPillScience 21/08/18 03:27 PM
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65 Estimates of physical strength determined over 70% of men's bodily attractiveness. HappyGoLucky94 /r/BlackPillScience 04/01/19 09:03 PM
65 Bare-faced cheat: Women 'better at hiding infidelity' red_matrix /r/BlackPillScience 18/04/19 04:12 PM
65 For heterosexual couples in the U.S., meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet, eclipsing meeting through friends for the first time around 2013. Moreover, among the couples who meet online, the proportion who have met through the mediation of third persons has declined over time. OberOst /r/BlackPillScience 13/07/19 08:33 AM
64 Females on Tinder like profiles with higher education relative to their own 92% more often, and profiles with lower education 45.4% less often. Males did not care about relative higher education, but they also liked less educated women 10.1% less often. (Neyt et al. 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 22/11/18 08:13 PM
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62 Composite faces with full beards and small jaws received higher attractiveness ratings than bearded faces with large jaws and clean-shaven faces with large and small jaws, reports a study (p<0.001; η2p=0.40 for interaction term) (Dixson et al., 2017) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 08/06/19 07:04 PM
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61 Eating disorders in women positively correlated with intrasexual competitiveness for mates, and negatively with self perception of attractiveness (mating value). Eating disorders may have evolved as intrasexual mate competition taken to extremes. (Nettersheim et al. 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 01/05/19 07:53 AM
61 Exclusion of males by race by women on a data set of 100,000 users redpill_truths /r/BlackPillScience 16/11/18 09:05 PM
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59 Attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired than less attractive women, finds a new study (total n=1,202). This “femme fatale effect” taps into more primal feelings of sexual insecurity, jealousy and fear among both men and women. flumul /r/BlackPillScience 25/03/19 03:40 PM
59 Men show a high level of arousal concordance, women do not SomeTurdInTheWind /r/BlackPillScience 02/04/19 01:45 PM
59 Physical Attractiveness Bias: 27 Studies on Why Attractive People Win in the Legal System Njere /r/BlackPillScience 16/02/19 12:56 AM
59 Young men who belong to polygynous groups feel that they are treated more unequally and are readier to use violence in comparison to those belonging to monogamous groups (Koos et al. 2019) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 24/07/19 06:38 PM
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58 Do you bully women online? You're a low-status loser! Do you bully women IRL? You're a high-status Chad that gets sex! incelicious /r/BlackPillScience 28/11/18 02:12 PM
57 Briffault’s Law basically koyaanisqatsi9 /r/BlackPillScience 16/05/19 02:28 PM
57 Independently rated facial and body attractiveness correlates* with the number of Short-term, but not Long-term, sex partners for men; facial attractiveness correlates* with Long-term, but not Short-term, sex partners for women (*p400x) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 27/05/19 09:49 PM
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54 The much louder and complex female copulatory vocalizations in humans, primates and other animals, may serve to stimulate the mating partner or to incite male competition (Hamilton & Arrowood, 1978) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 02/06/19 02:36 PM
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50 Both sexes perceived big-breasted women as more reproductively efficient, desirous and promiscuous, but less faithful and intelligent, though there was no truth to these projections. ----- Stereotypical and Actual Associations of Breast Size with Mating-Relevant Traits Njere /r/BlackPillScience 09/10/19 09:38 AM
50 Among 25-year-olds, 74% of men vs. 92% of women would save their offspring over their mate (Blasi et al. 2018) SophisticatedBean /r/BlackPillScience 30/04/19 10:22 AM
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44 At what age do men peak in attractiveness? One study says at age 35, another quotes late 20s, and another says mid 20s. Okcupid is famous for stating that women peak at age 20, 21, and 23. Men reach our peak muscle strength at age 25. Is that also when we are at our peak in attractiveness? BlueEyedIncel /r/BlackPillScience 29/07/18 08:02 AM
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36 "Although Mew’s theory does generate some plausible conclusions [...], the public needs to be made aware that [Mewing / Orthotropics ] is not based on sound scientific evidence," warns Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery group in recent editorial letter (Lee, Graves & Friedlander, 2019) ayejit /r/BlackPillScience 07/06/19 12:30 AM
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35 Women under 40 seeking a partner online are more particular than men, especially when it comes to education, according to a new study into the online dating behaviour of more than 41,000 Australians. Bullet_Storm /r/BlackPillScience 28/06/18 11:08 AM
35 Children's genetic traits have a big impact on how their parents treat them and how much effort and care they put into them EvilBananaManRD /r/BlackPillScience 20/07/18 01:19 PM
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30 Victims of workplace mistreatment may also be seen as bullies themselves, even if they've never engaged in such behavior, and despite exemplary performance. Bullies, on the other hand, may be given a pass if they are liked by their supervisor, finds a new study about bias toward victim blaming. rigbed /r/BlackPillScience 10/03/19 04:34 PM
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30 Women make unattractive men wait: length of time spent as an acquaintance predicts how much uglier a man is than his partner (Hunt, Eastwick, & Finkel, 2015) Blackpill Science SubsaharanAmerican /r/BlackPillScience 09/04/18 02:02 PM
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21 Girls and boys may learn differently in virtual reality (VR). A new study with 7th and 8th -grade students found that girls learned most when the VR-teacher was a young, female researcher named Marie, whereas the boys learned more while being instructed by a flying robot in the form of a drone. Skuggasveinn /r/BlackPillScience 09/01/19 12:24 PM
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